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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2157

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2157

I Demand An Explanation!

“I nearly died from laughter!” The Mighty God Prince laughed harder as he recalled Huang Xiaolong’s words, unable to stop himself.

The Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts laughed for a full minute before they managed to stop. Only the Mighty God Prince continued laughing nonstop.

His laughter was starting to get on Huang Xiaolong’s nerves, so Huang Xiaolong exerted force in his right hand and crushed the Mighty God Prince’s right shoulder. Hell’s darkness energy surged into the Mighty God Prince’s body, rendering him shrieking in pain. His laughter finally stopped.

“Insolent! What the f*ck are you doing? Release our Young Lord immediately!”

“Stop this instant!”

The Mighty God Prince’s shrieks immediately brought the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts’ attention to Huang Xiaolong. When they realized what Huang Xiaolong had done, several of them barked in anger, and a few of them had also already attacked Huang Xiaolong.

But before these experts’ attacks hit their intended target, the seemingly powerful attacks rebounded back to their attackers with a single flick from Huang Xiaolong’s fingers. Divine armors shattered, blood spurting out in various directions. More than a handful of experts crashed hard into the distant mountains, completely incapacitated.

Only then did the rest of Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts remembered that Huang Xiaolong was someone who had killed Chen Tianhao and Hu Jin, and finally took Huang Xiaolong seriously.

The Mighty God Heavenly Country’s Marshal Tian Qifei’s eyes darkened icily that Huang Xiaolong had the guts to injure the Mighty God Prince right before their eyes. He stepped out from the group, glaring ferociously at Huang Xiaolong as he spoke, “I’ll give you ten seconds to release our Young Lord.”

“Release our Young Lord within ten seconds. That way, you won’t die so miserably in the end!”

“If you don’t release him after ten seconds—!” Tian Qifei stopped there, but the sharp glint in his eyes intensified as he went on, “You will become the person who died most tragically in the Heavens Path!”

Blue flames from Tian Qifei soared to the sky, covering the sky above the Mighty God Heavenly Country. Everything in the surroundings was dyed with the flames’ blue color, and it was a frightening sight.

Tian Qifei’s aura was completely released, exuding a momentum that could drown the entire heavenly country.

The Mighty God Heavenly Country ranked ninth amongst the top ten heavenly countries in the Heavens Path, and as the marshal, Tian Qifei’s strength naturally surpassed Chen Tianhao and Hu Jin by a large margin.

Yet Huang Xiaolong’s right hand continued to exert strength as if he had not felt Tian Qifei’s killing intent. The Mighty God Prince’s screams not only continued but became more tragic.

Tian Qifei’s expression turned ugly at Huang Xiaolong’s action, and the killing intent surging around his body became ever more violent.

This man actually disregarded my words?

At the same time, the Mighty God Ruler’s killing intent raged to the peak seeing Huang Xiaolong injuring his son. However, since Tian Qifei was going to handle Huang Xiaolong, he held back.

One second, two seconds………

Tian Qifei’s killing intent was still rising, and soon, ten seconds passed.

Huang Xiaolong’s right hand continued to exert force, and the Mighty God Prince’s agonizing screams reverberated endlessly.

“DIE—!” Tian Qifei hollered as he finally made his move.

His torso twisted forward. Violent energy surged around his hands, and the sky-eclipsing blue flames shrunk faster than the blink of an eye, condensing into a great blue flame blade in his hand.

The blue flame blade stretched for miles, emitting eerie sizzling noises.

The moment the blue flame blade came into being, its surrounding space was reduced to a black hole. The thick space barrier was unable to withstand the blue flames’ heat.

In the next instant, the Clear Sky Blue Flame Blade slashed onto Huang Xiaolong.

Swoosh! As the Clear Sky Blue Flame Blade slashed down, a tearing noise rang through heaven and earth as if the world was being split apart.

Tian Qifei’s eyes were cold and indifferent as he watched on. This blue flame was a great treasure he had obtained a hundred million years ago in the 33 Heavens space. Although it was not a supreme spiritual treasure, its power exceeded that of a supreme spiritual treasure. On top of that, it could change into any form as it attacked.

Through repeated refinement and comprehension in the course of a hundred million years, he had gotten more familiar with the blue flames as time passed. Now, he had absolute control over these nameless blue flames, and Tian Qifei was certain, even an Eighth Order Sovereign could not escape death under this slash.

Not to mention, Tian Qifei had full grasp that this slash could cut Huang Xiaolong into a thousand pieces without harming a hair on the Mighty God Prince in Huang Xiaolong’s hands.

As they looked at Tian Qifei’s powerful blade, even the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts felt uncontrollable apprehension.

The Mighty God Ruler inwardly nodded in appreciation. His own strength had risen rapidly in recent years, and he had also obtained a great treasure. But without that treasure, he wouldn’t dare to say that he could take a similar attack from Tian Qifei.

When the blue flames were ten thousand zhang above Huang Xiaolong’s head, the mountains below Huang Xiaolong were reduced to blue quicksand, collapsing down in an instant.

The blue flames were powerful enough to melt a grandmist treasure artifact. Even though the mountains below had been strengthened, they could not withstand being scorched by the blue flames.

Huang Xiaolong was indifferent as he looked at the Clear Sky Blue Flame Blade. He raised his right hand’s index finger and middle finger towards the falling blade.

Huang Xiaolong’s simple actions completely dumbfounded the Mighty God Ruler.

“This kid’s crazy, right? Is he planning to stop the Marshal’s blade with two fingers?” One of the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s general mocked.

“Since we’re not crazy, then he must be crazy!” General Xiong Gang ridiculed, shaking his head.

Tian Qifei sneered coldly, seeing Huang Xiaolong’s action and increased his power. He had merely exerted eighty percent of his strength initially, but now, he raised the power of the attack to full force!

The moment the Clear Sky Blue Flame Blade was inches from Huang Xiaolong’s head, there was no resounding collision, nor the scene of tragic screams and blood flying everywhere that the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts had imagined.

The blade fell right between Huang Xiaolong’s two fingers, without making the slightest noise.

“He, he caught it?!” The Mighty God Heavenly Country’s General Xiong Gang exclaimed dazedly.

Huang Xiaolong wasn’t crazy, it was them who had gone crazy!

The Mighty God Ruler’s jaw nearly fell to the floor in disbelief as he stared at the Clear Sky Blue Flame Blade fixed between Huang Xiaolong’s two fingers.

The Mighty God Prince had stopped screaming, he too was staring stupidly at the scene before him.

Before Tian Qifei’s astounded gaze, Huang Xiaolong slightly twisted his fingers to the side, bending the long Clear Sky Blue Flame Blade further and further until it snapped! Harsh snapping noises rang in the air as the blade broke into countless pieces, raining down to the land below.

Tian Qifei felt an overpowering force slamming towards him, sending him reeling back involuntarily. Something warm gushed up his throat and flowed out the corner of his mouth. He glanced at the golden-colored blood that stained his fingers when he wiped his mouth.

The others looked petrified by the result.

The Mighty God Prince had forgotten the ruthless words he was screaming at Huang Xiaolong earlier.

“You, who are you?” A long time passed before Tian Qifei managed to stammer out the question. At this point, his voice contained fear that he himself did not notice.

He was unable to contain the dread snaking up his chest as he stared at Huang Xiaolong. He had long entered the early Ninth Order Sovereign, and with his strength, he was an expert in the top twenty ranks in the Heavens Path. Yet, Huang Xiaolong had easily injured him by simply parrying his attack?!

The Mighty God Ruler and Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts were now looking at Huang Xiaolong seriously.

“Huang Xiaolong.” Huang Xiaolong stated flatly.

“What? Y-you, you’re Huang Xiaolong!”

Both the Might God Ruler and Marshal Tian Qifei exclaimed in shock at the same time.

The present generals might not have known who Huang Xiaolong was, but both of them had heard that Huang Xiaolong had stirred chaos in the Divine World, even defeated Wan Shi and Tian Chen.

Although they had heard of what had happened in the Divine World, they had clearly not paid it much attention, feeling ninety percent of what they had heard was an exaggeration.

After that, this young man standing in front of them had caused the Heavenly Master to flee with his tail between his legs.

The Mighty God Ruler’s expression was even more solemn. Regardless of whether the Heavenly Master was really forced to run by Huang Xiaolong, the battle strength Huang Xiaolong had shown just now was enough for him to take Huang Xiaolong seriously.

“So, you’re Huang Xiaolong.” The Mighty God Ruler spoke. The way he addressed Huang Xiaolong had changed. “I admit you’re strong. Your battle strength is probably comparable to the Heavenly Saint Ruler. However, even the Heavenly Saint Ruler must give me an explanation if he kills a general of my Mighty God Heavenly Country!”

The Mighty God Ruler clearly stated that Huang Xiaolong had killed Chen Tianhao and Hu Jin, and tortured his son in front of him. Hence Huang Xiaolong needed to give him an explanation.

Otherwise, if the matter were to spread out, where should he put his face as the Mighty God Ruler?

In his opinion, even though Huang Xiaolong possessed strength comparable to the Heavenly Saint Ruler, he had the confidence to defeat Huang Xiaolong within the Mighty God Heavenly Country.