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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2158

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2158

You’re the One Who Forced Me!

“An explanation?” Huang Xiaolong looked meaningfully at the Mighty God Ruler and asked, “What kind of explanation do you want?”

Anger flitted across the Mighty God Ruler’s eyes at Huang Xiaolong’s airy unconcern. He responded, “I will invite the rulers in the Heavens Path to my Mighty God Heavenly Country, and you will apologize to me in front of them, give me fifty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones as compensation!”

Fifty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones? Huang Xiaolong didn’t bother to hide the ridiculing sneer on his face. Fifty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones weren’t a lot to Huang Xiaolong, but it was great wealth to a super heavenly country. The Mighty God Ruler’s demand was no different than committing daylight robbery!

As for demanding Huang Xiaolong to apologize to him in front of other heavenly countries’ rulers was forcing him to do something against his will. Even someone like the Heavenly Saint Ruler would not agree to such a demand.

Huang Xiaolong retorted coldly, “You’re mistaken about one thing.”

Mistaken about one thing? The Mighty God Ruler frowned.

“In my eyes, there is no difference between you and your son.” Huang Xiaolong stated flatly.

The Mighty God Ruler’s face sank. There is no difference between me and my son? He looked at his son, who was held like a chick in Huang Xiaolong’s hand.

Is this kid saying that I am no different than a waste?

“Very good!” The Mighty God Ruler was infuriated by Huang Xiaolong’s contempt, “Since you’re courting death, I’ll fulfill your wish!” His momentum soared as he unleashed his strength completely. Violent dancing hurricanes condensed around him, wreaking destruction.

The Mighty God Ruler was a late-Ninth Order Sovereign existence who was not weaker than the Heavenly Saint Ruler.

Huang Xiaolong was slightly taken aback. It did not cross his mind that the Mighty God Ruler was already a late-Ninth Order Sovereign. With the Mighty God Ruler’s own strength and his increased power from borrowing the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s origin energy, he would no doubt be many times stronger than the Heavenly Saint Ruler. After all, the Heavenly Saint Ruler did not have the condition of borrowing any origin energy when he had fought Huang Xiaolong.

No wonder the Mighty God Ruler dared to demand him to apologize in public as well as fifty thousand high-grade chaos spirit stones.

The Mighty God Heavenly Country’s sky rumbled and shook at this time as an ocean of light shone brightly over the land and continued to spread. The latent origin energy that was everywhere was stimulated.

The Mighty God Heavenly Country’s vigorous and endless origin energy rushed into the Mighty God Ruler’s body from above. Soon, his late-Ninth Order Sovereign Realm cultivation rose to the peak late-Ninth Order Sovereign Realm under the origin energy’s enhancement.

However, this was not all. His momentum and strength rose higher until his cultivation reached the early of Tenth Order Sovereign!

Early Tenth Order Sovereign! This was the Mighty God Heavenly Ruler’s strength after his strength was enhanced by the origin energy.

Azure lights gathered around the Mighty God Ruler and rays of light turned into more and more violent hurricanes that ascended to the sky above. From afar, the Mighty God Ruler was the epitome of a great wind god who had stepped out from ancient times.

Any one of these cyan hurricane pillars could easily send an existence like the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s Marshal Tian Qifei flying.

The nearby mountains were pulverized into specks of dust by the cyan hurricanes, rising high into the air.

Upon sensing the robust and abundant energy coursing through his body, the Mighty God Ruler received a boost of confidence. He looked at Huang Xiaolong condescendingly and said. “Huang Xiaolong, are you beginning to regret your arrogance after seeing my strength? I had already given you a chance, but your regret came too late!”

“Tear, Time-Space Reversal!” The Mighty God Ruler’s sharp cold voice rang loudly as his hands pushed forward. The cyan hurricanes spun even faster, ripping space like a cloth. In less than a second, numerous space cracks appeared.

The Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts who had retreated far away had the illusion that as the cyan hurricanes tore space, time was flowing backward.

A horrifying destructive space power swept over the land. The cyan hurricanes’ spare power grounded everything in its path to nothing, becoming the past.

Looking at the cyan hurricanes that came towards him from all four directions, Huang Xiaolong did not panic. He calmly pushed both his palms forward.

Vigorous darkness energy flowed out from Huang Xiaolong’s palms. It formed waves after waves and layers after layers of massive and thick walls of darkness.

These layers of darkness walls resembled a bottomless dark abyss that swallowed everything and collided with the many pillars of cyan hurricanes.

Resounding collisions thundered endlessly as if the earth was splitting into pieces. The entire Mighty God Heavenly Country shook violently.

The darkness walls’ devouring attribute continued to collide with the cyan hurricanes’ space power. Sparks and azure rays ricocheted everywhere.

In the first collision between the darkness walls and cyan hurricanes, Huang Xiaolong swayed and leaped forward, landing in front of the Mighty God Ruler in a single leap.

Huang Xiaolong’s fist swung out. There was intermingling of outward roiling devil qi, blood pupils, stampede of beasts, glistening bright lights, thousands of weapons, ancient curse runes, and obscure symbols.

The Mighty God Ruler was startled, but he managed to punch out in a fluster by reflex.

Bang! Two fists collided.

Space cracks appeared, spewing out turbulent chaos qi.

The Mighty God Ruler felt an overwhelming impact smash against his fist, knocking him back for several tens of thousands of miles before regaining his balance. His blood flow became messy and he panted heavily, whereas Huang Xiaolong stood still on the same spot like an immovable mountain despite the dangerous turbulent chaos qi around him.

“WHAT?!” Marshal Tian Qifei and other Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts, watching from afar, were beyond shocked. Their ruler, who had merged with the country’s origin energy, was repelled by Huang Xiaolong with one punch.

That rang an alarm in their minds.

The person who had the hardest time believing what had happened was the Mighty God Ruler himself. He stared at his own right fist. His bones had cracked, and his flesh was ruptured.

I am actually…?!

“No, not possible!” The Mighty God Ruler denied under his breath.

It was obvious that Huang Xiaolong had not advanced to high-level Sovereign. How could Huang Xiaolong’s battle strength exceed his?!

Huang Xiaolong’s right hand flung the Mighty God Prince, who had fainted long ago, towards Marshal Tian Qifei. After that he strode towards the Mighty God Ruler, “I had told you early on that you’re mistaken about one thing!”

After merging with the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s origin energy, the Mighty God Ruler was stronger than the Heavenly Saint Ruler Huang Xiaolong had fought. Then again, the current Huang Xiaolong was not the same as Huang Xiaolong then.

At the time Huang Xiaolong had defeated the Heavenly Saint Ruler, his cultivation was merely at the peak of mid-Sixth Order Sovereign. After refining the chaos Fifth Earth Lightning Pool and three Imperial Sage Pills, Huang Xiaolong had broken through to late-Sixth Order Sovereign Realm.

“Huang Xiaolong, you’re the one who forced me!” The Mighty God Ruler’s head snapped up and his eyes turned scarlet. His emotions fell into a frenzy as he spoke, “Originally, I was not planning on using that treasure artifact, but you forced me to use it! In that case, I will reduce you to ashes!”

Just as the Mighty God Ruler finished his words, the red lump between his eyebrows flew off. Upon detaching itself, the red lump ballooned in size in the blink of an eye, becoming a giant meat lump. The red lump’s surface was densely covered with mysterious runes that glowed bright red.

A terrifying aura enveloped the land.