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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1015

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1015

The Escape!

Very quickly, Trey accelerated swiftly, making Windsor and the gang hold on to the rails while struggling to fight.

Hell. Their Admiral’s driving was just too crazy.

Luckily, they hooked themselves to one of the railings so they wouldn’t get thrown overboard.



The enemies on board found themselves in the water, while others hit their skulls hard against the railings and other parts on deck.


Was this guy trying to kill them?

… The answer would be yes.

Seeing Trey circle around crazy, Jimosen and Linvor gritted before yelling at everyone else.

“Don’t just stand there!

Tell everyone to tighten the formation.

Leave him no room for escape!

And the rest of you onboard should get on that ship immediately!

I don’t know how you’ll do it, but he needs to be done now!

And what are the archers still standing around for?

Even though we planned to use all our battle weapons for the main Baymardians forces, losing a few arrows wouldn’t affect our victory.

So shoot those 6 hanging outside now!!”

With that, the dragia quickly yelled out through the megaphones, and others who heard it on different sh.i.p.s, yelled out the order to the other sh.i.p.s too, spreading the orders through the fleet.

And soon, others on nearby sh.i.p.s stood at the edge, aiming to jump onto the Baymardian ship if it got near them.

Sure, they might break a few bones… But they didn’t think the fall would kill them, right?

At the same time, some also stood close to the edge to predict and shoot all 6 Coast guards at the front of the Baymardian ship.

“Shoot them! Shoot them! Short them down!!!”


Thup! Thup! Thup! Thup! Thup!

The air became tense as chaos filled the place.

Trey danced along the water while avoiding the many men who tried to jump into the deck from the nearby sh.i.p.s.

At the same time, he tried his best at steering and keeping the arrows from touching all 6 at the front.

Some arrows missed them by the hair, while others landed on the ground inches away from their feet.

With the movements of his ship, coupled with the constant changing winds out on sea, hitting those 6 men would be hard but not impossible.

Of course, some arrows were spot on.

But luckily, since the men were still fighting some dragias on deck, they used their bodies as shields instead.

At this rate, it wouldn’t be long before an arrow hits them.

‘Come on. Come on. Come on. Come on…’ Trey silently said in his heart while avoiding all the dangers around.

And soon, the ropes were all cut.



Instantly, the massive wooden frames tried to the other ends of the ropes didn’t follow the ship anymore.

Heh. Now, nothing was holding them back.


With their mission completed, all 6 rushed back towards the Control Tower while fighting a few others.

But just when they thought they were fine, an arrow launched by Linvor, pierced through Winsor’s left shoulder.

Linvor smirked proudly, while back on the Baymardian ship, Windsor felt like sh**.



The gang quickly pulled him forcefully, dragging him into the Control Room.

Trey squinted his eyes dangerously when he saw Windsor’s gruesome injury.

Windsor had been the last one to get in, as he held a dead enemy as a shield while covering for everyone else.

“Everyone! We first need to get out of this situation.

Jina! Get Windsor some water now.”

“Yes, Admiral.”

“The rest of you carefully strap him in, along with yourselves.

We need a still and stable environment to administer first aid diligently around the arrow on hos shoulder.

So we can’t treat him yet until we get out of here.

We should be out of this Formation in 3 minutes tops!

Windsor! How do you feel? Do you think you can handle it till then?”

Windsor gritted his teeth painfully and forced a dry laugh out: “Admiral. Is it okay if I curse while on duty?”

Trey smiled: “alright. I’ll permit just this once.”

“Thank you, Admiral…

F*! Son of a bch!

It hurt like hell!

Damn! When was the last time I ever received an arrow shot?

That should be close to 5 years ago.

Ahhhh… It’s still as painful as ever.

Admiral. I’ll be able to hold on.

I didn’t die when I was shot by an arrow all those years back. So why should I not be able to take it for just a few minutes?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes, Admiral. I’m fine.” Windsor said as sweat quickly formed on his face.

His body was constantly fighting to stabilize things.

And he started feeling lightheaded and weak.

But, he knew that they had to first get out of here before things got worse.

It shouldn’t be long before the Navy gets here.

But it would be stupid for them to be in here sitting duck when they had a perfectly good chance of escaping.

It was just that the way Trey drove, he really wanted to throw up.


Everyone chuckled and hurriedly strapped themselves after securing Windsor.

“Admiral, don’t worry about this one. He has too many lives.”

“Yeah. And don’t even think you’ll be able to die without finishing our game back at the base.”

Everyone kept the atmosphere up and spoke continuously to keep Windsor awake.

‘Hold on, bro… We’ll soon be out in no time.’

Seeing that everyone was secured, Trey started driving dangerously close to the edges of the massive dragia sh.i.p.s, passing through the cracks and openings.

Jimosen who saw this, slapped the back head of one of the dragias beside him.


What the heck are those fools doing?

Didn’t I say that you should spread the word for the other sh.i.p.s to sail closer to each other, closing the cracks and openings around?”

“Private, I did. I issued out your orders, and they replied that they understood.


Some of the sh.i.p.s are now tightening the spaces between them.

It should be that the slaves had just heard about it now!”

Jimosen turned his attention to the sh.i.p.s and clenched his fist in determination.

They had to trap these bastards in here!

Seeing the sh.i.p.s closing in towards each other, Jimosen visibly relaxed.

It seemed that they should be able to succeed soon.

But how could it be that easy?