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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1401

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1401

A Lively Competition

The duo on watch duty continuously did their best, until soon, they heard a strange noise behind them.

Instantly, their pupils dilated.

As trained Baymardians, it didn’t take long to figure things out.


They reached for their weapons as fast as they could.

Sadly, it was too late.

Yan’s team unearthed their camouflaged foliages, shooting them right clean.


You’re dead.”

The men all looked at Yan hatefully, thinking of their predicament.

“How? How did you do it?”

It’s been hours since they guarded this post.

And so far, they had apprehended quite a few, scouting incoming teams and sending reports for the closest ground team to take those ones out.

As scouts, they did what scouts did, not getting involved with the overall battle.

Their job was passing intel along.

And only if necessary would they make a move.


“Simple,” Yan said, turning his back to them.


Yan’s entire back from head to toe was covered with bushes.

He used vines as ropes, tying them across his body.

Wait! Did they crawl like this?

They were also very smart, moving close to trees, not trying to stand out.

And when the drive would fly by, they would freeze on the spot.

It did take time to move like this. However, their labor had born fruit.

In a blink of an eye, Yan and his team had gotten the duo out of their hiding place before changing attire with them and dumping the pair back in the hole.

“After the competition, send my uniform to xxxxx… And don’t forget, Dead men don’t speak.”



The men were ruthlessly thrown back, with their camouflaged bushes placed over their hideout as though they weren’t attacked just now.

And accompanying them was another person in Yan’s team who would take over their drone, keeping a lookout for others too.

Yan room their flags, bundling them with the other flags they acquired.

Very smartly, Yan dug a hole and buried all the flags in it.

They were going into enemy territory.

Putting all eggs in one basket was risky.

There were 2 ways to be on top.

Take over as many brigade headquarters as one could… Or collect as many flags as possible.

Depending on the situation, the brigade with the highest flags could draw with the brigade that took over as many headquarters as others.

There was a system to calculate merit and estimate the value of each flag when compared to conquering headquarters.

Since the start of these competitions years back, there has never been a draw.

So Yan didn’t know much about what would happen if that was the case.

All he wanted to do now was keep these flags safe until another unit came over to retrieve them.

You didn’t think he would leave them out for long, did you?

No way!

He called Black Scorpion headquarters, requesting headquarters to send a team over.

Along the way towards their target destination, Yan and his team had long been switching their attire with the dead whenever they found the opportunity.

And now, everyone was dressed in similar attire like those in the Poison Lily Brigade.


“BM-U-01 to Headquarters… ready for Infiltration!”

[Copy that. On standby waiting for results.]


In the official Monitoring Room, many superiors now had their eyes on Yan’s team, watching their actions with disguised appreciation.

“Hey!… This Yan boy is very good. Congratulations, Brigadier Rui, for training such a talent!”

Rui was smiling from molar to molar, listening to the many compliments from the others.

They had watched Yan’s strange but thoughtful method of disguise, tricking his event by hiding in plain sight.

With so much greenery, the eye might overlook certain aspects, especially if they were green in color (similar to the greenery).

Rui waves his hands nonchalantly, trying to seem modest.

“You guys shouldn’t tease an old man like myself. This junior is the current leader of the Blue Moon within my brigade.”

“Blue Moon!” Someone exclaimed with even more satisfaction.

You have to know that Blue Moon was just created last year.

There used to be just 3 Companies of special soldiers in the Black Scorpion brigade.

So when Blue Moon sprung up, everyone was too optimistic about this newbie Group.

However, they proved many wrong.

Last year, Blue Moon and Silver Hound worked together to claim victory over one of the competitions.

It can be said that Blue Moon, this newly risen group, had a lot to play in securing their victory.

Their leader had a flexible mind.

And now, seeing him in action, many knew he was a true talent.

A special soldier in the making!


Although many complimented Rui, they still had a liver of anxiousness and cries in their bellies.

This time, will the Black Scorpion Brigade still claim one of the competition victories?

No one wanted their brigade to come last.

Every 2 years, the brigades got ranked according to their results and mission awards.

And this alone could tip the scale.

Son of b**ch!

Many restrained themselves from buying their handkerchiefs at their juniors on the screen.

Brigadier Jina was even more angry, seeing that this time, Black Scorpion had targeted her Brigade.

And the moment she saw Yan and his team successfully infiltrate and get a few steps away from her brigade control center, she was even more livid!

“Damn you, Rui! Are you trying to pick a fight with me? It’s not enough for you to rob me of this talent back then, but now, you dare to send him to my brigade?”

To get chosen and taken into a brigade, one has to prove their worth in the yearly competition.

From there, the Brigade masters all scramble for the best.

Yan was the youngest Lieutenant and the Youngest person to control a company such as Blue Moon.

This alone was enough to show his talents.

But back then, Jina had her eyes on him but lost a bet against Rui, who was adamant about taking Yan.


Jina gritted her teeth hatefully.

And Rui could only cough awkwardly, raising his hands to the air in defeat.

“Now, now, Jina, you can’t blame me, can you? This is a competition, and everyone’s brigade is bound to be attacked.”

“So, that’s your excuse?!” Nina narrowed her eyes at him.

“Fine! After this, you and me, outside! If I don’t beat you to a pulp, then I, Brigadier Jina, am not a woman!”

Landon and Lucius looked at the lively group, not daring to insert their input.

Invisible… Invisible…

No one wanted to upset Brigadier Jina.

To Landon, she was truly the reincarnation of the Chinese Zodiac Boar.

Hot-headed and ready for action!


Time went by smoothly; Landon was pleased with how the soldiers maneuvered the drones.

Already, he could see the advantages and disadvantages of all methods they came up with while using the drones.

Hmmm… Feedback would need to get sent, allowing them not to get over-dependent on these drones.

Many times, they focused on it too much, forgetting their surroundings for brief moments.

This was a flaw.

In the end, The Golden Eagle took victory over the competition, while the Black Scorpion Brigade came in 2nd!

Not bad…

For Jina, her brigade came in 4th.

There were 6 Baymardian Brigades.

All in all, London was satisfied with all he saw.

Drone testing completed.

Now they could use them out on missions.