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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2174

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2174

The Golden Pig Treasure Appeared!

The black bone spur arrived in a split second. At that moment, Huang Xiaolong turned around and clenched his right fist firmly, punching out in the front without looking.


The black bone spur collided head-on with Huang Xiaolong’s right fist. It was like a collision between two thick walls. Shocking sparks from the friction flew everywhere. The black bone spur let out a harsh hum that sounded like shrieks of pain as parts of its body exploded from the impact.

Piercing pain blazed up Dong Cheng’s arm, and this result shocked him.

Huang Xiaolong seized the chance, and his palm struck towards Dong Cheng.

By reflex action, Dong Cheng blocked the attack with the Unbreakable Divine Shield.

As Huang Xiaolong’s palm reached the shield, rings of dazzling blue light burst out from the shield.

Huang Xiaolong’s left palm ended up hitting the rings on dazzling blue light, and he discovered that the blue light contained boundless energy and also many layers of space. His palm strike broke through the layers of space, but it still wasn’t enough. His attack failed to land on the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng seized the chance to escape while grinning triumphantly, taunting Huang Xiaolong, “Huang Xiaolong, I told you early on that this Unbreakable Divine Shield is true to its name. It’s unbreakable. If you can’t break my divine shield, then I will be undefeatable. Let’s see how long you can last.” As he leaped back, a bright light flashed around him as ten longswords appeared in a semi-circle behind him.

These ten longswords were identical to the hilt other than the rune carved on the swords’ body. Every rune represented different powers. Once these ten kinds of powers were linked together, it could change into an attack array or a defensive array.

“En?” Huang Xiaolong uttered in surprise. Each of these ten longswords was supreme spiritual artifacts, exuding a dangerous aura. These ten longswords could also form sword formation, reaping lives three hundred and sixty degrees.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng actually possessed so many supreme spiritual artifacts? First, it was the Bone Spur of the Crow, then the Unbreakable Divine Shield, and now this Ten Swords Formation!

Blinding rays transformed into ten giant gods. Each of them gripped a sword in his hand. Every giant god controlled one kind of origin energy, namely water, fire, earth, metal, wood, wind, lightning, time, space, and darkness.

Only radiance was missing from the combination.

“Kill!” Dong Cheng roared. With a wave of his hand, the ten longswords whistled towards Huang Xiaolong with murderous air. The longswords formed a circle, and the lights enshrouding the ten giant gods shone brightly as the ten elements of water, fire, earth, metal, wood, and the others linked together seamlessly.

When these different powers combined together, the chaos aura and grandmist aura in the void roiled turbulently as if it was stimulated. In an instant, the entire heavenly country’s spiritual energy and origin energy seemed to be sucked away.

Before the longswords’ formation, Huang Xiaolong was akin to a fish out of water.

Simultaneously, the black bone spur in Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng’s hand pierced towards Huang Xiaolong. It arrived in front of Huang Xiaolong with world-cleaving momentum.

“Huang Xiaolong, go die!” Dong Cheng yelled hoarsely.

Huang Xiaolong remained coldly indifferent as a lightning bead flew out from his head, hovering in the sky. Frightening streaks of lightning crackled around the lightning bead. Every streak of lightning sizzled across the dark clouds like an ancient lightning dragon. The dark lightning clouds grew bigger rapidly.

Ancient lightning dragons weaved in and out among the lightning clouds and flashing lightning.

The Heavenly Terror Country’s experts felt their scalps tingle just looking at the flashes of lightning. A tiny streak of lightning could reduce a high-level Sovereign expert into ashes in a split second.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng was looking at the lightning bead with ecstasy and did not hide his delight at all, “Haha, Huang Xiaolong, you finally brought out this lightning bead! I’ve been waiting for this!” Something flew out from his body as he spoke.

This item was entirely golden and shiny all over like the purest of gold. It looked like a piglet, and it gave off a cute feeling.

When this golden pig appeared, it immediately targeted Huang Xiaolong’s lightning bead.

Huang Xiaolong was astonished as the lightning bead above his head flew towards the golden pig. It was seemingly attracted by some kind of mysterious power.

When Huang Xiaolong tried to retrieve the lightning bead, he discovered that his connection with the lightning bead was blocked by some kind of energy. He failed to recall the lightning bead!

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded at this moment.

“Golden Pig Treasure!”

The Heavenly Saint Ruler’s exclamation sounded from afar.

“What, the Golden Pig Treasure?!” Several shocked voices echoed the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s surprise, including Huang Xiaolong’s.

“That’s right. It’s the Golden Pig Treasure!” The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng laughed in excitement and looked more than a little smug. “Huang Xiaolong, watch how my Golden Pig Treasure takes away your lightning bead. After you lose the lightning bead, you can clean your neck and wait for death!”

By this point, the streaks of lightning around the lightning bead had disappeared, and it had entered the Golden Pig Treasure’s mouth. The Golden Pig Treasure actually flashed a piggy-smile at Huang Xiaolong before turning around and returning to the Heavenly Terror Ruler. Even more vexing was the golden pig’s manner of shaking its pigtail at the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng.

Everyone watching felt a little speechless.

Even Huang Xiaolong couldn’t help thinking that the golden pig was funny, but this was not the time for him to be thinking this. Watching the Ten Gods Sword Formation and black bone spur coming at him, the four divine fires within his body flew out—Azure Dragon, Vermillion Bird, Black Tortoise, and White Tiger.

Huang Xiaolong had not tested the four divine fires’ powers since they had devoured the Mighty God Ruler’s red meat lump. This time was a good opportunity to test how powerful these four divine fires were.

Although the Mighty God Ruler’s red meat lump was not any high-grade supreme spiritual artifact, that red meat lump was more powerful than many high-grade supreme spiritual artifacts. Still, that red meat lump was devoured by the four divine fires. Therefore, there was no need to doubt the four divine fires’ fighting force.

When the four divine fires flew out, they first collided with the Ten Gods Sword Formation.


The Ten Gods Sword Formation was burned by the four divine fires’ flames, and they exploded to nothing. The ten giant gods all turned into flames. The four divine fires then went on to face the black bone spur.

Without suspense, the black bone spur’s frigid qi melted by the four divine fires. The white bones archdevils were reduced to gray dust. The black bone spur shrieked sharply and turned pitch black, incinerated to charcoal.

“What?!” Everyone was stupefied by this turn of events, especially the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng. His hand was reaching out to catch the Golden Pig Treasure when he saw this sight, causing his hand to stop in midair out of shock.

Huang Xiaolong flew forward while controlling the four divine fires.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng swayed to the side while putting the Unbreakable Divine Shield in defense.

Although the Golden Pig Treasure was said to be able to collect all kinds of treasures, it had one weakness that it can collect only one thing at a time.

The four divine fires collided with the Unbreakable Divine Shield.

The Unbreakable Divine Shield that was hailed as the strongest defensive supreme spiritual artifact lost its blue light upon colliding with the four divine fires. The four divine fires flew past the Unbreakable Divine Shield straight towards Dong Cheng.

The Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng was beyond shock. Even so, it did not delay his counterattack. He punched out repeatedly at the four divine fires, almost in a frenzied manner. His punches that could kill Ninth Order Sovereigns, merely raised little sparks upon falling on the four divine fires. Not to mention, his attacks did not even impede the four divine fires. In the next second, the four divine fires slammed onto his body.

The instant the four divine fires came in contact with the Heavenly Terror Ruler Dong Cheng, a divine armor appeared on the surface of his body. However, Dong Cheng was still sent flying by the four divine fires.