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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1388

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New Main Missions

[Main Missions:

>Adonis is once again on the move. And this time, their focus is on Omania.

Task: Prevent them from successfully invading the continent.

Deadline: 11 months.

Punishment: Ripped apart in the void for 7 days.

>Sign a treaty with at least 1 Omanian Empire.

Deadline: 1 year.

Punishment: Reduction in overall strength by 20%.]


Landon looked at his main missions, inwardly planning his next moves in his mind.

First off, one should know that by the first week of August, he would be leaving for Zohl to save the boy who was blessed by nature.

By the time he got back, he would only have about a month and a half to chill before reading over to Omania.

Unlike Zohl, Omania was closer to Baymard.

Once again, Landon estimated that he would come to their aid by next winter.

There was no helping it.

He couldn’t be in 2 places at the same time.

He had to finish his impending mission in Zohl, whose deadline was nearing dangerously, by the way.

If there was anyone to blame, it would have to be those damn people who kept trying to assassinate the boy.

He had to deal with that, as well as establish a treaty with the boy before leaving.

Once he does so, that would be his breakthrough into Zohl.

He still had the other 13 Zohl empires to convince.

But at least, it was a start.

This was the month of May, and thus, he had 3 months and 1 week to prepare a team before leaving.

Landon sighed, taking his noon tea while waiting for a few people to see him.


The phone rang, waking him up from his stupor.

[“Your majesty, your 12:45’s are here.”]

“Hmm… Send them in.”

[“Yes, your majesty.”]

Landon subconsciously sat upright, watching all 6 people enter his office.

And after a brief salute, they took their seats.

Of course, Alicia, one of Landon’s many secretaries, also came in but sat a little further at the back.

Today, they were here for a brief follow-up meeting of no more than 30~45 minutes.


Flip. Flip. Flip.

Jotters and documents were flipped the longer the meeting carried on.

“Your majesty, here are the stats;

Regarding the Zombie virus, in the city of Yaxu, more than 99.98% of the volunteered patients reacted positively to treatment. As for the others, we are still conserving them to steady their cases. Although some in this group no longer show signs of extreme sweat release, we still aren’t too sure about their situations.” Doctor Pia stated.

That’s right.

She had just arrived from the contaminated zone.

And only after quarantining herself did she visit Landon.

Once the returning ship she was on was close enough to Baymard’s docks, they had to stay aboard for a week and a half.

And during this time, they were checked, inspected and made sure that they didn’t carry the virus.

And even when she passed the port and headed for her home, she was asked to stay another 3 days indoors.

So in total, she was quarantined for 2 weeks.

And during that time, she was checked and warned not to leave.

Of course, she was a doctor.

So she understood this fact more than anyone else.

And during this time, she wasn’t free either.

She spent her time on the phone talking to the many teams in Baymard, assisting them in understanding the notes and documents sent from the team back in Romain.


As many might know, it was only in mid-February that they distributed the cure to the many Romain teams.

She was on the ship heading to Romain.

And while there, she gave the treatments some time to show signs before speeding through the empire of Czar, going from infected city to city, town to town and village to village to gather result reports.

And from there, she headed straight back for Baymard.

What they focused on was how the patients reacted to the virus.

Each curing stage had to be checked.

It wasn’t until the patients got fully cured that one should begin patient documenting.


The moment the patients received the cure, they were observed diligently.

In particular, they began by observing the volunteered group of patients just as planned.

Luckily, the volunteer group showed immense signs of recovery.

Several weeks later, many of them no longer looked like sunken skeletal beings.

For sure… They did look pale from illness, but one could see that their body was plumper than before.

It was as though the food and nutrients they were taking in were finally getting absorbed.

What made many of these volunteered patients weep was that their jaws no longer cracked and felt broken when they chewed.

Their tongues did swell up, but the selling happened to go down in a week or 2.

Followed by the burst of flavor they taste whenever they are.

Before, all food tasted ashy in their mouths. But now, they felt like human beings again.


Pia not only collected reports but also saw a few patients for herself.

The pictures of the before, and the, them of now we’re too different.

The other looked like a juicy corpse and the latter like an average sickly person.

It was already evident that the cure was working well.

However, they still had 0.02% of volunteered patients that she didn’t see many striking changes from.

They only stopped sweating excessively. But chewing and doing other tasks were still burdening to them.

Maybe the treatment was slower in response for these people… Or perhaps it was ineffective.

Whatever the situation, they would have to keep a close eye on these victims and open a case study.

City by city, town by town, village by village, Pia and her team relayed the situation in each region.

And for each region, several pie charts were also done, simplifying the report further.

Landon nodded his head in satisfaction.


Everything was going according to plan.