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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2159

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2159

Hope We Make It In Time

The massive red meat lump gave Huang Xiaolong a dangerous feeling. His brows furrowed slightly. Is it a high-grade supreme spiritual artifact?

… But it shouldn’t be?! He sensed vitality inside the giant meat lump. More accurately, this meat lump should be some sort of saint creature, a saint creature that was more powerful than a high-grade supreme spiritual artifact.

“Huang Xiaolong, this great treasure can incinerate everything. It’s not a high-grade supreme spiritual artifact, yet it is more powerful than most high-grade supreme spiritual artifacts!”

The Mighty God Ruler laughed coldly, “Now, I’ll let you see the startling power of this great treasure!” His hands waved out in attack even before he was done speaking. Waves of Sovereign godforce were infused into the giant meat lump through his palms.

The meat lump made hungry grumbling noises resembling a famish ferocious beast that was gnawing on delicious prey.

The Mighty God Ruler’s godforce continued to rush into the meat lump in great waves. The mysterious red runes on the meat lump became increasingly glaring and bright. Rays of red light seemed to reach the horizon.

All living things below, especially the spiritual beasts, were enshrouded within the red rays, and they began to emit red rays as well. In the next second, these living beings all turned into gray ash, silently. There wasn’t a scream or a grunt, as if they were ignorant that they had already lost their lives.

Even the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts felt the hair on their necks standing and goosebumps running down their hands as they watched this scene.

“Go!” The Mighty God Ruler ordered with a wave of his hand.

The meat lump, with blinding red rays, launched itself forward to attack Huang Xiaolong.

Before the meat lump arrived, Huang Xiaolong already felt a scorching heat appear within his body. This hotness rapidly spread throughout his whole body, even reaching his souls within his three godheads.

This is…?

Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

Huang Xiaolong was about to throw out the Barbarian Space’s lightning bead when the scorching heat inside his body vanished as suddenly as it appeared.

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded.

While Huang Xiaolong was in a daze, four divine fires flew out of his body. The moment these four divine fires flew out, they directly targeted the red meat lump. Huang Xiaolong, the Mighty God Ruler, and the others’ eyeballs fell to the ground at what happened next. The powerful-looking red meat lump was more lethal than a high-grade supreme spiritual artifact. It halted in midair as if it was nailed to the spot, and then it retreated in a panic.

However, the four divine fires were locked onto the giant meat lump.

Zii~! Soon, the giant meat lump started shrieking strangely.

The meat lump’s sharp shrieks, screaming for help, caused the Mighty God Ruler’s face to go pale. It had really never occurred to him that the four divine fires that flew out of Huang Xiaolong’s body could have such power, forcing the meat lump to flee and shriek for help.

This meat lump had a shocking origin. Although it was not a high-grade supreme spiritual artifact, a Tenth Order Sovereign would have a hard time trying to destroy it. But right now, the meat lump was terrified to the point of shrieking for help?! Then, the next question was, what was the origin of Huang Xiaolong’s four divine fires?

The Mighty God Ruler did not have the time to think about that question right now. He moved his hands, and the Sovereign godforce came roaring out of his palms, slapping towards the four divine fires to smack them away from the meat lump.

However, the next scene continued to shock everyone. The Mighty God Ruler’s palm strikes didn’t only hit the four divine fires, but they also stimulated the four divine fires’ ferocity.

This sight truly rendered Huang Xiaolong dazed.

These four divine fires were exactly the four divine fires he had collected in the lower realm—the Azure Dragon Divine Fire, Black Tortoise Divine Fire, Vermillion Bird Divine Fire, and White Tiger Divine Fire.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked because of the four divine fires’ appearance.

Ever since he had ascended to the Divine World, most of the time, these four divine fires had literally hibernated inside his body. They hadn’t given him any response, no matter how hard he had tried to nudge them. Especially as his cultivation had risen, he had felt as if the four divine fires had entered deep slumber that he had almost forgotten about their existence.

Now, the four divine fires were able to restrain that nameless meat lump that was said to be more powerful than a high-grade supreme spiritual artifact?! And even treat the Mighty God Ruler’s attack as nothing?

An angry bellow came from the Mighty God Ruler at this time. The cyan blades of wind around him swirled turbulently as his palms continuously struck out at the four divine fires. Violent cyan pillars of hurricanes slammed towards the four divine fires with the force of tearing everything apart.

A thunderous bang came from the four divine fires.

After the thunderous bang, the four divine fires swayed unsteadily in the air, but none of them exploded as the Mighty God Ruler had expected. Instead, the four divine fires burned even more brightly.


The Mighty God Heavenly Country’s Marshal Tian Qifei and the others sucked in a breath of cold air.

However, the Mighty God Ruler refused to believe that he couldn’t deal with a few balls of divine fires. He started brewing his next wave of attacks. He struck out his palms consecutively. Each palm strike could destroy a piece of heaven and earth, but the four divine fires actually grew bigger each time they were hit. Moreover, the shrieks coming from the meat lump grew increasingly miserable.

Huang Xiaolong was planning to help, but he stopped after watching the result. He wanted to see the extent of these four divine fires’ powers. After a flurry of frenzy and ferocious attacks, the Mighty God Ruler finally gave up.

In a split second, a figure flickered, and Huang Xiaolong appeared right in front of him.

Huang Xiaolong’s three saint bloodlines’ powers gathered in his fist. Without resorting to the Barbarian Space’s lightning bead, his fist landed hard on the Mighty God Ruler.

The Mighty God Ruler let out a loud grunt as his body smashed into the ground in the far distance.

The land rumbled and quaked violently.

Huang Xiaolong blurred away, appearing above the Mighty God Ruler in a split second.

“Huang Xiaolong, you—!” The Mighty God Ruler yelled as he flew out of the pit in the ground. He was extremely furious. However, before he could finish his words, Huang Xiaolong’s second punch arrived, smashing him into the ground one more time.

Again and again…

Every time the Mighty God Ruler returned to the air, he was greeted by Huang Xiaolong’s merciless punch and smashed back into the ground.

Loud crashing sounds rumbled throughout the land. The rumbles of every crash sounded like a hammer in the hearts of the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts, and their faces were already deathly pale.

A few minutes later.

As the Mighty God Ruler was sent crashing into the ground by Huang Xiaolong, he lay unmoving in the pit. Lying scattered in the vicinity of the Mighty God Ruler were Marshal Tian Qifei and other Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts. Tian Qifei and the other experts didn’t fare any better than their ruler.

As for the Mighty God Prince, he was once again held up by Huang Xiaolong like a pup.

At this point, there was only despair in the Mighty God Prince’s eyes, and he was trembling uncontrollably.

On the other hand, Huang Xiaolong was looking towards the sky where the four divine fires were still entangled with the giant red meat lump. The giant red meat lump was being pecked and gnawed off inch by inch by the four divine fires. It was now half of what it used to be.

A strange expression flashed across Huang Xiaolong’s face as he watched on silently.

While Huang Xiaolong was beating the group of Mighty God Heavenly Country’s people to the ground, the Heavenly Saint Ruler and a group of experts were rushing to the Mighty God Heavenly Country.

“Your Majesty can rest assured. With Lord’s strength, the Mighty God Ruler won’t be able to harm a hair on the Lord even after merging with the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s origin energy.” The Heavenly Saint Country’s Marshal Lan Shifan persuaded.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler solemnly shook his head and said, “From the news I’ve received, the Mighty God Ruler has obtained a treasure that helped his strength to improve exponentially. He advanced to late-Ninth Order Sovereign not long ago!”

“What? The Mighty God Ruler has advanced to late-Ninth Order Sovereign!” Lan Shifan and other Heavenly Saint Country’s experts ashen upon hearing that.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler nodded, “That’s right. Based on my estimation of the Mighty God Ruler’s current strength, Lord will be in danger after the Mighty God Ruler merges with the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s origin energy. and uses that treasure’s power!” There was worry in his eyes.

Due to this, after learning that Huang Xiaolong had gone to the Mighty God Heavenly Country, the Heavenly Saint Ruler had led a group of his country’s experts and rushed over.

“Hope we make it in time!”