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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1405

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1405

D-Day Arrives!

“Yes, Mistress. This sort of thing isn’t uncommon in our line of work. After all, with how powerful these Morg T.O.E.P were, who would be able to take them down that easily?”

Hearing his words, Ezenia subconsciously nodded.

“You have a point.”

The hidden guard had a sense of pride and arrogance in his heart when speaking up about the matter.

In terms of ranking, he was above the top 60 assassins in Pyno, and even he had a problem spotting the T.O.E.P hidden guards.

He also felt that the current number one assassin, Death, might suffer a loss if he were to go against such terrifying people.

That’s why he was absolutely sure that these

So in that case, who in Pyno would be able to handle them.

Ezenia rubbed her elbows in annoyance.

For how long will they continue to remain in hiding?

In her mind, they fully believed that Ulrich had long been rescued.

Her maternal grandfather, a member of the T.O.E.P, had long given her a brief summary about the Society she was initiated into.

Recalling all she knew, as well as their influence, it was very unlikely that they had failed.


These were the same people who placed Alec Barn on the throne and assisted many famous noblemen like Nopline and others.

So imagine how strong they were to keep these Pyno Tyrants under wraps.

And one shouldn’t forget their scary and powerful skills, being able to leave her invitation without any of her men assisting them.

Say no more!

Her beloved was definitely rescued but kept in hiding for the time being.

Her only question was, for how long?



Ezenia was very perplexed.

How long would she have to wait before falling into the arms of her beloved?

Just thinking of all that she had put up with during these many, many, MANY months, Ezenia felt like puking!


She was disgusted with herself.

Downing time with that weakling, who called himself his majesty Henry, was just too much to nurture for her to bear.

Every time she saw his stupid face, it took all her effort for her not to stab him in the throat.

To think the weakling would forgive her for all she did in the past.


Stupid! Stupid!

If he was smart, he should’ve killed her when he had the chance, burning her flesh and grinding her bones to dust.

However, the idiot kept her alive, instead!

Heh… Then he shouldn’t and anyone for what was about to come.


She had long dreamt of herself hugging Ulrich while looking down on Henry groveling on the floor, begging for mercy.

But would they give him that?

No way!

Who asked him to look her man far away in the hands of those meddlesome Baymardians?

With a sharpened blade, she was sure that her beloved would slice his head clean off his neck.

Off with this head!

That was the day she was waiting for.

Sadly, it seems that it would take a longer time to realize her dreams.

In the end, didn’t it mean that she still has to pretend with that fool?

Exenia was annoyed.


“Mistress, please take heart. It won’t be long before they return.” The guard encouraged.

Lying trough.

With the mistress as a member, this was his chance to train in Morgany.

So how could he let the mistress not play her part?

No matter what, he was determined to keep the mistress beside Prince Henry.

This was a vital part of their plan!

He only wished that time could fast-forward to when Ulrich sits on the throne. That way, he could leave for the heavenly place all assists dream to enter!


“Mistress, they will return. All we have to do is follow their instructions, and everything will come together nicely.”

Exenia nodded, firming her mind to continue playing along with the fool.

For her beloved’s complete takeover, she would do it… Even if it meant seducing a frog.

She had long worked her charms around Henry and could see that he had already fallen for her.

She played the part of the lady with a broken heart, allowing Henry to ‘mend’ it.

And without knowing, he too slowly fell in love with her.

Heh… In the end, what awaited him was nothing more than betrayal and death!

With the T.O.E. on her side, as well as her powerful Grandfather, who could stop her from emerging victorious?


Ezenia tilted her head, thinking deeply.

“Bring my pen and some paper.”

“Yes, mistress.”


The guard returned, presenting the items she requested.


Very carefully, she wrote very steadily, making plans to visit her mother-in-law before the week ends.

Though Tilda kept the existence of the T.O.E.P a secret from her mother-in-law, she did give the women some sense of security, optimizing to rescue Ulrich with the help of her grandfather.

She only said so because she didn’t want her mother-in-law to send people to Baymard.

What if they accidentally attack or anger these T.O.E.P members while trying to find and retrieve Ulrich?

Rather, she had her mother-in-law work on collecting as much intel as they could about Henry’s movements.

The guy was as slippery as grease.

No one knew how he loved. .it was as though he just got up and decided on what to do as the day went by.

But she knew this was not the case.

If anything, it proved how tight-lipped and loyal his men were.

Very briskly, Tilda wrote what seems like a poem to the untrained eyes.

But to the scheming and dangerous eyes of her Mother-in-law, the woman would definitely know what step to take next.

Tilda finished writing, handing the letter to her lead guard: “You know what to do.”


He was gone.

Before his highest Ulrich Tudor retired, they had a lot of work to do!

However, the same atmosphere couldn’t be felt back in Baymard.


Like a miraculous blessing, the Baymardians secretly gave their praises and thanks to the heavens for this day.


2 whole days had gone by like nothing.

And now, it was finally time!

The internet!… Computers… Music pods…



It was time to battle at the supermarkets!