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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1312

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1312

A Kind Man

Java licked his lips playfully, watching these run-away slaves subconsciously try to hide their slave marks.

They were doing this without even knowing that they were secretly calling his attention to it instead.

A trained eye like his could spot their subtle moves easily. And so could a few of his men.

Good. Good. He promised his men to reward them with women and some good-looking men after they arrived.

In Morgany, they couldn’t touch those women or young boys at will, except when going to a pleasure home.

Tracking back from a long voyage, it was always customary for many men to spend the next few evenings frolicking with countless women.

This was something that not only himself but almost all men in this world did.

And as their leader, it would sometimes fall on him to find women for them. Typically, they would buy slaves and resell the surfing ones after using them as they pleased.

So seeing that one of the women had a slave mark on her lower neckline, Java immediately assumed that they were all slaves.

Good. Wasn’t this perfect? There were also a few young boys who weren’t bad-looking either.

Forget the dirt. Once cleaned up, these boys would look enticing and clean as porcelain. Some of his men preferred these sorts of boys instead. So why not gather the entire gang of 18, taking them for a pleasure ride orgy with his men?

Tonight, because they arrived later than expected, he thought he would have to wait till tomorrow before looking accomplished all he promised to his men once they came.

But who would’ve thought he would strike a gold mine on arrival instead?

Good… The heavens were working in his favor.

As for himself, he was too noble to sleep with such dirty lesser beings.

No… He would hold off until tomorrow and head to the pleasure house to get the most well-sought after damsel.

He deserved only the best of everything!


Java glanced at them deeply: “Where are you all from?”

“Sir… Our ship had a series of unfortunate events, and we’ve been sailing and drifting on the waters ever since then.” Josh said, clearly showing his cracked lips that looked like they were in dire need of some lip balm.

He had also added the effect of chalk and a little makeup to make it look slightly bleeding.

His lips, contoured sunken cheeks, and highlighted neck bones gave one the impression that he hadn’t eaten for days.

Yup! Just his look alone made his story more plausible. Not to talk of the slave mark Java spotted on one of the ladies and their strange and hideous boats.


Java turned his attention to the dock keeper: “How much do they owe?”

“Eh?… My lord, 1000 Copper coins (10 silver coins) per Night.”

“Oh?” Java knew it was unreasonable but was delighted instead. “That’s about right. And how long are they planning to stay here?”

Landon thinned his lips: “5 nights, my lord.”

“5 nights? In that case, you owe the man 5,000 copper coins, no?”

“Ye-ye-yes, my lord,” Josh replied, bowing his head pitifully. But deep down, he was still rolling his eyes heavenwards.

What a nosy person!


The corners of Java’s eyes creased gleefully. “Well, it’s only fair that you all pay the fee. After all, the dock keeper is just doing his job. I don’t know what lesser part of the world you’re coming from. But judging from your situation, it’s clear that none of you can afford It. But fortunately for you, you ran into me.”

Landon and the others cautiously glanced at him: “Sir, what do you mean?”

“It’s simple. I’ll be willing to pay and cover your debt. And in return, you have to follow me. My men and I just happen to need a few ‘workers’ after our tiring return. We have been out of touch in our own home for quite some time and still need some assistance after just arriving. So why not stay and work for me for the next few days until you’ve paid up your debt to me?”

Immediately, many began looking at these foreigners with envy in their eyes.

How great was it to work with Chariton Java?

If it were another none, one might get skeptical on the matter. But Java had a unique reputation, making many peasants want to work with him instead.

He was a unique character who knew how to make both the nobles and ordinary people like him. Not many could accomplish this feat. After all, nobles generally left a bad taste in the mouths of the common people.



Like so, many began whispering and gesturing for Landon and his gang to accept the offer immediately.

And maybe if they were ordinary, clueless peasants, they would be touched by Java’s kindness.

But who were they?

Landon sneered inwardly.

‘Since you want to be kind, then you better continue this act of yours till the end!’

“Sir, kind sir… Thank you so much for your offer. You are truly one of a kind.”

Java smiled deeply: “It’s nothing. Helping people like you is what I do regularly.”

“Yes. Yes.” Landon said, wiping his fake tears away. “Sir, it’s because of your immense kindness that I’m too touched right now.”

Java basked in the awe of the moment and waved his hands nonchalantly. “It’s okay… It’s okay.”

“No! No! Listen to me… It is not okay, sir!!!”


Tears flowed through Landon’s eyes as he began giving his oscar-worthy performance.

[Host, was it worth it to purchase tears from this system?]

‘Shut up!’

Landon raised his head, showing his swollen eyes for all to see. “Sir! Sir! Your actions have truly touched me! You are the only one who has been kind to us for a long time. So how can we take advantage of you?”


“No!… Say no more, sir! Dock keeper, we don’t want the boats again.”

“Eh? What do you mean?”

“I mean that we can’t afford to take advantage of such a kind person. So just drown the boats. We won’t pay, and we won’t let you scam the good Chariton!”

Drown the boats!

The gang nodded and left the scene heroically, leaving everyone else in a daze.


Erm… What just happened?

Java’s face was grim.

Dare to make him lose face?

“Follow them!”