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[Story] My Ugly Husband -S01 E02

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At the wedding venue , everything was going on smoothly, see my younger sister and her husband perfect macth, the guy is so handsome and my sis is beautiful, their children will be beautiful, i said in my mind, someone tapped .

“Adeshewa,what are you thinking about? David said.

“Oh i see that you are here” i said nonchalantly.

“Yes sweetheart ” he said. The way he called sweetheart with his broken teeth is so annoying.

“My daughter in law , so you are with your husband, i have been searching for you” David’s mom said. I reject that in jesus name i will never be your daughter in law , holy ghost fire, i prayed in my mind.

“Ha mom, good afternoon ma” i said as i forced a smile on my face.

” good afternoon my daughter, this is your sister wedding we are attending oo, please you and my son make it snappy, i can’t wait to back my grandchild ooo” she said smiling. What is this woman saying? If she has a beautiful daughter like me will she be happy if i marry someone like son.

“Ok ma” i said smiling.

“Ok, let me leave the two of your, i want to see my in law” she said as she walked away

which in law,your wish will never come true. I said in my mind.

“David, did you lie to your mom , that you are dating me” i said glaring at him.

“Yes of course, see adeshewa, i have been with you for like eight years now , and many people think we are dating, so why don’t we try dating, and see maybe things would work out” he said. I am not giving him a chance at all.

” see david , let me think about it” i said.

“What are you thinking about? you have known me for eight years adeshewa eight good years, your answer is always the same, you are always thinking about it, please give me an answer right now, if you had given me an answer before maybe we could have gotten and married with kids, please shewa , you are also getting older,please ” he said sadly.the reason why i haven’t given you an answer is because you are ugly too ugly for my liking i said in my mind.

“I will really think about it this time ” i assured as i lied to him.

“Okay, please, i will be waiting for your reply, bye” he said as he waved and walked away.