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[Story] My Ugly Husband – S01 E04

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” mom what are we eating this night? I said as i hugged my mom . But she removed her body.

“Some people are still in their father’s house, asking for what they will eat,eeeeehhhhh, they wont get married and cook for their husband oooo” my mom began to sing , i decided to go away , cause i am not ready for her wahala.

“Good morning mom” she didn’t answer she just kept mute.

“Daddy , i have been greeting mom for like two weeks now and she is not answering ” i said , but my dad also kept mute, why is everyone behaving strangely in this house, i had to leave for work like that without anyone answering me.

“Musa musa open the gate” i shouted at our gateman.

“Madam, your mom said i shouldn’t open the gate for you that you should open the gate yourself “musa said looking down.

“You mean my mom said you shouldn’t open the gate , are you stupid?i shouted angrily.

“Hey don’t shout on that boy oooo, if you want to shout ,go and shout in your husband house okay” my mom said as she came out.

“Musa , don’t mind her ooo, how old is your wife? She asked facing musa.

” big Madam , my wife is twenty years ” he said smiling.

” Adeshewa , can you see your life, twenty years old girl is already married ” she said.

“We have even given birth to two kids” he said smiling. e be like say this musa dey craze.

“See mom we will talk when i come back, i am late for work” i said as i moved.

“It is only work , work you know ” she shouted. But i wasn’t interested , i drove off.

“Adeshewa mi atata, what are you thinking about? My colleague at work asked, my freind.

” gold, see i am not happy, i am not happy about the way my mom is treating me ” i said sadly.

“What is it feel free to tell me” she said. Then i told her everything that happened in my house, and david.

“See adeshewa i will have to advice you as a good freind, i really think that david loves you please give him a chance , just date him maybe things would work out, try dating him abeg ,so you would rest, and your mom wouldn’t disturb you” she said.

“Okay i will think about it , thank you sweetheart ” i said smiling.

“You are always welcome dearie” she said as she walked out.

Some weeks later, i got tired of my mom behaviour, so i decided to give the ugly boy a chance, he was so happy when i agreed, he is a very caring person , he is always calling me , asking me if am good, the boy is sweet sha except his face .

Then oneday, his mom told me to come to their home so i went, i met his younger sister in the sitting room.

“Sis adeshewa , my brothers every day crush, how have you been? She asked hugging me.

“I am fine , look at you , you are now more beautiful ” i said smiling.

“Common, sis adeshewa we all know you are the most beautiful one here, if i didn’t know my brother i would have said he charmed you, i didn’t even imagine that you can date my brother” she said smiling . so you also know your brother is not up to my standard , that he is ugly, i said in my mind…………………..