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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1409

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1409

Awed & Afraid?

Computers? Music Pods?


Baloo merrily paid the cost, feeling that it was relatively cheaper than he expected.

He thought it would cost tens of thousands of Bays for a single computer unit, complete with the Monitor, CPU, mouse, and all the rest.

However, what shocked him was that each complete the not come up 599 Bays.

Again, if he had been one of the first shoppers in the store, he would’ve gotten them at various discounted prices.

It was truly miraculous the way these Baymardians priced their items.

Well, it could also be noted that according to the adverts, it was said that the piece 599 was a combo discount, it one bought all computer units at once.

Individually, the price for everything would’ve been 750 Bays.

One was saving over a hundred Bays from paying the complete set in one go.

But coming in to buy another monitor alone would undoubtedly cost more than what they paid for today.

Baloo was amazed by their marketing and business strategies, secretly taking them in his mind.

‘Maybe I can implement some of them in my stores.’ He thought.

And just like that, the gang managed to leave the store victoriously, heading back to the hotel.

However, when they arrived, they saw a strange pamphlet of instructions on their table.

[Today marks the start of the Internet era.

For those with computers looking to connect online, ease flow the guideline or call our hotel services to assist you by sailing the number 7, followed by the pound key (#).]


Blink. Blink.

This… The duo first looked at each other before looking at the note once more.


It looked like it was time to unstable their purchased items and make heads and tails on them.

As for the guards, they too were in their separate shared rooms trying to understand the matter at hand.

Diandra looked at the instructions from the opened monitor box, explaining how to connect the cables to the monitors, CPUs, and everything else.

The process was relatively simple, with a visual picture presentation that explained what to do.

“Husband! Look at the picture! It’s a horizontal CPU. Meaning the monitor has to stand on the CPU.”

“Ah-~… You’re right.” Baloo said with trembling hands while carefully placing the CPU on the table like a newborn baby.

Lying trough.

Why were his hands shaking so much?


First, they started with the mouse.

“Husband, it’s said that the mouse is a USB mouse and needs to be connected to what is called a USB port at the back of the CPU.”

Like a person sculpting a fine piece of art, Baloo concentrated as hard as he could, looking at the image on the instructions and putting the mouse USB cord where it was supposed to go.


It went in after flipping and sensing it in again.

Hahaha hahaha!~

Okay! Okay!

‘Breathe, Baloo. Breathe!’

“Wife, please, wipe my forehead.”

“No problem, husband.”

Dab. Dab.

The duo moved on to the USB keyboard.

After dealing with the mouse, plugging in the keyboard in the other USB port was an easy operation.

Now, Baloo more or less understood just what a USB port was supposed to look like.

And from time to time, his wife would massage his shoulders, giving him a boost of encouragement.

“Keep going, husband. You’ve got this!”


The adrenaline Baloo felt was akin to how men working on a car or some heavy machine would feel.

He felt it was a manly man’s job.

External Computer setup?


No doubt about it, many testosterone-filled men would begin bragging about how they did this or how they did that when setting up their computers.

Feeling his temperatures rise and his heart thumping, Baloo knew it was time to move on to the big guns.



He swallowed hard.

“Wife, pass me those separate ropes (cables) the store staff advised us to buy.”

“Yes!” Diandra responded vigorously.

Now it was time to connect the monitor with the CPU and finish up a few strange setups.

“Husband, it says to first use the VGA (Video, Graphics Adapter) connector, connecting it between the monitor and the CPU.”

Baloo began his work, noting a few primary connections he should note in the monitors, whether it was for now or later.

These were the DVI, VGA, and HDMI connections.

He also noted the jack and audio connections too. As well as a few USB ports too.


Baloo quickly went to work, identifying what was what and how to put everything together.

Of course, he also plugged the monitor and CPU charging systems into the walls before manually inserting the hotel-internet cable.


He wasn’t sure yet.

However, there was only one way to find out.

The couple took deep breaths, with Diandra having one hand on the Power button on the Monitor, while Baloo’s hand was on the Power switch at the back of the CPU.



“Alright. In 3… 2… 1…”


A bright light blue page flashed on the screen for no more than a second, followed by some bizarre logo.

And there and then, they heard what sounded like heavenly music in their ears.

It… It…

It worked!

“Hahahahahha~ “

Like children, the couple hugged and jumped around in a circle, too happy to say any words.

Of course, their joy never stopped them from focusing on the screen.

Computer profiles? Passwords?

They created it all, having access to the wonderful world of computers.


Diandra’s eyes almost fell out of their sockets after plugging in and taking her headphone out numerous times.

“Magic! Magic! Husband! It works like magic! How can they manage to contain the voice, passing it to the headphone thingy? How is this even possible?”

Baloo only looked at the scene with a dumbfounded expression.

Godly! Truly Godly!

Could it be that these headphone thingies had the body to make any sound become mute in the world?

If he wore them for too long, would he eventually turn mute too?

Shiver. Shiver.

These Baymardians made him both awed and afraid.

Scary… Scary…

Very Scary.