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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1269

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1269

Enter Young Master Daymon!

Why come back now?

McClaine’s mind went spiral in action whenever he tried to brainstorm and theorize on Daymon’s return.

At the moment, he had already lost 4 of his most beloved sons to the Temple of Dragmus, who had decided to take down all powerful sons all at once.

At the time, they also aimed at Sirius. But luckily, Sirius’ friend, Landon, had come just in time to warm himself and Astar about the bastard temple.

His other sons were far away in their own territories, so it was near impossible to travel several months and warn them before the enemy struck.

McClaine had over 22 children, both men and women. But the first 5 princesses were his only priorities and the only ones he gave some amount of love to.

So seeing all 4 out of the 5 die just like that, his entire body felt as though he had been run over by a thousand horses.

To him, his other children… Except for the first 3 princesses, were just like strangers to him.

He had never even said so much as a single word to some.

And no doubt about it, he honestly couldn’t recall what many of them looked like.

With 5 official wives who could be called Queens and 2 concubines who went worthy enough to be called Queens, it could be said that he did his job at spreading his royal seeds out graciously.

Of course, he used to have 6 main wives, that is until mother Winnie was driven away by him.

Anyway, at the moment, 2 of his official wives and all 2 of his concubines had died… Mainly from poisoning, Haram scheming and whatnot.


Anyway, all 4 out of 5 sons he truly cards for died.

And even though his other unworthy sons and daughters were still alive, they were all too weak to sit in the position of Monarch.

So if for example, something happens to Sirius, the enemy would definitely be able to kick those worthless children of his aside and sit on the throne effortlessly.

And this was his worry because knowing that bastard cousin of his, he might try putting Daymon on the throne instead.

So was this their plan?

After all, Tenola was indeed a powerful place, and if this Daymon had great influence there, then many of the nobles might have to sway to his side in order to keep their heads intact.

Over time, Sirius had done a great job at slowly uniting several nobles to his side.

But there were still a few nobles that secretly hated the new rules reinforced into Yodan.

No slaves, no whipping people to death, no disturbing, no nothing.

Then how were they supposed to keep the reasons and everyone else fearful of them?

Fear was an excellent way to control the public into not daring to do what they, the nobles, didn’t want.

But now, these new rules started telling peasants and even slaves that they should deserve to be happy and live good lives?

What silly ȧss rules!

These nobles were grumpy after losing so much money by paying monthly wages to the slaves that they, by the way, bought for a few copper coins.

But during this period, what if Daymon made a move on him?

McClaine was so panicked that during today’s welcoming celebration, he had long sent his representatives to ‘on the surface’ show face and welcome his distant Nephew back to Yodan.

Like so, the entire estate was filled with people of all noble ranks, all curious to know more about this Young Master Daymon.


“Excuse me… Young master Daymon?”

A very soft voice called out, causing Daymon to turn around calmly.

And the figure he saw was that of a little girl of 16 or so, that looked just like a white rabbit in his opinion.

Raymond maintained his casting smile, but if one looked at his eyes deeply, they would realize that he was secretly looking at the girl in disdain.

That’s right.

To him, Pyno women were dogs and weren’t even deemed enough to carry his shoes.

So after spending time with real women (Tenola women), he had nothing but disgust for these barbaric women over here.

That is, he hated their complexion, which wasn’t as fair as those from Tenola.

And, he also hated blue and dark-skinned women as well.

Of course, Morg Women were more or less similar to Pyno women.

But rather than disdaining them, he still liked them because of their identity.

In other words, he would be merely managing if he was with a Morg woman.

Daymon had so much disgust in his heart and had also forgotten that inasmuch as he hated Pyno women for their complexion, his mother, as well as himself, looked exactly like the people he hated.

So he was a hypocrite with a complex!


“Yes, do you have anything you want to ask?”


The little girl instantly became lovestruck after staring at his face for a while.

Ahhh! So handsome!

She blushed while glancing at him shyly: “Young Master Daymon… Have you been with any women before?”

“Yes… I’ve been with women. So, would you like me to speculate on the number of women I’ve been with?”

“No! No!” She blurted out while turning as red as a tomato: “then that means you’ve already taken in a wife?”

Raymond glanced at her and broadened his smile: “No.”

“Then, are there any women waiting for you?”

“Hmmm. I imagine there are several waiting for me.” He said casually, before looking at her heatedly: “Yes. Several women want me. But I can only marry one.”


The girl’s mind went blacks with excitement.

Did Young Master Daymon think about her?

Raymond looked at her and sneered.

He just said what she wanted him to say.

Marry just one?

Impossible! He wanted to live like Tenola monarchs, with a haram of over 50 women.

So how could 1 be enough?


Everything he did was in preparation for his future plans.

Thinking of all his preparations, Daymon’s eyes shone even brighter than before.

So what if that long distant cousin of his had Baynard behind his back?

Could Baymard compete with the forces backing him in Tenola?


Soon enough, Yodan will be his!