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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1330

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1330

The Differences Between Them

“Move, move, move!”

In a flicker, all teams rushed like crazy.

Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock.

They had to get to their positions before the clock struck 1.

12:45 A.M.


Many began feeling their palms get sweatier and sweatier the closer time drew by.

For some, this was their first SSS-class mission. For others, they were still a tad bit experienced but dared not drop their guard down.

Josh frowned, peeking through the bushes.


His team had wasted time after splitting up with the others because of the many inconveniences that had been popping out time and time again.

They had just 10 more minutes to get as close as possible to their targeted location before releasing the smoke signal to the air team.

They had long broken out of the mid-slave quarters and were now the move.

That’s right.

The palace had slave quarters in every sector.

And maybe one might’ve chosen to pop in through the slave-quarters in the innermost sector of the palace, but from their scouting, such a move would be more challenging to pull off than entering via the mid or outer sector of the palace.

Again, if they had chosen to enter through the outer sector space quarters, it would take even longer to get past the mod and finally into the innermost sector.

They didn’t have much time on the clock. So far, they ran and walked for over 40 minutes to get into the inner sector.

Very quickly, a few men in Josh’s team took out many of the hidden guards hiding away.

A simple tranquillizer did the trick, making them feel mightily tired. And with their guard slightly lowered, the soldiers snuck closer and closer to their prey like lions.

They masked their killing intent before giving the enemy a final shot from their silencers and catching the bodies of their prey before they fell and made loud bangs.


The soldiers hide the bodies in relief.

As for those hidden high up on the few towering buildings they came across, if the range was accessible, like sharpshooters, they were quick to make their moves with the tranquillizers. And if they were just too high enough, they would just sneak around the enemies’ gazes using any ninja camouflage techniques they learnt.

Tick-Tock. Tick-Tock.

Josh and his team finally got to a close enough position initially intended.

This should do for now.


12: 55 A.M.

“Team Beta 03, reporting in. Docking for signal release. Over.”

With brisk sentences, Josh turned off the inbuilt walkie-talkie in his arm guard shield, lest he kept the communication open.

Like Buzz Lightyear, he had finally reported his situation to Star Command.


Josh leaned against a stone wall, taking in deep breaths before nodding at his men.

The soldiers smirked in understanding, taking out the many smoke signals on them.

And with fierce throws, they sent the little round balls flying into the open windows on the building a little distance away from them.

1, 2, 3…


A pinkish smoke erupted vigorously within the many windows in the building, causing the faces of those in the room to turn frighteningly pale.

And the next thing they knew, a sharp scream echoed out within the scene.

“Ahhhh~~… Fire! Fire! The building is on fire!”

What? Fire? Pinkish fire?

Those in the building were too shocked for words, with some diving through the windows like crazy.


What sort of sorcery was this? Why was the smoke all pink?

The targeted rooms were all too smokey and blinding that no one could make heads or tails of what sort of monstrous fire could cause such large amounts of smoke.

And this caused great panic, with many jumping through windows and rolling on the grassy ground in sheer anxiety.

But just when they were about to take a breather, the heavens seemed to be angered by their existence.


1 A.M.


A loud crackling sound echoed out, flowed by a dangerous heat that made them shower in horror.

Mommy… What was this?


A strong force yanked many back, sending them flying and slapping them mercilessly against the building walls.


A deep mushroom cloud of smoke had begun to form, changing from orange to black and finally white.

“Someone save me… My eyes… My eyes… I’m bleeding blood!”

The cries and squeals of many outside shocked those who were just about to find a way to flee from the fire within the building.

Some suddenly paused in their tracks and began doing the moonwalk away from the walls, windows and doors.

If Micheal Jackson back on earth knew this, he would no doubt end them for copying his moves down to a tee.

Say no more… Many weren’t that curious after hearing the heaven-shattering noises, accompanied by the many screams, cries and wails of their comrades.

But what made them shiver the more was that the floor they were standing on had begun trembling ever so slightly too.

This could only show how brutal the outside was.

For f***sake! They were in a stone building.

Yes… It might be a 2-floor building, but it was still a stone one nonetheless. So if it could rumble this much, then do you know how the outside world would be like?



The wooden frames on the window in one of the rooms shattered, and in came one of their comrades who was brunt whole.

“Take cover!” One of the men yelled before diving away to protect himself too.

The body flew in like a missile and rolled on the ground vigorously before smashing into the wall opposite the window.


The hit cracked the burnt man’s skull, killing him mercilessly… Yet no one could make a move to see things through.

“He… He… He’s dead! What the hell is going on?” One of the men went into panic mode, almost losing his mind from it all.

The burnt man’s outcome had mortified the man whole. Of course, what might be shocking was that 60% of them were still level-headed even after this.

Heh… They deserved to be Vietts. Unlike those in Pyno, such a scene wouldn’t mortify over 90% of them on the spot.

But for these Viets, though they were all terrified, a majority of them had regained consciousness, now thinking deeply of what to do next.

It was just that looking at the attacks that rained from the heavens, could it be that they would be able to defeat the Gods?

Terrible. Terrible!

They had to get cover and protect their little lives!