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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1403

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1403

Territorial Growth

Yangji City… 100 Public Library Typewriters.

Blue Bell Town… 40 Typewriters.

Hyui Town… 36 Typewriters

Rainbow City…

AppleCroth Town…

Landon scanned through the list, doing his final check.

In 2 days, they would all get shipped and delivered straight to the public libraries.

And like all public libraries, they would get spread out across the tall 2~3 story wooden building.

Make no mistake.

These buildings were the size of a large-scale public library.

He had been building them for quite some time now, using special fireproof woodwork that wouldn’t catch on fire easily.

And with the many library rooms and spaces, the typewriters would get distributed across the buildings nicely.

Hey… Now one could easily make their resumes on their own.

Before, the people in these places had to submit a resume draft to the town, village, or city hall to make a resume for them.

This was free of charge from the employment and job-seeking sector.

Such things were already part of tax-payer money.

And even when they get computers in the future, they would still continue to do it all within the same building site for free.

Flip. Flip.

Landon was done with this matter.

Seeing this, Tim went straight on to the next.

“Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah~.”


The duo finished talking about everything on the list.

So far, Tim’s Industry was able to meet the quota allocated for each zone in his territory.

“Your majesty, I’m sure those within the territory would be very happy when they know of this,” Tim said, admiring Landon’s conviction and love for his people.

If it were in many of the greedy empires in this world, the monarchs there would probably charge a hefty amount for a single time use of these typewriters.


Ordinary peasants might never get the chance to see a typewriter till the day they die.

But his majesty was different.

Recalling the first time they met, Tim was a little nostalgic.

Landon stepped into his blacksmith shop, giving him the task of acquiring pickaxes and several basic tools from Riverdale city.

The he of back then didn’t know how far Baynard would grow.

But because he felt touched and beloved in his majesty, he was able to rise and assist the empire in every way that he could.


If there was one person he had absolute faith in, it would have to be his majesty.

He didn’t even trust his children the way he trusted his majesty.

Well, the people will no doubt be pleased to see their various regions grow, beginning more developed than before.

This opportunity would mean a lot to many… Especially future writers that would spring up from these regions.

Tim 100% supported Landon’s plans to send out public Typewriters in the public libraries, all of which had been fully constructed.


Landon smiled at Tim’s undisguised awe, taking another sip of coffee.

Everything on the list was marked, done, and over with.

Now, it was time to focus on bigger aspects.

Tim spread at Landon, very curious about the big project underway.

“Your majesty… How long have you gone with the Metal Enhancer and high-tier mechanical builder?”

Landon thigh-high a bit, revealing a mysterious smile.


These were the important key technologies he was looking forward to.

It should be noted that since the summer of last year when he got rewarded with these technologies, he spent quite some time personally teaching many on every single thing about these technologies.

In particular, He requested for Tim, as well as Overseer Lynchen and Overseer Lilian, to send in a team of 600 veterans that have spent at least 2 years in their industries.

Lynchen was the overseer of the Vehicle and Locomotive manufacturing industry, while Lilian was the overseer for the Ship/Boat Manufacturing industry.

With this team, Landon planned to create another new industry that would not only focus on building metal enhancers but also create high-tier mechanical builders.


Landon had thought of it all.

This new industry will essentially build the mechanical builders and send them out to the various industries that pay for them.

Whether it was to build a car, ship, or even a plane, they would be more than pleased to have these mechanical builders assist them.

The builders were in the form of Giant spiders that had some anti-gravitational core to them.

They would take on assignments, jumping high up into the air and focusing their respective targeted zones.

Well, it wouldn’t be far before the Baymardian soldiers also get their anti-traditional belts… Which he planned to release after planes got launched.


Even if he could finish them up now, he still wanted many military personnel to get shocked with the use of choppers and military aircrafts before having the privilege of having anti-gravitational belts.

That’s why he decided to work on the belts sometime next year.

Anyway, each industry would need this new builder when putting together complex machines.

One should note that this machine was a builder and wouldn’t be making the parts.

So car seats, window glasses, and every other part would still have to be made by the various industries.

They would then use their purchased builder to put all parts together like legos.

This would drastically cut down the ‘building phase.’

Of course, this new industry would also be in charge of maintenance whenever the builder needed to be up to date with the current policies and laws or when it had a problem that needed giving.


Again, all metals moved and proceeded would have to be sent to this industry for enhancement before distributing them to the various industries that needed them.

That being said, since last summer, Landon has worked with that specific team since the summer of last year.

And after 4 months of training and lectures, he finally worked alongside them from December of last year till now, allowing them to make various prototypes, which still need a few touch-ups here and there.

As they say, repetition was the mother of science.

So he divided them up, having each team socialize in a specific construction aspect for each technology.

They repeated the same thing every single day, hour to hour, as though they were on a manufacturing line.

One team does something and passes it onto the next.

Like so, they mastered things faster. And in the future, if a specific aspect needed maintenance or fixing, those who specialized in the parts would be sent for the job.

Tom was very curious about the projects under this new industry.

“Your majesty, when can we see the builder and metal enhancer in action?”

“September of this year.”

Yes…. This September!