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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1135

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1135

Good Name!


Lucius stormed in very quickly and gently reached for the sweaty mother Kim affectionately.

“You’ve worked hard.”

On hearing this and seeing how sticky Lucius was, Mother Kim didn’t know whether to laugh or cry: “Fool… Aren’t you going to see your daughter?”

Lucius’s eyes suddenly lit up as he turned around to see the baby, who was already surrounded by Mother Winnie, Grace, Lucy, Momo, Linda, Ren and a few others.

“Oh my heavens! So cute!

Her jaws are so puffy and squishy like raised dough.”

“Bahahahahha! Did you just compare the little princess to flour? Well, she is soft, so maybe it’s true.”

Ren nodded his eyes and stared at the beautiful blue-eyed girl before him.

And as if feeling his gaze, she suddenly opened her clear eyes at him, showing a look of confusion that genuinely shocked him.

Wait. That’s not right.

This was a baby. So maybe he saw it wrong.

Nonetheless, the little girl was truly a stunner right from the oven.

She was just too cute and looked like a doll.

Blue-hair blinked and tried her best to clear her eyes.

But for some reason, her entire vision was blurry.



She couldn’t see the faces clearly, but could at least make out their shapes, figures, and silhouettes.


For babies, it was as if someone had placed a but filter over their eyes.

Well, she couldn’t see people that clearly, but to some degree, she could see objects better than people… Like the shiny things around the room.

She hadn’t seen them detaily, but she was sure that they weren’t made from stone.

And the feel of the cloth was so soft and fluffy, unlike the grass, leaves, tree backs, animal carcass, and sack-like clothes she used to wear.

It was all too soft, so much that it made her very tempted to fall asleep.

But she refused to give in and kept her eyelids up as if fighting with herself.

However, she didn’t know if it was just her imagination, but even if babies were generally weak compared to a.d.u.l.ts… She felt like when comparing it to other babies, she might be a tough nut to crack here.

That’s right.

She felt that she might be a little too powerful for a baby.

Of course, what she didn’t know, was that she had indirectly received divine strength from her genes

That’s right.

Because Mother Kim and Lucius both gained strength from the system, their child also gained divine strength too.

The same case could be said for any other close person around Landon that he blessed.

From what the system said, from generation to generation, the strength passed on should diminish until it finally disappears within one generation.

So maybe the next generation would only get 98% of what this one had.

The fraction varies and maybe after 70~100 generations, it might disappear altogether.

But there was a loophole in the matter.

If both parents were blessed, like the case of Lucius and Mother Kim, then their children would get their full strength.


Likewise, down the line, if their children marry another child who came from a blessed home, the strength could be retained a bit more too.

Of course, Landon didn’t plan to let anyone know about these things because maybe after 20 or 40 generations when they are all dead and gone, some stupid person would start making laws for blessed people to only marry blessed people, forcing people to marry out of the circle.

Nope. This secret would die with him.

Even though Landon was now trying to polish the world, throughout history… Be it past, present or future, there would always be a particular group of people forcing others to marry the ones chosen by them.

Even in Morden times, wealthy families married for business merging, fame, nobility, etc.

So with all these reasons, he didn’t want to add to it all by letting them know about the loopholes of the ancestors he blessed via the system.

The whole thing would definitely end and due down after several generations returning to typical human strength.

And historians would be baffled by the stories of war, probably thinking they were exaggerated.

Yup. That was how it was supposed to be.


Blue hair heard all the voices around her and was shocked that they spoke the same language as she did back in her previous world.

Listening to them, she knew her new family was her family. And it seemed that she had come into a very loving home.

Very quickly, she was suddenly carried by a tall man and placed within the bosoms of a woman lying on some strange bed.

And the moment she stayed in the woman’s blossom, she felt her warm embrace, making her smile subconsciously.

“Look! Look! She’s smiling!”

Tsk. Mother Kim’s genes were truly strong.

If not for a few keen features, one wouldn’t be able to tell that the baby’s father was Lucius.

Of course, Lucius wasn’t offended at all.

After all, he would very much prefer that his daughter grew up to be cute just like her mother.

Look! She did have a few of his features, and even if they didn’t show now, they would definitely grow in like horn-Wolf red Dalmatians did later on.

Yes. That was how babies worked.

They had been thinking about her name for 4 months now and had finally decided on one.

Lucius looked at mother Kim and his daughter lovingly.

“Her name is Kora… Princess Kora.”

Everyone’s eyes lit up as they watched her gently close her heavy eyes again.

“Little Kora, welcome to the family.”


Landon, who had been anxiously watching the entire scene from afar, couldn’t help smiling in relief.

Well, everyone went well.