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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1309

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1309

Mission T.P Activated

Landon woke up in the middle of the night, only feeling like cursing and screaming into the air like a shrew.

The number of notifications he received from William’s near-death battle was too many, as though he were receiving several phone notifications at once.

Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding. Ding!!!~


With his pillow over his head, crying with no tears. He has really suffered in this life.

After fluffing his pillow for the umpteenth time, he quickly closed his eyes and began counting sheep.

He had several long days ahead of him. So how could he afford to keep cutting his sleep like this?

Time flew by in a blink of an eye, and before Landon knew it, they were already around Dafaren’s perimeters.

Good… Finally, they could begin mission T.P.



The sea winds blew, and the atmosphere got slightly colder than usual.

The last couple of days had been rainy, showering faint droplets below.

The air was gloomy, hard, and filled with immense pressure.

Din. Din. Din. Din.

The soldiers and marines marched towards their respective stations, ready to suit up and head out or stay in!

1, 2, 3, 4… March, march, march.

Within the ships, their heavy footsteps thumped on the ground. His majesty had long given his speech, with them staying below deck.

That’s right.

Landon’s words echoed throughout all ship communications. And no matter where they were, they could hear it.

With that, the many brave men and women quickly headed out as instructed.

Landon and Josh walked into the control center of the main ship alongside several others.

-Military salute-


‘At ease.” Landon commanded. And very quickly, everyone else in the control room took their seats once more.

There were bigger things to worry about.

“Your majesty, Major General Josh, sirs… the stars aren’t visible, the clouds are foggy above, and just as predicted, tonight is darker with little to no moonlight shining on us… Captain Raymon stated.” That being said, tonight, the Air force units will be able to take off momentarily.”

Josh nodded while listening carefully.


The rains had given a little fear that maybe they wouldn’t be able to use the various air force units tonight.

But luckily, the drizzling rains seemed to stop this morning. And thanks to the Navy navigator, who was also taking weather related courses from the academy, he was quick to give a prediction on the matter.

From the rain gauge, the spinning wind arrow, the clouds and several other factors, there was a high chance that rain wouldn’t fall until tomorrow or well into the early mornings around 3 or maybe earlier.

So with this quick break from the rain, they had to cease the opportunity to send forth the air force teams as quickly as possible.

Josh nodded in satisfaction: “Good. Good… Keep watch on the weather. Inform the teams that the moment they sense any rain droplets, they are to head back fast!”

After all, hot air balloons were powered with ‘Hot air.’ It’s best not to get to the point when accidents could occur. Luckily, even though it’s been raining over the past few days, it hasn’t necessarily been windy. It was as though the Fall was trying to force itself early but was constantly getting defeated by Summer.

Yup. They still had a week and a few days before the summer ended.


Landon listened in and was secretly glad that his plans were based on the system’s weather report that he, by the way, bought with money.


Tilda’s coming of age was a few days after Summer officially ended. So you best believe that during that time, the rain would be the one beating them silly if they didn’t take it into account.

After all, their rescue mission involved hot air balloons. Meaning they had to fly at considerable times.

Thus, Landon checked the weather and was certain when making his plans.

During this rescue time, the rain seemed to lean more during the day. And at night, they would cease.

At times they would have to stop playing at 4 A.M, and at other times, they could successfully finish flying at 6 A.M. instead.

In short, since the night was their flying time, Landon had long dedicated how they would fly going forward.

In the end, Landon was also grateful that the rescue mission was at the end of summer/start of Fall.

Why? Because even the rains wouldn’t be harsh. The weather was still within the transition time, confused between summer and Fall.

Thus, they were at an advantage here.

However, if he delayed his plans by 2 days max, things would get ugly because the heavy rains would eventually fall in, making them take horses or carriages to flee.

Worst, they might have to stay hiding for extended periods, only waiting for a night when the rains or the finds won’t be heavy.

Of course, they could also wait for the Baymardian vehicles to rescue them. But that would blow their cover.

That’s why Landon wanted things to speed up and go according to plans.


Like so, Landon, Josh and several other influential people all had brief checks on the various operations for tonight.

Finally, it was time for them to head out too.

“Captain Raymond, remember… Stay undetected, and retreat if necessary.”

“Yes, your majesty.”

“Good.” With that, Josh and Dorian left the room.

They both wore sac-like clothes and had filth on their faces too. Their skin looked clumpy, and their lips looked parched and cracked from ribbing seawater on them.

With ruffled hair, lousy odor and several other changes, they looked like everyday peasants along the streets.

“Your Majesty, your copper coins.” Brain said while handing Landon his Rachel of coins.

That’s right.

Brian was also here as well.

What a joke! His majesty still had paperwork to complete.

Don’t think that while he was on this mission, he wouldn’t be doing his duties.

All the time he had been sailing, he had been working.

Landon looked at Brian, not knowing where to laugh or cry.

This guy was the sort of person that could chase him to the ends of the world and even stalk him in a bathroom to complete the paperwork.

Landon sighed and accepted his fate.

Who asked him to become ruler?

Landon placed the satchel of bound on his waist and took off with Josh.

Time to engage!

Mission T.P Activated!