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[Story] My husband family – S01 E05

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She got to the sitting room and sink into the big cushion.

“What would you like to eat sweetheart?” I asked happily.

“We just ate at your parents house, did you want to over feed me?”

“I know that the food is not enough for you and you didn’t eat it finish. I know you love food alot, come on, tell me”. I insisted.

“Alright! I want noodles and egg for now but wait! We are going to the kitchen together because I don’t want your mum words to come to pass over me. I am a woman and I shouldn’t let you do everything”.

“You still remember my mum words, come of it joor. You are sitting down dear while I prepare the meal” I insisted while she sit back and relaxed.

In the next 10minutes a bowl of hot noodles is sitted in her front with two eggs. We both ate silently while she gulped down the bottle water beside her.

“Wow, you still know how to cook” she complimented.

“I knows how to cook before. Have you forgotten that I am the head of chef in our hotel then”.

“Hmm I remember, all the other students always hailed you whenever I visit you in your hostel then, I missed school life and I remember the lady that had interest in you then, funmilayo, the one that like pushing herself towards you. I thought you are going to fall for her tricks then, I was scared but fortunately, you didn’t give her the chance” she said with a big smile on her face.

“I can’t give any person any chance in this world because I have choosed you and I love you dearly” I gently replied before placing a hot kiss on her lips.

“Thanks for standing my me, you are my destined husband” she said while I packed the plates into the kitchen.

I went back to the sitting room and sit at her back while she rested her head on my chest.

“Babe, how many kids would you like to have with me?” I asked while she smile before replying.

“I have always wanted three kids, two boys and a girl. Why did you ask this question? We have not planned our wedding not to talk of having kids for now”.

“I don’t want our marriage to exceed this year. I can’t wait to have you fully into my house. I have starved myself for long”. I said


“Yes dear”.

“Are you hungry?” She asked with a fake expression.

“You Know what I mean, stop flattering me”

“I am not flattering you, did you want to eat something?”

“Come on leave me”.

“I am not holding you, you are the one holding me from the back”. She said

“Alright, I am leaving you” I replied releasing her from my grip. She was about to stand up when I dragged her back and hugged her.

“I thought you don’t want to hold me anymore. Dear, I know you have waited for soooo long but I want to assure you that you won’t wait any more longer once we are married. I always see the hungry look in your face. You maintained yourself all these years. I can’t wait any longer too. Let’s get married on time”.

“We will dear” I replied.

After staying for a while, she left the house.


Folakemi pov(point of view).

I got back home and met the old man in the sitting room waiting for me.

“How is your visit to your in laws house ?” He asked with a smile on his face.

“It was fine dad, I am accepted”.

“When are you now getting married?”

“Dad, you know that all these things are step by step. His parents will soon give me a date for you and mum to meet them, after that you are going to choose the introduction date dad”.

“That will be a very good news, anytime you get to your in laws house, make sure you behave very well there. If they asked you to do anything for them, do it quickly!. You are respecting your in law that way. During your mother’s time. She always came to my parents house to do few house chores before returning back home and till today, my late parents loved her so much. It’s a pity that they are all gone now, soooo my daughter, make sure you behave yourself very well over there. You must be accepted and get married this year. Did you understand?”.

“Yes sir” I replied and went over to my room.

To be continued….