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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1407

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1407

R.I.P. Man In White

Silent Night.

Holy night.

All was calm, and all was bright.

The Little ones had gone to bed, and the older ones also followed along too.

The smiles on their faces couldn’t be hidden.

Christmas in late May.

Would you believe it?

Neither did they, until their world underwent an exciting spin with all the commercials they saw from before.

‘Sleep! Sleep! Sleep!’

Many verbally commanded their shut down, planning to use all the energy they gathered for the battle ahead.

In the meantime, some families first prepared their armor for the journey.



“Duct tape?”


“Protective helmet?”

“Check! Check! Check! Check! Check!”

They say seeing is believing.

If one walked in on these families, they would think they were preparing for the end of the world.

It was already 2 A.M with everywhere as dark as ink with a few stars in the sky.

Weather forecast: Sunny all day.

It was perfect for war.

So how could they not be excited?


Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock.

Time flew by in a heartbeat.

And before many knew it, it was already 8 A.M.

Din. Din. Din. Din. Din!


Peep! Peep!

Cars anxiously honked, and footsteps hurried along hastily.

Today was the day!

Everyone was both excited and determined to get their own Computers and Music pods.

With all the adverts they saw… Say no more! They had long been sold!

Even celebrities sent their agents to line up and get these bad guys too!

But maybe the most excited of all were the non-Baymardian residents, international students, visitors, merchants, and others from outside who weren’t used to Baymard’s wave of uprising technology.


Unreal! Unreal!

Why did their brains grow differently from theirs?

Those from the newly treated-signed Romain empires who just arrived were breathing harder than average, trying to understand everything that was going on around them.

This… This…


“Oh, my heavens! I can’t believe it’s all true!”

“Hahahahaha~ even though it’s just 45 more minutes before the store opens, I can already see the staff putting the computers on display!”

“Ahhhh~~… What did I see? It’s on! The guy turned it on! It shines just like a Tv!”

“Guys! Guys! Look again! The light has gone off on its own, but there is some bouncy wavy thing (windows logo) moving across the screen!”

“Yes! Yes! I see it too! But how is it doing that?”



“How cute! I can’t get over the Hello Kitty keyboard and keyboard! Ahhh~… I’ve decided. I’ll get that, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop me!’

“Pff~… Don’t worry, no one will. I’m getting the sleek black one that has my favorite manga character of all time, Sosuke Aizen.”

“What? Your favorite character is the villain of Bleach? So after all he did to Rukia, you still like him? Traitor, that’s what you deserve!”

“Screw you all! Aizen is just too good, alright?”

“No way! Byakuya is obviously the better option here. Do you know how cool he is? Of course you don’t. A mortal like you could never understand his coolness!”


One by one, many began to comment on the items they saw on display, talking about the few cool keyboards, mouse pads, and other designs they saw.

The scene was lively, making many not realize just how long they were standing in wait.


In the meantime, many quickly arrived at the scene across the numerous stores in Baymard.

The locations had long been advertised, and everyone more or less knew where to purchase what they were looking for.

Today was Saturday.

It was indeed a fine day for battle.

And Old Baloo, who had just arrived with his wife, was so shocked by the enormous gathering before him.

As a person who owned stores of his own, he had never had such a large crowned camo before his place all at once.

It was undeniable that thanks to the new Baymardian concepts of having special days in the year for discounts, he had managed to pull in many crowds severally.

But this…

“Wife… So you’re saying that across the Capital city, this same scene is happening before the many stores?”

Diandra held his arm, nodding playfully. “Exactly, husband. It’s said that his majesty is both a good leader and an even greater businessman. So you shouldn’t be too shocked with this much.”

Baloo and his few guards swallowed hard, digesting all the information they had gotten since they arrived in this sacred land.

Diandra glanced at her watch from time to time.

Until soon, her smile broadened, growing even bigger than it already was.

“Husband… Remember the bike helmet I insisted you purchase before today?”

“Yes… It’s with the guards… What about it?”

Diandra calmly took her helmet from the guard behind her, fastening it with a calm look on her face.

“Husband, if you want to survive without any injuries in this war, I suggest you and your men put them on.”


Erm… Who are you, what have you done to my docile and quiet wife, and what’s with that cheeky smirk on your lips?


Baloo was still confused.

But soon, the doors at the very front of the door abruptly on their own.

And out came a man wearing a protective helmet alongside many puffy protective items over his hands, legs, belly, and back.

Looking at the battle-ready crowd, the man didn’t have a good expression on his face.

If anything, he looked like a sacrificial lamb waiting to be slaughtered.

And with what looked like trembling hands, the man pushed his glasses in and began reading some already laid out and prepared for today’s event.

Without knowing why, the air was filled with unprecedented tension, giving the illusion of being on a battlefield.

Baloo didn’t know the man but suddenly felt pity for him.

Thinking of the helmet on his head, he more or less understands what was about to happen.

Sigh… R.I.P.

‘Man in white, I hope you come out of it alive.’


The nonexistent bell sounded, and the battle was on.


“Quickly! Quickly! Grab the carts!”

“Dammit! You all better give me a cart, or we are all going to die on the battleline!”