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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1404

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1404

A Restless Young Lady

Like so, Landon was doing a couple of ’rounding-up’ tasks across Baymard.

Some technologies only used in the Capital by the public will now be able to reach the Baymardians scattered in the other territories.

As a leader, he couldn’t very well neglect his people that much.

He also took into account safety and long-term losses too.

All in all, he was pleased with how far they had come.

And while he focused on this, far away in the empire of Deiferus, some people were suddenly going crazy with suspicion.


Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock.

The large Baymardian clock ticked loudly, hanging high above the wall.

The heavy rains outside caused the air to be gloomy. And the cold seemed to have seeped in, generating the elaborate bedroom chamber.

Moisture, cold winds, the smell of dampness… It all registered in everyone’s mind, adding to the already burning pressure within the room.


Everywhere was quiet, with no one making a sound.

The hidden guards were in their places, the maids out of the bedroom chamber, and the young lady all dressed in black was calmly leaning against her reading chair, with her bottom half tightly wrapped underneath the warm Baymardian beddings.

Because of the weather, she had no choice but to go closer to the fireside.

During these rainy many days, she would keep the fire burning throughout the day and use the Baymardian Solar electric heater at night.

Typically, during sleeping hours, the maids or servants wouldn’t be allowed to step into her chambers to refuel on firewood lest they disturb her sleep.


They would leave surplus firewood at the side if she felt too cold in the middle of the night.

But anyone who enjoys sleep would know that if they had to get up twice or thrive at night, they would eventually become sleep deprived by morning.

Too many disturbances would wake the body up.

Thus, some would prepare to risk it, sleeping with 4 or 5 blankets at once to keep the heat in and enjoy their rest.


As a noble daughter, her movements were controlled by the head of the home.

Who knew if she would be summoned early in the morning or given extra lessons on etiquette, literature, calligraphy, and whatnot?


Many a time, they hired tutors to live in the same estate as themselves during the cold seasons.

In short, the rain didn’t stop the estate’s actions.

Since they, with noble bodies, couldn’t step out, most likely, whatever was demanded of them to do would be done in the comfort of their homes.

And as long as she could remember, the cold nights of winter, spring, and late fall were more or less harder than the day.

But with the Baymardian solar heater, she didn’t per se need to worry about this.

Though catching the sun and charging the solar heaters could be harder to do in these cold seasons, it was not impossible.

Even with the darkness, the sun still emitted what the Baymardians called heat rays.

Again, there were quite a few days when the sun would still shine with little to no clouds up in the air.

After all, it couldn’t rain very well every single day, could it?

Even the weather needed a break.


The same could be said for the Baymardian solar light fixtures.

With the wooden windows and balcony doors shut tightly, the room was definitely dark.

However, no matter how dark the room became during the day, she would only use the various candles and light from the fireplace to illuminate her room.

And by night, she then switched to the Baymardian light fixtures.

Thack. Thack. Thack.

The fiery hues from the fire illuminated across the girl seated by the fireside

Initially, she had been busy readying the few novels from both Baymard and Deiferus, trying to pass the day by

With this weather, don’t even think about going out.

She would have to stay in her courtyard until the temperature got raised to a certain extent.

Even if the rains stopped, every noble knew that it was advisable to wait for at least 4 hours before going back outside.

As nobles, their bodies were treasures.

They took care of it way more than peasants did, ensuring that they were fit and healthy to be ranked as the top beauties, eventually landing high suitors that would inexplicably advance their family’s situation to the next level.

Such information was something even babies knew.

So looking at the weather, the young lady knew that she would most likely stay indoors for the entire day.

Thus, since her early rising, she had piled up quite a lot of newly bought books, planning to read 1 or 2 by today’s end.


Tah! Tah! Tah!

The rains increased even more.

And the girl who was elegantly reading her book suddenly frowned in displeasure, realizing that she had been on this same page for over an hour now.

What was going on?

Ezenia was annoyed!



The lead shadow appeared before her on bended knees.

“Mistress.” The man spoke while Ezenia calmly closed her book, placing it back on the round stool-like table beside her.

“Why?… Why do you think that they haven’t gotten back to us?”

The guard was silent.

Concerning this matter, the T.O.E.P should’ve arrived in Deiferus sometime in late winter.

They expected them here in March of this year.

However, this was already the final week of May.

In a few days, June will come. And they still haven’t heard a single word from these people.

What could be the issue?

“Mistress, it might be that after rescuing His highness Ulrich, they went into temporal hiding.”

Exenia borrowed her brows exquisitely: “So you’re saying that those pesky Baymardians might be chased after them, causing them to do so?”

Could it be that those nosy Baymardians became too anxious after losing Ulrich, not wanting to give up in fear of his revenge against them?

Ezenia gripped her armrest with a dark light in her eyes.

Soon, she would get rid of them all!