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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1034

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1034

Stranger Danger!

Looking at Avery made Ezenia feel like puking.

But she resisted the urge while inwardly cursing the cheap whore.

Meanwhile, Avery had already started thinking of how to get Henry to do her bidding.

After her daughter had latched on to him a bit, she would then make her move.

Oh dear, what should she wear?

She looked at Ezenia and smiled broadly.


As of now, we’ll wait for his majesty Henry to arrive at the Capital.

The moment the spies send word, you’ll have to make a move on him fast before that sl** in the 3rd son’s family makes her own move too.

Trust me… There are too many people looking at a good powerful man like King Henry.

So for mother’s sake, you have to do your best!”

Ezenia inwardly scoffed in disdain: ‘You would like that. Wouldn’t you b**ch.’

“Yes, mother. I’ll do my best.”

Avery grinned merrily: ” Good. Good. Good. You just do your best! Soon, it wouldn’t be long before you have him wrapped around your middle finger. Just remember that his majesty Henry is the only one suitable for you and not the disposed Prince Ulrich. Daughter, I hope you understand your mother’s words. I won’t accept any man other than him.”

“Hmhm… Daughter understands. I think he’s the best match for me.” Ezenia said shyly, with a hint of blush on her face.

Seeing this, Avery knew that she could rest her worries peacefully: “Alright. Look at the time? I’ll leave you to your meal. So just keep looking at that portrait and thinking of our future. Soon, you will be Queen, and I will be Queen Mother!”

With that, Avery stood up and left the room, closing the door shut.



Ting. Ting. Ting. Ting.

The entire room was silent, with only the sounds of Ezenia’s cutlery and dishes singing softly.

She ate for a while, slowly chewing her food and drinking the Baymardian can juice.

She had to admit that even though she found these Baymardians to be nosy busy-bodies, she had to admit that their products were top-notch and damn tasty.

After opening a can of orange juice and pouring it into her glass, she slowly sipped on it, enjoying the explosive party of flavours taking place in her mouth.


The taste almost took away her pain and registration from earlier on.

As expected of a product that was highly recommended by the ‘Society Ladies.’

In short, it was an open society created to show off people’s daughters and wives.

Many picked future daughters-in-law through the event.

And this was also how they could rank the most beautiful, gifted and so on.

A noble lady who didn’t attend was akin to a nobody.

She had to admit that all the Canned orange juice they recommended was too tasty and spectacular.

To her, it was even better than the apple juice she tasted earlier on.

After eating calmly for a while, one of her Clouds soon appeared yet again.

“Mistress. She’s gone.”

“Hmmm,” Ezenia responded before suddenly getting up and pushing all dishes to the ground fiercely.

“Bloody B**ch!

Just seeing her face makes me want to rip it out with a knife!!!!”

Crash! Crash! Crash!


The loud earth-shattering sounds startled the maids standing outside the door, making their hearts skip a beat.

Sweat quickly formed on their forehead as their legs turned to jelly.

F***! Their young lady sure was scary.


Thinking of everything, Ezenia couldn’t help blaming Henry as well.

It was all that son of a b**ches fault!

And now, Ulrich was taken to some faraway place that she had no clue of.

This year was supposed to be their shining year.

They were so close to tasting victory.

But the bastard ruined everything!

If she had known, she would’ve killed him herself all those years back.

What a f***ed up situation!

Standing amidst the pile of broken items, Ezenia ran her fingers through her hair with a cold glint in her eyes: “Clouds!!!”


“Yes, mistress.”

“I’ve changed my mind.

We can’t wait any longer.

Tell Former Queen Lilian that I’ll do it.

Now go!!!”

“As you wish, mistress.”

With that, her hidden bodyguard vanished, passing through the balcony door and shutting it again.

Ezenia picked up the only cup she hadn’t thrown to the ground and continued enjoying her orange juice.

Before the Summer of next year, King Henry will fall!

The entire room soon regained its former quiet.

But suddenly, there was a loud bang on her balcony door.



Ezenia tightened her grip on her glass and swiftly turned her head, and squinted her eyes coldly at the balcony door.

Wait… Something wasn’t right!

She slowly backed away, with her eyes still on the wooden balcony door while deep in thought.

One of her Clouds had just left through the balcony to deliver her message to Ulrich’s mother, former Queen Lilian.

So it definitely wasn’t him.

Her Clouds would never knock.

Again, this was her balcony on the 2nd floor that faced the private garden area within the courtyard.

So not just anyone could be around here.

That still begs the question.


Who was it?

Was she in any danger?

“Cloud 2, go check it out!”


Like that, another Cloud stealthily maneuvered towards the balcony doors vigilantly.

He opened the doors and rolled out on the terrace, looking left, right, front, back, up and down at all times, hoping to see anyone.

But sadly, not a single shadow was at sight.

And after observing for a bit, he was just about to go back in when he suddenly saw something that made his pupils dilate.

A letter?

Someone had definitely been here!!!!