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[Story] My husband family – S01 E03

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she is the one that bought everything” bayo insisted.

“Alright ooo, thank you. I hope you will be able to do that in the nearest future”.

We all settled down to have our meal. I don’t longer see the kids. I think they are in the other building.

There are different types of fruits on the table. I am in old people house and I don’t expect them to still maintain the normal balanced diet that we young people are maintaining.

There are also different meals on the table

ranging from white rice to jollof rice and fried rice. In another large plate are different meats and fish. It is indeed a feast. I can’t eat all of it, it’s too much. Even though I am a lover of food but I had to maintain myself in his parents house.

We all take different fruits, I choose apple and chewed at it while my father in law choose oranges along with Adebayo, while my mother in law choose banana.

I chewed at it quietly, I don’t want to rush myself. I don’t want them to see me as a glutton.

After eating each fruits for few minutes.

My mother in law Called out to me.


“Yes ma”

“What will you like to eat among these rice?”.

“I will prefer jollof rice ma” I replied.

“Hmm…jollof rice, no problem.

She served everyone their varieties while we all ate silently.

“Mum, I cant believe that you prepared all these food because of our visit. It’s stressful right! Adebayo asked

“That is why I told you to get us a new housemaid since”.

“But I got you one last month, what happened to her? Where is her? I forgot to ask.

“That lady Is not a good person, imagine! A whole housemaid should be cooking a five minutes meal in six minutes. I ha*te lateness dear. If you want to prepare any meal for me, be fast with it and don’t waste time”.

“Like because she is a minute late! Adebayo exclaimed.

“Not because of only that, I know that we have a washing machine at home but it doesn’t clean my clothes very well unlike using hands. I told her to use her two hands to wash my clothes but I later discovered that she still use the washing machine, she is dir*ty and eat anyhow. I can’t just cope with her, just get me another one” she insisted and scoop few rice into her mouth while I watched her quietly.

She suddenly dropped her spoon and looked up.

“Adebayo, about what I said now, I have changed my mind. I am thinking that since I have my wife here, why would we waste money in employing another staff, I will get to Know her better from there”.

“I don’t understand mum”.

She dropped her spoon and stare into my direction.

“My dear Folakemi, since we are just getting to know each other and I will like to know more things about you. Why dont you come around everyday or somedays to visit me and assist me . By doing that your husband won’t have to waste any money in employing another person. Most importantly, this person is an outsider. I won’t be able to correct her the way that I will correct you as my daughter in law to be” she said with a serious look trying to manipulate me to agree to her order.

When she sees that she is not able to convince me. She quickly involved her husband.

“Or what did you think my husband, at least she will get the chance to know us very well and we will need to know each other behavior”.

“Mum, I need to know my fiancee decision. I can’t impose coming here all the time on her and how much will I pay a maid that I will be stressing her down here” Adebayo replied.

“Folakemi, you will like to know me and relate with me well, you can’t refuse your mother in law request except if you don’t want to grow old or what do you think?”.

Asking me this type of question, I am in a tight position. If insisted in not coming, I will be tagged a ba*d wife to be and my coming here won’t guarantee me a peaceful stay.

“My wife, I am waiting for your response”.

“Alright ma” I replied.

“Thanks dear, at least I won’t be the only one in the house all the time. I don’t go to shop most of the time because my sales girls are there except if I wanted to monitor some of my goods and staying at home too is also boring, seeing you here everyday will make me happy” she added.

I know that she is playing emotional game with me but what can I do? I can’t refuse her request in front of everyone.

I gently placed the glass cup on my lips and was about to drop it back on the table when it slide off my fingers. It falls on the ground with a shattering sound.

My mother in law look angry but decided to maintain her composure.

“Oh dear, how did you do it? You should have been careful with glass materials like this. Is this how you break glass cup in your home? It shows that you don’t know how to hold it very well. Adebayo, you see what I am talking about, if she is with me, I will teach her all these simple simple things. Can you imagine your wife to be doesn’t know how to hold a glass cup despite her appearance”.

“Mum, let me get the packer and broom to pack the broken glasses” he said and was about to stand up when his mum stopped him.

“Why would you be the one getting the packer and broom, at least we have your wife here, my wife, go inside the kitchen and get the broom with packer, you will also see a mopping stick there” she ordered while I went into the kitchen to get the materials for cleaning.

I gently packed the glasses and mopped the floor. I was about to threw it inside the dustbin nearby when my mother in law called me back.

“Folakemi, the water spilled under my leg, can you quickly poured it away and mopped all the dinning room”. She instructed

Adebayo got up from his seat and collected the mopping stick from me, he mopped the dinning room while her mum looked in angry.

He went to drop the materials in the kitchen while he pulled me to the dinning room back.

“Mum, can we eat the remaining food in peace?”.

“What did you mean by that question? Don’t you all eat in peace before? You are getting ru*de to me Adebayo. Did she taught you all this new habit?” She asked shifting the blame to me again.

I think my head want to burst in this place.

Just then a woman came into the sitting room smiling, she resemble my mother in law.

The dinning room is opposite the sitting room and we could see anyone coming in.

My mother in law stand up while she greet everyone in the dinning room.

“Welcome, my dear sister, how is your journey? I have missed you. Come and join us in the dinning room” she insisted .

“How did you know that I am hungry? I am coming right away” she replied with a smile while she followed her sister to the dinning room.

She sit opposite my seat.

“Ehmm… Folakemi, don’t you see my visitor?”.

“I saw her ma and ….

“What did you supposed to do?” My mother in law shouted at me.

“I have greeted her already”.

“You call that one greeting, you are on your seat greeting an elderly person. Mai fweeeend get on your kneel” she instructed while I went beside her sister and kneel down.

“That is Adebayo wife to be” she introduced me to her while I greet her politely.

“So, this is Adebayo wife to be and you sat down there while am greeting everyone. Look at me very well, I am your second mother in law and my sister here is my twin sister, she is taiwo while I am kehinde. Do you understand?”.

“Yes ma” I replied.

My father in law dropped his spoon in anger.

“Mummy Adebayo, this lady just got here today and I don’t think she is familiar with anyone. She has greeted your twin sister when she came in”.

“Did you mean that….I cannot correct my daughter in law again? Look at the way she greeted her in the first place . Courtesy demand that she should stand up from her seat and went to her side before greeting her properly. Don’t provoke me this morning. Folakemi, get your second mother in law cold juice from the fridge, she is thirsty and the juice here are not that cold again” she instructed while I went to get the juice. I poured the juice inside a clean glass cup before handling it over to her.

She gulped everything in an instant while she instructed me to fill the glass cup again.

I did this three times before dropping the juice.

“What is this that you are eating?” My mother in law(kenny) asked.

“What? You don’t like it!. My mother in law asked.

“I don’t want rice, I want Amala. Freshly prepared Amala, I mean the black one with ewedu soup and plenty meat” she insisted.

My mother in law stare into my eyes.

“What did you supposed to do Folakemi?” She asked while I gently stand up….

I was about to drag back my seat when I heard the shattering sound of a glass cup.

We all looked at the direction.