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[Story] King of Technology – S01 E1152

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This Chapter Was The Bloodiest?


Now go give them hell before we move on!”​​

“Yes, sir!!”

With that, all 4 men dashed towards their leading teams regrouping with those they took charge of.

Instantly, the backup/stationary units took over the battleground, releasing all that they had as fast as they could in alternation.

~Thup! Thup!

~Boom! Boom! Boom!

The arrows rained, followed by the thunderous sounds clapped out again as the first backup unit made their shot.

“Move! Move! Move!”

And immediately, like an engineering project supervisor, someone was there to guide the men into rolling more stones closer to the Boulder Carrier.

The men got close enough and secured the boulder within the large chain-like web that lifted it up to just the right height, before dropping the stone in the spoon-like region of their catapults.

It was just a foot or 3 away from the ground, so they didn’t have to lift it all the way up.

All this happened in a blink of an eye.

And once the second backup unit shot, it was their turn again.

Of course, even though the shooting patterns were constantly changing, they always created enough offloading time.

Yes. If the boulders weren’t ready yet, they would begin shooting the arrows.

And in the meantime, since the central battle units had no arrows, they quickly lit all their Ballistas without delay.


Without a doubt, they were 70% confident in winning this war.

So even if they won this war in the end, they were afraid that along the line, an enemy might escape with the knowledge they saw here.

That’s why they destroyed them all!

Additionally, Terique wasn’t too strong on its own as of now.

So it was always best for the enemy to keep looking down on them.

Because if the enemy didn’t underestimate them and truly came prepared, their chances of winning would drastically be reduced.

Thus, the men poured the remaining tar on the ballistas and took out their lighters once more.

The ballistas were already made of wood.

So with the tar added, it all but created a large fire around the ballistas.


The crackling sounds of the wood going down echoed out as the fire around the ballistas was so thick that one couldn’t even see the wood at this point.

And in the meantime, the battle unit catapults and Boulder carriers were already being pulled away to get burnt a little further off too.


Of course, they had something more interesting in mind.


The Battle units all rolled the boulders towards the edge of the slope and waited for the signal patiently.

They were waiting for the backup units to finish their rounds of shots, until all arrows were exhausted.

And when that was done and over with, the backup units did their own siege weapon burning away from the edge too… Before rolling up their stones and joining the straight Boulder line.

Now, everyone was locked in position.

But those below the slope still advancing, all had grim faces, as if waiting for the end of the world to commence.


His eyes lost focus for a while, looking at the entire place before finally settling on the grounds.

Too bad they were icy and hard, or else making a hole in them would’ve been the best-case scenario here.

However, he still wouldn’t have had the time to create one unless he was a God that could make a deep enough hole in just a few seconds.

But how could he give up like this?

So far, they had advanced from where they were earlier on, with many dead.

And now, they were so close to the bastards ahead.

Mikel believed that once he passed them, then all this drama would eventually come to an end.

All he wanted to do was get to the city on levelled ground as fast as he could.

Sure. They might have other tricks down their sleeves.

And he didn’t believe that the enemy would destroy their own city by letting these weapons loose there.

Additionally, he didn’t believe that they would be better at close-range attacks than them.

So all they had to do now was pass the level of close-ranged attacks.

He was very sure that soon, the backup teams would then join in and make these savages pay for all they had caused to them.

It was hard to believe.

But because they were being shot from the sides and the fronts, they had been trapped like rats.

And one shouldn’t forget that they couldn’t go down either since these boulders were headed downwards too.


As a rule of thumb, it was always advisable to keep one’s eyes on their opponent.

Remember, the chaos was everywhere, with many people dying due to their comrades.

Even a simple tripping action could cause another person to die.

The most annoying thing was that when the battle initially began, these savages all launched boulders at the groups with shields.

That’s right.

They completely broke them down, making sure that everyone dripped their shields.

And whenever they saw a shield being raised, they would target that region, trying to suppress them as hard as possible.

Thus, those with shields found themselves flattened.

It was a truly gruesome sight to behold.

And since the battle began, if Mikel had to estimate, he would say that 6/10 of their forces were destroyed… Leaving them with just 4/10.


That was how much carnage these bastards caused.

But even at that, when the backup teams join in, then 4/10 should go to 5/10 or so, no?

Thinking like this, they had to pass this long-ranged attack path and get to the city fast!

But to do that, they first had to take care of their current predicament.


Mikel looked at the white grounds for a bit before gritting his teeth in rage at the numerous stones at the top.

These bastards were lining up the boulders and would no doubt release them any moment from now.

But no matter how similar in size and weight these boulders are… some are still bound to be a little heavier than the rest, and vice versa.

Additionally, the slope’s terrain wasn’t exactly the same everywhere.

So some places will make the boulders move faster while others will make them go a little slower than the rest.

Meaning, even if they got rolled down the slope all at once, some boulders would go ahead, creating little spaces between them which they could use to strategically dodge.

That said, one shouldn’t think that the dodging space between them would be large.


They only had one window to get things right.

Because as he said, they should only vary in weight by a tiny bit.

That said, they had to go through the spaces as quickly and efficiently as they could.

Just one single mishap could cost their lives.

Of course, those at the forefront of the surging army were the ones to worry about this.

As for those in the centre or the very end, without a doubt, the balls will deviate a little from their paths, maybe because they crushed someone and shifted a bit.

So those at the middle and end were on a different ball game when it concerned this matter.

Understanding things like this, Mikel briefly yelled out a short summary of his thoughts.

And like so, the message got passed to those at the front of the remaining army.

Likewise, some battlefords also had the same thoughts as well and had long passed it on too.

With Adonis by their sides, they can do this!


All this had been going on when the boulders were lined up.

And now, with all Siege weapons on fire and all arrows exhausted, the Teriquens on the slope were finally ready to move on.

That’s right.

They wanted to get to Phase 2.

So without wasting any more time, the signal was given, and the boulders were off!

Bam-Bam-Bam… Brrrmmmmmm~~~

Like a horse race, they took off with each competing with another.

First, it was Dasher!


Dasher took the lead but was soon overtaken by Prancer, who had picked up momentum while passing through one of the steepest areas on the slope.


The race was fierce, with some boulders even bobbing a few inches off the ground now and then too.

Which will get to the finish line at the docks?

Which will be the winner?

More importantly, which one will end up being the bloodiest?

All viewers are expected to stay tuned until after the commercial break.

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