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[Story] My husband family – S01 E04

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I was about to dragged my seat to the back when we heard the shattering of the glass cup.

We all looked at the direction.

“Dad, I think we have to go” Adebayo said after throwing down the glass cup in his hand.

“Son, why the sudden attention to Leave” his mum asked.

“I have an urgent matter to attend to in the office” he replied in discomfort.

“Is that the reason why you have to break a glass cup. What happens to YOU explaining to us that you have an urgent matter to attend to. what is wrong with your manners son? I didn’t brought you up this way”.

“Mum, am sorry. I have to leave now!!!

“Anyways, you can go but your wife is staying behind, she need to attend to my visitor and she need to know the rest of the family members, you know that your dad younger brothers are not around. She has to wait for them”.

“I am leaving with her, this is our first time of visit, we still have more times to visit you” Adebayo insisted.

“You have an urgent matter to attend to in the office, why don’t you go first. She will meet you at home. I need her here to assist me. Folakemi, is it appropriate for me to stress myself out after preparing a large feast of food before you and my son arrival. I am so tired, I can’t stress myself after staying long in the kitchen. When our son said that you are coming today. I thought you will arrive earlier to assist me in the kitchen but you came late. You only sat down there eating without knowing the stress I passed through all in the name of entertaining you. if I am your mother would you allow me to further stress myself. If you leave now I will consider you as a bàd daughter in law because it will shows that you have no human feelings. Will you wait or go?” She asked facing me.

When she made mention of “if I am ur mother”. I wanted to say that “you can never be my mother, you won’t be my mother and be making things difficult for me in the first place”. BUT I had to keep shut because she may use that against me. If I decide to leave with Adebayo, she may also use this to turn against me in the future, what kind of problem did I put myself in this morning.

“I am waiting for your reply oooo, would you stay or leave?”. My mother in law asked again bringing me out of my thought.

“I will stay ma and leave at night”.I calmly replied.

“That’s very good of you. Adebayo you can leave”.

“In as much as I am the head of this house, folake will leave with her husband this moment” my father in law interrupted.

“Folake, take your bag and leave. You will know everyone later” my father in law instructed while I calmly carried my bag and went out with my fiancee.

I could feel the piercing eyes of my mother in law on my skin when I left the building. I hissed out loudly and waited beside the car door.

Adebayo came out of the building and assisted me in opening the door.

Adebayo(point of view) p.o.v

I don’t like the way that my mum behaved to folakemi. Is she giving me the signal that she doesn’t want my lady. I had to lie to leave that house with my wife.

My lie would have wade off… if not for dad insisting that she should leave with me. I don’t know how the other members will behave with her.

Folakemi is silent through our journey back to my house because I am not ready to let her go this afternoon. She look moody without the Normal smile that always shone off from her face.

She noticed the direction that I am passing through and shouted.

“Where are you taking me to?”

“To my house of course” I replied.

“Why is it your house? Didn’t I have my own house. Just drive me to my house” she insisted while I ignored her.

She has always complained about her dad threatening her to get married on time or he disowned her. I remembered an issue that happened last year.

I had just dropped her off at home when she knocked on the gate without anyone answering her. She decided to call her dad on the phone but the old man insisted in knowing the date of her wedding before coming into the house.

After much calls from her side, he decided to open the gate but waited in the entrance to ask her few questions before coming in.

I was in the car watching the scene. When the old man gestured towards me. I had to walk up to him.

“Are you her boyfriend?”. He asked.

“Yes I am”.

“For how long have you been dating?”.

“This Is our sixth year sir”.

“Sixth year…

“Yes sir”.

“Am not sure that you are serious with my daughter”.

“I am serious with her sir”.

“Shut up your mouth, you are serious with her and you have dated each other for 6years. It shows that you are merely wasting her time. The minimum year for dating is 2years and that was then not even in the 21st century that we are in now. I think your minimum year of dating musnt exceed 8months in this century that we are in. How would you keep wasting her time. if you know that you are not ready, let her go for someone else or else I am going to disown her or wouldn’t let her into my house again” the old man threatened while I nodded my head.

“I will be fast with it sir”.

“You better be” he replied and left while folakemi went in.

I don’t know what mood that her dad will be when she got back home. I am not letting her back to her house this afternoon, we are going home together.

I drive into my compound while she opened the door in anger.

I quickly Alighted from the car and pulled back her hand.

“Folakemi please don’t be angry, I know that you are angry about what happened in my parents house but I wanted you to know that my mum may be testing you, don’t take it to heart”.

“Hmm, she is testing me, she keep testing me with ins**ûlt. Ehn, I don’t know how to hold glass cup, I don’t have respect. Is it truly a test?”.

“It’s a test my dear”

“How sure are you that it’s a test because I don’t think that it’s a test. Someone that sacked her housemaid because she used washing machine and is some minutes late, are you sure that it’s still a test? You should have told me about that kind of person your mother is? I don’t want any problem in my life. I just want to get married to a peaceful family”. She said with tears trickling down her face. I couldn’t hold it anymore. I move closer to her and hug her with much affection. She cried on my shoulder.

“You know that I love you Soooo much, I can’t do without you. Please don’t leave me” I begged while she nodded her head.

She got relieve of the tears while we both went in.