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[Story] King Of Technology – S01 E1014

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1014

The Angered Dragias

After adjusting everything, Trey gripped the lever and held it right.

Here goes nothing.


Instantly, the ship reversed so fast, throwing almost everyone on the ship onto the water.



Trey reversed the ship towards its left, which caused too much force on one of the ropes.

On the enemy ship, some of the dragias had already noticed this problem.

“Primates! Primates! The wooden railings attached to one of the ropes is threatening to break.

Before sliding to the enemy’s ship earlier on, we had secured it around 3 wooden railings.

But now, it’s threatening to break!”


Linvor and Jimosen looked at each other in dismay.

“Quickly! Get more rope immediately and tie it to the main rope.

From there, secure the ripe on more railings and other structures around the ship.

Well, what are you waiting for? Move! Move! Move!”

The dragia who reported the matter left hurriedly to do as he was told.

This was the first time that they had ever faced such a problem.

Typically, the rope they tied to swing to the enemy’s sh.i.p.s always stayed in place.

And could only be destroyed if the enemy cut the rope with a knife to prevent them from crossing over.

Forget it! They were sure that no one, not even the pirates, had faced such a scenario.

A massive chick of their wooden ship was threatening to detach itself and fly away.

So how could they not be scared?

Do you know how much it’ll cost for maintenance?

More importantly, in this Fall season that’s coming to an end, welcoming winter… this ship would have leaks and floods due to this problem.

Luckily, only one ship was affected.

And the fact that they would soon take over Baymard, made them feel that it wasn’t so bad.

At least, they could do any other repairs after.


“Everyone! Get ropes! Get more ropes!

Don’t let railings break!”

Chaos quickly filled the place as everyone started running around, doing the best they could to help out.

Too bad their efforts all went in vain.

Because the moment the announcement was made, everyone could hear a loud breaking sound.


Their faces turned pale, and their hearts sunk deeper.


A large chunk of wood, about 4 feet wide, quickly broke free from the ship in a flash.

In the end, the overly thick rope was still the victor.

Trey, who had successfully pushed all the ‘zombies’ away from his view, looked out the front glass and smiled when he saw the wooden structure following them in the water.

Heh. Things weren’t over yet.

He quickly moved in another direction, breaking free from the last time too.

With that, he stopped reversing.

Good. The show can finally begin.

“Windsor, Jina, Carl, Maito, Zoka, Leah!

The 6 of you will go out there and cut the rope. We don’t want these massive wooden pieces following us around. It’ll be our downfall.

2 people can focus on cutting the rope, while the other 4 will keep them safe.

Figure things out yourselves.

Now go!

And remember, there are still a few dragias out on the deck.

So move carefully.

And, make sure to take the safety rock climbing ropes at the emergency box over there.

I want everyone properly secured to each other.

We don’t want any of you falling off the ship, now do we?”

The 6 nodded: “Yes, Admiral.”

With that, all 6 un-strapped and hastily stood next to the door.”

Trey looked at the green glowing button before him before briefly glancing back at them.

“Preparing to open the door in 3…2…1…”


The door automatically opened, and all 6 came face to face with a few Dragias… most of which were lying on the floor.

The moment the last person stepped out, Trey shut the door tightly.

Now, it was all up to them.


The moment the door opened earlier on, someone who had been latching on to the door handle, quickly attached them.

Windsor quickly kicked the person back with his legs, sending them rolling like a bowling ball, hitting a few who wanted to stand up and fight.


The battle was on.

Seeing that everyone was trying to find their center of gravity from the abrupt steadiness of the ship, the gang dashed forward to the front, attacking those who dared to stand up or leave their support.

~Bam. Bam. Pah. Pah.

“You all die for me!”

One of the dragias angrily left the metal railings he held onto at the side of the ship, and quickly ran towards Windsor with a dagger in his hand.

But Windsor ducked to the side, grabbed the hand holding the dagger as if he wanted to dance…. before using his other hand to grab his opponent’s shoulder and kick his belly 4 times, making him arch over in pain.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!” The dragia yelled in pain every time he was kneed in the belly.

But that wasn’t the end of his beatings.

Windsor then let go of the man’s shoulder, flexed his arm and delivered a downward blow with his elbow, directly on the dragia’s shoulder blade.


F***! It hurt like hell.

It hurt so much that his grip on his dagger loosened, which gave room for Windsor to seize it.

“Damn you!” The dragias barked in rage.

But Windsor couldn’t care less and hurriedly threw the guy overboard.


Just like that, everyone fought their way to the front.

Fortunately, there weren’t many people who had stabilized themselves yet.

So they were quick.

And the moment they secured the bungee cords around their waists to the railings at the front, they did ‘okay signs’ towards Trey, who was now watching them from the glass window.

Good. They were all secured.


“You bastards! We’ll get you!

We’ll get you even if it’s the last thing we do!”

The enemies on deck looked at the 6 as if looking at dead people.

With that, they all rushed towards the 6 Coast guards like crazy.

Trey watched their actions and couldn’t help chuckling up a bit.

It was now his favourite part of the game.

This should be fun.