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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2184

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2184


Facing the insane amounts of lightning energy coming from the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool, Huang Xiaolong pushed his three complete dao saint godheads to the limit to devour the incoming energy.

As he crazily sucked in the lightning energy coming from the lightning pools, Huang Xiaolong’s strength started to increase at an insane rate. Two hours barely passed when the aura around Huang Xiaolong strengthened once again.

Along with his unending refinement of the lightning energy around him, the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool slowly floated towards Huang Xiaolong. Revolving around Huang Xiaolong like the other eight chaos lightning pools, it started to devour the lightning energy present in the space outside the 33 heavens.

Half a day passed.

With the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool as the center, the other eight pools started to revolve around it. All eight lightning spirits seemed to be a part of the lightning beast born from the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool as they gathered together.

The eight lightning spirits started to disappear as they slowly fused.

In the past, Huang Xiaolong had failed to fuse all eight lightning pools even though he had gained complete control over them. It seemed like there was some sort of repulsion among them, but the moment the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool appeared, the repulsion disappeared. With nothing left to stop them, all the lightning pools started to fuse.

Every time a lightning spirit was absorbed by the lightning spirit born from the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool, it would turn a little brighter as the lightning that illuminated it would increase in intensity.

As the lightning spirit swallowed all the other eight spirits, the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool started to transform. Huang Xiaolong discovered that another type of lightning energy flowed into his body.

It was completely different from the lightning energy he had absorbed from the first eight lightning pools he had obtained.

It was several times stronger than any type of lightning energy produced by the eight chaos lightning pools!

In the distance, the rulers of the Heavenly Saint Country and Mighty God Heavenly Country stared at Huang Xiaolong with a face full of shock. The aura around Huang Xiaolong was increasing without any signs of stopping!

“The Lord… Isn’t this a little too exaggerated?” The Heavenly Saint Ruler stuttered as he stared at Huang Xiaolong incredulously. No matter how hard he tried, he failed to calm himself down.

In less than a day, Huang Xiaolong broke through to the peak of the early-Seventh Order Sovereign Realm!

The Mighty God Ruler felt his throat going dry as he stammered, “If this keeps up, wouldn’t the Lord enter the mid-Seventh Order Sovereign Realm in another day?!”

As though confirming his guess, Huang Xiaolong’s body started to shake violently after three hours. Without the slightest bit of obstruction, Huang Xiaolong entered the mid-Seventh Order Sovereign Realm!

That wasn’t all. Only six lightning pools had fused into the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool, and there were still the lightning spirits of the Blue Wood Lightning Pool and Black Sea Lightning Pool remaining!

After absorbing six lightning spirits, the lightning spirit of the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool was stronger than ever. Bolts of lightning that shot out from its body pierced through the void as it illuminated god knew how many miles of space. From afar, it was as though the bolts of lightning were formed during the creation of a world.

The lightning spirit of the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool had already turned twice its size as the bolts of lightning it emitted shone with seven different colors.

Another half a day passed.

It finally swallowed the final two lightning spirits and in that instant, the nine lightning spirits were fused permanently!

A pillar formed with lightning piercing through the space outside the 33 heavens in the instant the lightning pools fused together and it parted the ever-present chaos qi in the space around it.

All the lightning qi in the space outside the 33 heavens seemed to be attracted to it as the pools started to fluctuate nonstop.

No matter which heavenly country it was and no matter where they were on the Heavens Path, flashes of lightning lit up the entire world. Every single person from every single heavenly country, ancient race, or hidden sects stared towards the Golden Lightning Mountain Range.

The members of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country and Heavenly Terror Country, who were trying to destroy the barrier of lightning around the Lightning Origin Divine Tree, stopped.

“What’s going on?” Dong Cheng exclaimed in surprise. “Could it be that the strength of the restrictions around the gates of the 33 heavens have become stronger?”

The Giant Kun Ruler looked at the fluctuating lightning qi around him and a frown slowly formed on his face. “That shouldn’t be related to the restrictions around the gates of the 33 heavens.”

“What else could it be?” The Giant Kun Prince asked, “Could it be that an absolute treasure of the lightning element has born in the space outside the 33 heavens? Only a saint artifact would be able to cause such a huge disturbance…”

The Giant Kun Ruler shook his head as the look in his eyes deepened. It seemed as though his gaze could pierce through everything between them, but the only thing he saw was a sea of lightning qi raging through the lands.

“Ignore the fluctuations of the lightning qi outside the 33 heavens. Focus and break through the lightning barrier formed by the Lightning Origin Divine Tree!” The Giant Kun Ruler turned his gaze away and directed it towards the tree as he instructed.

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

The experts under him quickly snapped back to attention as they focused on destroying the barrier before them.

Soon, the Giant Kun Ruler felt a headache coming. The barrier was much more difficult to break than he could have imagined. Even with their specialized treasures to fend off lightning energy, they couldn’t shatter the barrier around the divine tree.

“If this keeps up, we’ll be in trouble when the members of the 33 Heavens Race show up.”

With no choice, they could only continue to chip away at the barrier. There was nothing else they could do.

In the Golden Lightning Mountain Range…

The eight great lightning pools Huang Xiaolong had gathered in the past had already disappeared and the only thing left in the air above him was the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool. It had already completed its transformation after absorbing the lightning spirits of the other eight lightning pools and the lightning above it shone with nine different colors. Nine-colored lightning revolved elegantly around the entire pool.

In the past, no matter how strong the lightning qi was contained by the lightning pools, it was chaos lightning qi at best. The same could be said for the Spatial Domain Lightning Pool when Huang Xiaolong had found it. However, now that it had undergone a type of transformation, the lightning qi it emitted had already transcended chaos lightning qi!

The Spatial Domain Lightning Pool had also undergone a special transformation. Strands of gray lightning slowly emerged from the pool.

Huang Xiaolong’s soul shook when he saw the change and with a single thought, the lightning pool started to shrink. It turned into a bolt of lightning that entered the space between his eyebrows.

The lightning pool was still undergoing its transformation right now and it wasn’t ready for use. As soon as it was done, Huang Xiaolong would be able to resurrect his senior brother, Jiang Hong.

“Now that I have already gathered all nine chaos lightning pools, the transformation process has started. There is no need to bother with it, and I should look for the Lightning Origin Divine Tree and the purple grandmist aura!”

His ability to detect lightning qi was much stronger than it was before. Along with the experience of refining the purple grandmist aura in the past, any purple grandmist aura around him wouldn’t be able to escape detection. If the Lightning Origin Divine Tree or purple grandmist aura appeared around him, he would be able to sense it!

In the next instant, Huang Xiaolong shot into the air to ride on the Golden Pig Treasure. He ordered everyone to continue onwards on their journey to locate more treasures.

It went without a doubt that treasures like the Lightning Origin Divine Tree would be located in the place where lightning qi was the most concentrated.

After flying for quite some time, a terrifying wave of energy appeared nearby.

“What is this terrifying lightning energy!” The Heavenly Saint Ruler gasped in shock. “Could it be the members of the 33 Heavens Race?”

Members of the 33 Heavens Race!

Huang Xiaolong’s heart shook as he thought of a certain possibility.

“Let’s head over there!”

Huang Xiaolong changed directions as he headed towards the source of the disturbance.

Before long, he saw the members of the 33 Heavens Race clashing with the members of the Giant Kun Heavenly Country.