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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1509

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1509

And So It Begins

“How can you? How could you?…”

Everyone stared at Gregory in shock.

Rumble. Rumble.

Now, it was not only Landon who felt the tremors but they too!

This… This…

What was going in here?

Everyone was still in shock, with only a few people staring at Gregory in understanding.

This… Oh, no!

“Your highness, you need to calm down,” Abdali whispered, not wanting the enemy to find Gregory’s secret.

Though he wasn’t entirely sure, the many strange things about Gregory made him more inclined to believe it was his Highness’s doing.

Or else how can the tremors start at the exact time his highness was livid with fury?

Coincidence? They think not!!

Gregory’s entire face turned distorted with uncontrollable twitches the more he thought of his late father.

His body vibrated, and his breathing turned heavier.

His eyes turned a frightening shard of brown, with his vision seemingly blinded, as though he couldn’t see anyone in the hall, only sinking into a pool of despair.

The tremors weren’t that bad. But Abdali knew if things continued further, an imminent disaster would occur.

‘No… What do I do to save his highness from himself?’


A light talk fell on the back of Gregory’s neck, shocking many.

They looked at the now fainted Gregory, quickly turning their attention to the mysterious guard in confusion.

‘Erm… Mr. Guard, aren’t you supposed to be on his side? Why would you attack your own master?’


Abdali and a few supporters breathed a sigh of relief, feeling the tremors stop.


That was so close!

They were almost tempted to give 2 thumbs up to the mysterious guard.

At the start, they were uncomfortable with this mysterious guard who appeared out of nowhere. But now, they were only grateful he was here.

The fact that he was still willing to stand by Gregory’s side after all that happened showed his loyalty to his highness.

However, it only made them a little gleeful.

After all, their current situation was quite hopeless.


Abdali and the rest had long unsheathed their swords, waiting to die on the battlefield if it came to it.

Each side looked at each other grimly. And at this point, the 3 T.O.E.P members had joined the gang, calmly entering the shall as though they weren’t suffering from the many injuries Landon had given them.


They slowly walked towards Cletus’s side, vividly staring at the mysterious guard.

That’s right. Their attention had now changed from Gregory to the guard.

They understood that Gregory was weak. And without this guard’s help, they might not be able to touch a single strand of Gregory’s hair.

Though they hated to admit it, they would have to work with Cletus and the rest to create openings and distractions.

They didn’t believe that if 10 or 20 people attacked the guard at once, he would still be able to keep Gregory safe.

Of course, all this would be regarded as water on a duck’s back if this guard was willing to join their Society.

Morgany needed talents like him.

Whether talented and blessed with the brains to create poison or even architecture, Morgany secretly enticed and recruited talents from the various empires.

And if one day, Morgany were to go against their empires, these talents wouldn’t even bat an eyelash to help, feeling that it was just right for Morgany to take over.

Every 3 years, the Society hosts several competitions, allowing these Newly recruited Talents to showcase their strength.

The competition was intense, with all Morg Monarchs, superiors in the 3 Morg empires, and those in the Pirate organization present for such occasions.

Without a doubt, these people were also T.O.E.P members standing at the top of the pyramid, here to pick the best talents to enter their factions.

Be it in poison making, weapon manufacturing, combat, Agriculture, advancements in (A.K.A scientific discoveries like the Siege weapons and the mill)… Every talent group would be targeted.

This again was probably why Morgany stood on the top.

And at that point, once a young talent outshines the bunch and gets taken in under someone, the individual(s) responsible for bringing them in would get handsomely rewarded for their effort in making the Society strong.

Every ‘good’ deed was well prepared, and every bad was… Heh…

Well, one could say the result traitors had to face was far worse than anything many could imagine.

There was a special punishment developed just for this.


All 3 hooded T.O.E.P men calmly stared at the mysterious guard.

The important thing is to rope this guy in first.

As for them taking revenge for his earlier actions, wouldn’t they be the ones responsible for bringing him in and taking care of him following that?

The men looked at the guard in scrutiny. “You… Who are you?”

The words were simple, yet everyone’s attention was highly piqued.

Yes… What exactly was the identity of the stage mysterious man?

How old was he? What skin color did he have? Where was he from? A Titarian? A Zohl person from another empire? Or was he a foreigner?

“Speak, guard. Who are you?”

“Guard?” Landon chuckled. “You don’t deserve to know my identity… But come to think of it, why do you bunch like chatting like little girls? Are we going to fight or not?”

“You!~~~ Insolent!!!” Cletus was shocked and in rage.

Clearly, the bastard was directing his insults at him for his earlier actions when entering the hall.

Even being composed to a woman was an insult; talk less of being compared with a girl.

‘We that prick saying I talk too much?… From young till now, except for my parents, bastard brother, and bastard cousin Camila, who has ever dared to hurl insults at me face to face?’

“You’re quite a jester, aren’t you. Since my dear friends were interested in you, I thought I would let you go without extinction… But you just had to court death.”


Cletus unsheathed his majestic sword. And instantly, the entire room turned gloomier.

Cletus might be weak to a few like Mushu, but compared to the majority, he was still a fierce beast that couldn’t be underestimated.


Cletus’ eerie laugh bellowed out, making many feel goosebumps all over.

Typically, his voice always sounded a little loud and boisterous.

But when angry, it was calm, steady, and low.


“You insolent, lowly worm… It appears you’re the type who has never known his place. Look around you, moron! You’ve long been surrounded. But rather than begging, you dared to move that smart mouth of yours like a dog… Hehehehe… I guess It’s true what they say. Ignorance is indeed a crime! Now… I’ll give you one chance all because of my friends. Kneel, Kowtow and lick the ground, and I might let you off with just a severed arm!”

Behind Cletus, one of his men followed angrily. “Kneel, you bastard!! Do you realize you’re in the presence of royalty?!!!”



Landon chuckled.

Indeed. Everyone here was in the presence of royalty… By that, he meant Gregory, and of course, himself!!

The 3 T.O.E.P members gazed at him calmly. “A person like you should be working for a weakling like Gregory Ghoul.”


Landon effortlessly carried the now passed out Gregory and firmly placed him on his left shoulder as though carrying a pebble.


They have once heard of people having dangerously powerful strengths.

But this was the first time they had seen someone with such a godly physic.

Erm… Can they say they were starting to get a little scared?


Cletus was taken aback, reassessing the mysterious guard once more.

He and many here didn’t see Landon’s earlier actions.

They just stormed into the place in the nick of time, just before Gregory could leave.

So how can he not be stunned by Landon’s casual acts?

Cletus narrowed his gaze. ‘This person isn’t easy. It’s better to let someone first test his strength before I make a move.”


With Gregory on his shoulder and his spear in one hand, Landon chuckled playfully.

“Let me be clear. I won’t be joining any of you or switching sides. And, I won’t be letting you touch a single strand of hair from his Highness’s head and that of his supporters. So cut the bullsh** short! It’s against my ethics to bully others.”

Meaning, he wouldn’t attack them unless they made a move first?

Dammit! Who did this guy think he was? Does he think he alone can protect the gathering of followers? Naive!!

Many inwardly retorted.

But Landon didn’t care. He raised his spear at Cletus and the 3 T.O.E.P members provocatively.

“Like I said. I’m a very busy man. And as you can see, I don’t have all day to play with you. So are you going to move or just stand there like a bunch of retards?”

At this point, everyone felt Landon deserved a beating.

Good… Good…

Some cracked their knuckles provocatively.

“Since you want us to fight so badly, how dare we turn down your request?”

Cletus sneered. “Everyone, attack! Hit them all at once!”


The thunderous sounds of battle-spirited men echoed out. Hundreds and hundreds of men stormed in from all corners.

Landon twirled his spear with an expressionless face. ‘And so it begins…’

The battle for the throne!!