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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1408

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1408

First Baymardian Victory!

“Carts! Carts! Husband, Grab the cart!”

“Ahh!- Yes..” Baloo replied, shocked that his wife was ordering and shoving him about fearlessly.

But given the situation at hand, how could he be concerned about this now?


He felt a pain on his side, feeling someone push him back, swirling girth like a vicious creature in the wild.

Son of a b**ch!

Baloo had initially intended to act calm with pride and dignity.

Originally, he thought that no matter how rampant the people were, the scene could never be as maddening as a true battlefield.

Thus, he didn’t take it all too seriously.

However… reality was very far from what he envisioned.


“Out of my way, slowpoke!”

“Hey! Hey! That’s my cart! You can’t do this! I suffered a lifetime and have lived too long in this world to be dragging a cart with you!”

“Please! Old man! Don’t use your 41 or 42-year-old self to bully me with age! Just lol at your muscles? I, on the other hand, am 16! So shouldn’t you take care of the weak? Can’t you see that I’m weaker than you? Let go of the cart!”

“Dammit! There’s only one more pink barbie mousepad. Alright! Listen up, ladies! Anyone who dates to grab this with me will face my wrath!”

“What wrath? If you have the guys, come and pry it off my cold fingers!”

The scene was chaotic, especially with the announcements going off.

[Restock on Isle 54, Display center]

[Restock on use 72, Display center]

“Isle 54! Isle 54! Out of my way!”

“Isle 72? That’s close to me! Ancestors! Ancestors! Please be with me in this battle!”



Din. Din. Din.~

The heavy stomping footsteps of many echoed across the vast stores.

Many didn’t come here to buy everyday items. No way. They came here for a purpose.

And the fully armored staff tasked with restocking more or less diverted the crowd’s attention while restocking up on various display stations across the stores.

First, they would send the crowd to another location before guarding and restocking the already empty display isles and shelves.

And when they were done, they would flee the scene, sensing the crowd towards the site they just stocked up on.

While they, on the other hand, used the back staff region to transverse towards the far opposite side of the store, filling the now-empty display shelves and stations.

Controlling the crazy mob of shoppers was not easy.

And any slip-ups were paramount to getting caught on spider webs.

On rush or launching days, all products, no matter how big they were, were covered and protected by heavy and thick rubbery packaging that outlined the boxes.

It was as though they were vehicle tires, not breaking once they fell.

Of course many were still very careful with the computer monitors and CPUs, grabbing and firmly placing them in their carts before leaving via the route the staff created.

It can be said that the carts here were more or less different from the Earth’s shopping carts because of this rush mania.

Just like the coveralls on a baby stroller, the topmost front of the cart had a thin metal-frame pullout mechanism to close to protect whatever was now in the cart.

So when passing, those who try to grab what was in their carts wouldn’t be able to do so.


In this time of war, anything goes.

And the Baymardians who got their computers in their carts were quick to close them up, treating the items like babies in strollers that needed full coverage from the sun.


“Red! Red! Husband, get the red one for me! Yes! Yes! That one!”

Baloo gritted his teeth, grabbing the cute red mouse from the shelf.


He dropped it in his cart, feeling mightily pleased.

Success! Success!

Baloo felt like crying in joy, looking at the rest behind him victoriously.

He felt so young and on top of the world after this battle.

But of course, he didn’t rest easy until his wife pulled out the cover layer of the cart.


He thought he would have to guard and bare his fangs at anyone who tried to send their hands in.

But who knew that these carts had a cover-all system with a little hook-latch mechanism at the bottom end?


As expected, these Baymardians think of everything.

Adjusting his protective helmet and his distressed attire, Baloo raised his holders proudly.

“Wife, let’s go.”

“Yes,” Diandra replied, holding her husband’s arm and exiting the battlefield.

Of course, they stood at another corner, waiting for the few of their guards to grab their own items as well.

Lying trough.

With how big the monitors and CPUs were, they couldn’t very well grab and carry everyone’s items in their carts, could they?

Baloo’s emotions were high, feeling an adventurous spirit take over him.


He tightened his grip on his Diandra with a child-like expression on his face. “Wife. Now that things back in Terique have settled down quite a bit over the years, why don’t we make it a habit of visiting Baynard together more frequently… Or what do you think?”

“Me?” Diandra was inwardly shocked.

Since when has he ever asked her opinion?

“Ah-… Yes! Yes, husband… I’d like that very much.” She tried, turning an attractive hue of pink.


Baloo laughed, enjoying his wife’s charming and shy gaze on him.

Hey… How come he didn’t realize that his wife was this interesting?

He had never seen her more alive than when she was battling alongside him out here.

Sure enough, they made a good team.


Baloo looked at his wife intensely as though seeing her for the first time in his life.

Maybe it was the thrill of the moment, but he felt that no other woman was as beautiful as she was right now.

He felt his body heat up and quickly tried to distract himself.

Tonight, he’ll feast.

But for now, it was time to see just what these bad guys could do!