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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2156

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2156

The Heavenly Saint County Has Submitted To Me

The news of Huang Xiaolong killing Chen Tianhao and Hu Jin, along with capturing the Mighty God Prince and being en route to the Mighty God Heavenly Country, soon reached the Mighty God Ruler’s ears.

A short and round middle-aged man sat on the throne inside the Mighty God Divine Palace’s main hall. There was a small, red-colored meat lump on his forehead. It looked like a mole, but it didn’t seem to be. The red meat lump actually emitted a subtle red glow, and it was extremely eye-catching. This middle-aged man was none other than the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s ruler!

The Mighty God Ruler was one of the top ten experts in the Heavens Path. Although the Mighty God Ruler’s ranking was lower than the Heavenly Saint Ruler, he was almost as strong as him.

“Have you found out that kid’s origins?” The Mighty God Ruler’s stern gaze swept over the experts standing below the dais.

The many Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts remained silent.

A while later, Xiong Gang took a step forward and slightly hesitated before speaking, “Replying to Your Majesty. That young man should be the same person who injured me.”

The Mighty God Ruler’s eyes narrowed, hearing that answer. “Oh, it’s him…?” There was a hint of confusion in his eyes as he went on, “However, why is he with people from the Heavenly Saint Country? That chaos lightning pool should have been snatched by him. Logically speaking, there should be a big grudge between him and the Heavenly Saint Country.”

“Did he surrender to the Heavenly Saint Country?” An old man with a big face and big ears, standing closest to the Mighty God Ruler, mused solemnly. “Most likely, he offered that chaos lightning pool to the Heavenly Saint Ruler. That must have gained him the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s certain degree of trust. Therefore, even Zhu Xinyi and Zhu Hong are so respectful to him. Maybe, that kid’s a top general of the Heavenly Saint Country now!”

A top-general was a position only second to the marshal!

In every heavenly country, the marshal was under the ruler in the hierarchy, and under the marshal were several generals. However, amongst these generals, there was one general that ranked higher than the rest. He only took command from the ruler and the marshal.

The old man with a big face and big ears was Mighty God Heavenly Country’s marshal, Tian Qifei.

The Mighty God Ruler nodded in agreement. “There is this possibility. He killed Chen Tianhao and Hu Jin without much effort. He also broke the Falling Star Formation easily. His strength is probably at the mid-Seventh Order Sovereign, which is the same as the Giant Kun Prince. Being able to catch the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s eye and becoming the Heavenly Saint Country’s top general is nothing out of the ordinary.” However, a murderous aura surged from his eyes as he went on, “But, does he really think that with the Heavenly Saint Country backing him, I wouldn’t dare to take his life?!”

“I shall make a trip myself and deal with the kid once and for all…?” The Mighty God Marshal Tian Qifei offered and insisted, “This matter does not require Your Majesty to deal with it personally.”

The Mighty God Ruler pondered the suggestion but decided against it in the end. He said, “There is no need. Judging from the direction that kid’s traveling in, he’s very likely coming to our site. We will just wait for him here. I’m a little curious about what he’s going to say when he arrives.”

Mighty God Marshal Tian Qifei nodded, “That works as well.”


Two days later…

Somewhere in the Mighty God Heavenly Country, a bright light flashed as Huang Xiaolong appeared in the sky, carrying the Mighty God Prince.

On the way to the Mighty God Heavenly Country, Huang Xiaolong had tasked Zhu Xinyi and Zhu Hong to send Xumi Old Man to the Heavenly Saint Country.

He alone was enough to deal with the Mighty God Heavenly Country. In truth, it wasn’t as convenient for Huang Xiaolong if the Xumi Old Man, Zhu Xinyi, and Zhu Hong were by his side.

The Mighty God Prince was held up by Huang Xiaolong like a little pup, looking chagrined. The killing intent he had been holding inside soared to the sky when he saw that Huang Xiaolong had really dared to appear in the Mighty God Heavenly Country.

Punk, just wait. Soon, I’ll make you feel that the taste of death is better than living. I’ll make you swallow every scrap of beast dung in our Mighty God Heavenly Country! The more the Mighty God Prince thought about it, the harder his killing intent raged.

As the prince of the Mighty God Heavenly Country and one of the top ten young masters in the Heavens Path, never had he been so humiliated in his life.

Looking at the Mighty God Prince’s darkened expression, Huang Xiaolong spoke nonchalantly, “Are you thinking about how you are going to torture me later? Wanna make me feel like dying is better than living?”

The Mighty God Prince stiffened for a split second, but then he laughed in a fury, making his face distorted, “That’s right. Even if you release me now and cry, begging for mercy, it is useless. It’s already too late!”

They had already entered the Mighty God Heavenly Country. Huang Xiaolong wasn’t capable of flipping the heavens here.

The Mighty God prince had a special rune on his body. Whenever he appeared within the Mighty God Heavenly Country, his father would sense it immediately. Now, his father, as well as the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts, would have known that he was already back. Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be able to run away now even if he wanted to.

As expected, barely a second after the Mighty God Prince finished speaking, space fluctuated as a group of people appeared. These were naturally the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts.

Looking at the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts, who had come out in full force, the Mighty God Prince was beyond euphoric.

His gaze fell on his father’s figure, and he hollered, “Lord Father, you’re finally here. Save me! This punk has used various methods to torture me the entire way here, nearly causing my soul to collapse. He cannot be spared!” The Mighty God Prince shouted loudly as if he had found his pillar of support that he completely forgot he was still in Huang Xiaolong’s hands.

In truth, Huang Xiaolong had not used any methods to torture him at all. That was merely the Mighty God Prince making up stories.

The Mighty God Ruler nodded his head at his son’s complaint and reassured his son, “Don’t worry, even if the Heavenly Saint Ruler comes himself, he won’t be able to save this kid!”

And he wasn’t bragging. Although his strength was slightly lower than the Heavenly Saint Ruler, the Heavenly Saint Ruler was incapable of killing him. On this land, he as the ruler could borrow the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s origin energy. This would make him a little stronger than the Heavenly Saint Ruler. Therefore, he was very confident that even if the Heavenly Saint Ruler showed up, he wouldn’t be able to save Huang Xiaolong.

“Kid, do you think by submitting to the Heavenly Saint Ruler and obtaining the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s trust, you can do as you please? Do you think that I won’t kill you when you are in my Mighty God Heavenly Country’s territory?” The Mighty God Ruler turned his attention towards Huang Xiaolong, looking at him with a frosty gaze.

Huang Xiaolong was bewildered for a second. I have submitted to the Heavenly Saint Ruler, and he trusts me?

Huang Xiaolong smiled wryly, shaking his head. It seems like this Mighty God Ruler has assumed that his trump card and backing is the Heavenly Saint Ruler.

Then again, Huang Xiaolong understood that it was normal that the Mighty God Ruler had come to that conclusion.

“You’re mistaken.” Huang Xiaolong shook his head again as he stated.

Mistaken? The Mighty God Ruler, Mighty God Marshal Tian Qifei, and the others all looked baffled, failing to understand what Huang Xiaolong’s words meant.

“I did not submit to the Heavenly Saint Ruler.” Huang Xiaolong stressed and corrected, “It was the Heavenly Saint Ruler who submitted to me.”

The Mighty God Ruler, Mighty God Marshal Tian Qianfei, and the others blanked momentarily. Soon several ‘puffs’ sounded as the group erupted into laughter. More than half of the Mighty God Heavenly Country’s experts failed to hold back and broke out in laughter, saliva flying out.

Even the Mighty God Ruler and Marshal Tian Qifei flashed blinding bright smiles.

If it wasn’t for wanting to maintain their image, perhaps both of them would have laughed so hard that they would have bent over.

Mighty God Prince was guffawing like he was afraid Huang Xiaolong didn’t hear him, “Punk, why don’t you exaggerate a bit more? You can say that the Giant Kun Heavenly Country submitted to you, and you’re already the strongest person in the Heavens Path!”

The Giant Kun Heavenly Country was the Heavens Path most powerful country!

Clearly, none of the people in the Mighty God Heavenly Country believed what Huang Xiaolong had said.

Well, not only them, anyone in the Heavens Path would react the same way if they heard Huang Xiaolong’s words.

What kind of existence was the Heavenly Saint Ruler?

Among the rulers of the Heavens Path’s five most powerful heavenly countries, the Heavenly Saint Ruler was the fifth strongest expert, yet an adolescent youth was telling them that the Heavenly Saint Ruler had submitted to him??

Wouldn’t that mean that the Heavenly Saint Ruler was this punk’s subordinate?