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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1535

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1535

Succesful Infiltration!


The entire wall shook from impact from over 40 hits of all sorts.

And the men were the least prepared for such a monstrous attack.


Several fell far down the walls to their deaths from the sudden strange force that pushed them back.

The sudden heat, coupled with gravity, was enough to make their legs, heads, and few body parts get turned into gruesome splatters of pace upon impact.

The scene was just too indescribable!

There was blood everywhere one looked, and the smoky mushroom only made the already dark night turn darker.

Griffin hung on the side of a backup ladder, hearing the gruesome cries from his people.

His face was now covered with ashes and cinder, and his body weak from the explosive effects that happened too close to his being.

Blood dripped from his forehead downward, causing a very disturbing image.

Griffin’s face turned pale, feeling cold sweat form on his back.

‘How? How did this happen?’

How can the enemy have such strange black powder weapons?

No! It shouldn’t be like this!

They must’ve stolen Morg technology. And are probably here to find out what plans Morgany has for Titarian.

‘Then I must get the word out and warn my superiors about Hamunaptra’s wicked thoughts!’

Griffin gritted his teeth and firmed his mind, planning to escape through any hidden tunnels and passageways, fleeing the fortress as fast as he could.

It was just that he would have to head past the middle and innermost sector to flee the fortress.

Indeed, he would love to stay back and fight these bloody sons of b**ches.

But he knew as per protocol that if something was wrong, he and 5 others were to immediately flee and pass things on, relaying all they knew about the enemy.

First, he had to get the word across about these strange iron boxes and their firing capabilities.

He was sure the technology was stolen from their Morg continent.

If not them, who else can accomplish such a feat?


For Morgany, he had to leave now!

But little did he know that things had indeed gone far out of his control than he thought.



The outer sector’s metal gate burst open. And in came the massive flock of iron boxes.

“Run! Run! Retreat into the 2nd sector!!!”

Someone exclaimed loudly as desperation stretched out on the faces of many.

Never in their lives had they thought they would face such a gruesome level of pain.

The metal boxes were vicious, shooting at every angle and every being without mercy.


The explosion sent many flying high and fast, so much that they smashed themselves into the 2nd wall, cracking their skulls hard in the process.

And maybe even scarier was the thick fog that occurred after the thunderous sound echoed out.

The fog was filled with screams and cries from the pits of hell themselves.

It was such a monstrous sight that though those on the 2nd walls were blinded by the smoke, they still decided to grit their teeth and fire their stationed Ballistas in any and all directions, even if it meant killing their surging colleagues below. Well, they did give them a 10-breath window before closing the gates on the 2nd wall, no?

At this point, those locked out were considered lost men though some were still alive.

And wouldn’t you know it, Griffin was one of them.

Dammit! Dammit! Dammit!

He was trapped!

Trap led in here with nowhere to run!

For the first time, his face distorted in horror, feeling death’s claws suddenly too close for comfort.

Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock…

In no time, his time was up.


The ground rose several feet high, many screamed, blood-splattered, body parts flew, and countless people closed their eyes for the last time.

… Dead.

Hamunaptra had struck again.



Down below, the many women in captivity screamed and tightly held each other while listening to the many hasty footsteps ringing a mock in the underground maze-like palace.

There were over 300 women, some on the brink of death, others injured with bruises, burnt and whip marks on their bodies, and some with nothing wrong with them.

“Oh, will you just shut up? Cry, cry, cry! That’s all you know how to do!!”

‘Stop it! Don’t attack her! Why do you have to be so mean all the time?”

“The many women exposed their true natures in the face of danger around them.

Some had been here for over 3 years and had never experienced what was going on here today.

From the many footsteps one could tell the guards and the few conversations they locked up, it was clear an enemy was attacking the fortress.

And from all the commotion, it seemed like a big enemy too.

Now, they had several worries to fear.

What if this enemy does worst things to them if they succeed tonight?

For all they knew, it could be cannibals that ventured into the space.

To many, better the devil they knew than the angel they didn’t.

With their luck, many didn’t think it would be anyone better.

Ivanka and the other Baymardians undercover suddenly rose to their feet, walking towards the entrance of the sleeping space amidst everyone’s grumbling.

As planned, those above should have already crossed the 2nd wall by now.

But for them, it was time to head to the hidden chambers and find all they could before the enemy destroyed anything beneficial when realizing their defeat was inevitable.

“Hey!” Someone saw their suspicious acts of rolling up their pants and taking out a dagger from nowhere!


Weren’t they all checked before being sent in? So where did these people get these daggers?

And more still, why was one of them reaching for her hair?

The woman watched the few Baymardian ladies lure the few guards closer, like honeycomb traps.

Wait… Wait…

Knife?… Guard?…

The woman’s hairs stood in fear, hoping it wasn’t what she was thinking.

“Hey! What are you guys trying to do? You’ll get us all ki—“


Ivanka gripped the guard outside the door, first tapping his mute points before plunging her dagger into the back of his neck.

… Alright.

They seemed to have gotten everyone’s attention.