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[Story] King of Technology – S01 E1166

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A Scary Future

The Arcadinians were too lost, as they still looked at the Baymardians with unfathomable expressions on their faces.

Another thing to note was that these were tall towering city walls… Just like the high walls of any city.

From the high tops, one could launch massive arrows, black powder or other weapons of mass destruction to those below.

The towering walls were as high as several other walls in medieval standard.

And as of now, it was impossible for one to be able to throw a hooked-rope way up to the top.

They hadn’t invented pulley system hook-launchers yet.

So to them, since no one could climb these slippery walls in the rainy time, then what was the point of over guarding it?

In all their years, no one has been able to do so for decades and decades to come.

Additionally, the slippery grass had grown so deeply rooted into the walls that it made the entire walls look like they were painted purple.

This grass was a weird grass that gripped on land the wetter it was.

It was like a possessed child not wanting to let go of its mother, the walls.

Thus, with all these points and the fact that no one had been able to scale the walls during winter or Spring, the guards around these parts were almost non-existent, with everyone focusing on the front city gates instead.

When Death’s men arrived a while back and entered the city to look around, they had long noticed that almost no guards were around these walls.

Maybe because of too much confidence.

Again, even without these strange men scouting around the city… On a regular day, the scouts belonging to Profus city also stayed around too, but nothing ever happened at these times.

Only a fool would think they would be able to scale the towering walls during these times.

Yes. The only outcome they could see for trying such a stupid was death!

But unbeknownst to them, there were several people outside the walls attempting this suicide mission calmly.

It was time to scale the unscalable.



Instantly, several roped hooks were shot towards the very top of the walls.


The hooks fell onto the walking paths at the top of the walls before finally getting pulled by and hooking onto the sides of the walls inside.

The way the upper walkable parts of the walls were built, one could see several gaps every 1 meter along the balcony-like tops.

This was also one of the reasons why medieval walls were often called curtain walls, with some calling them crown walls instead.

Again, there were some in modern times that called these walls Rooks because they looked just like the ‘Rook’ chess pieces.

Yes. The upper regions always had gaps, like crowns.

And depending on the wall designs, these gaps could be made smaller or wider.

Those on the tree firmly pulled on multiple times to ensure it was safe before finally jumping, letting their launchers in their hand swing towards the men below.

Jillian and the rest caught the launchers and once again pulled onto the ropes before gesturing for Death and those in the other teams to step forward.


Now, it was time to scale the walls!

The look the Arcadinians gave the Baymardians was priceless.

‘Erm… Excuse me, brothers… Are you all okay in the head?’

When these people said they had a way of calling the fence, the Arcadinians thought that these people had found a crack in the walls or something.

But who knew that they literally wanted to do what millions had tried and failed?

In the rainy periods, the wall was a No-No!

So, where was this grand idea coming from?

Oh, my ancestors! These Baymardians were insane!


Very quickly, the Baymardians secured several ropes around everyone to ensure their safeties.

Now, it was as if they were about to scale a mountain.

After every Baymardian, there would be an Arcadinian right behind them.

The Arcadinians might be new to this.

So if any of them slip up or fall at any point, the Baymardians would react faster and deal with the situation quickly.

Likewise, if it were a Baymardians that made a mistake, it wouldn’t be fatal too, since there were other Baymardians at every interval too.

In short, both sides would look out for each other on the line.

Killian strapped on, and Death stepped behind him.

And following after death was another Baymardian, another Arcadinian, etc.

Like so, the first wave of men were now ready to ascend.

Death held the thin but sturdy ripe with so many questions in his mind.

Of course, he wasn’t afraid.

And to be honest, he didn’t fear dying at all.

In fact, such an experience pumped adrenaline into his bloodstreams, making him a little excited as well.


This was the first time in his life that he realized that one could shoot ropes hooks to the tall, high and mighty Walls around the cities.

If a person ever told him it was possible, he would laugh and lock them up in a Looney bin.

But facts have proven that this world was truly a strange place.

He had been shocked with the Baymardian locks back in the Capital city.

But this one sure did take the cake.

The reason for his shock about the locks was that he had been stuck when training with them.

That’s right.

As a person who is the number one ȧssassin in Arcadina and even within Pyno as a whole, how could he claim to be number one when he can’t break through these defences around the locks?

Now, breaking into places was getting harder because of the alarms from the licks.

Any slight shake, and they go off.

He had now made it a priority that Lock picking should be ȧssassin 101.

But the problem was that even with locks that didn’t have alarms, they didn’t even know how to pick or destroy the locks.

And from what he gathered, several licks had different patterns within.


Being an ȧssassin or spy these days was getting more complex and challenging by the day.

Death followed behind Killian while sighing deeply.

The future sure was scary.


Like so, the men all scaled the wall amidst their initial shock.

Finally, they were on the walls!