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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2144

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2144

A Desperate Battle

As Huang Xiaolong’s body bent in an extreme manner like a bow, every strand of energy within his body rushed towards his right fist like lightning.

Light and darkness, two different kinds of powers concentrated in his right fist.

Due to the brilliance of lights from Huang Xiaolong’s right fist, even the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s big knife’s glint dimmed in its comparison.


Huang Xiaolong’s right fist smashed through the rays of knife qi, bombarding forward with overwhelming momentum, scattering the waves of knife qi rushing towards him and the others.


Right before the astounded eyes of the Heavenly Saint Country’s experts, Huang Xiaolong’s right fist punched directly onto the big knife.

A sharp collision of metals reverberated for miles and miles afar.

Roiling knife qi swept out chaotically in various directions. Volatile energies pulverized the nearby mountain ranges to the ground. Dust and sand from crumbled mountains rose into the air, obscuring everything in sight.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler felt an irresistible overwhelming power travel up from the big knife in his hand to his arm. He staggered, and the impact forced him back over ten li before he regained his balance.

The mid-grade supreme spiritual artifact in his hand was humming endlessly, threatening to fly out of his grip. Sharp bursts of pain and numbness slithered up his arm that washolding the big knife. He could not feel anything.

This result roused great waves of shock across the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s heart.

The present Heavenly Saint Country’s experts, including Marshal Lan Shifan, who had just swallowed a healing pellet, looked dumbfounded.

Even their Heavenly Saint Ruler, equipped with a mid-grade supreme spiritual artifact, was forced back?!

Even though their Heavenly Saint Ruler was merely forced back, it was important to remember that their Heavenly Saint Ruler was a late-Ninth Order Sovereign Realm expert who was close to advancing to the peak late-Ninth Order Sovereign! Among the many experts in Heavens Path, their ruler ranked fifth!

Didn’t that mean that Huang Xiaolong had the strength to enter the top ten in the Heavens Path?

Top ten!

After forcing the Heavenly Saint Ruler back with one punch, Huang Xiaolong checked his right fist. There were a few fine lned of blood on his skin that were formed when his fist had hit the big knife.

However, these were nothing but mere scratches. A soft white glow wrapped around Huang Xiaolong’s fist, and in the next second, the red scratches disappeared completely.

Seeing this sight, even the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s face turned solemn, and a thin film of cold sweat appeared on his forehead. This…?!

There is such a freak in the universe? With this level of monstrous physique?

Even a mid-grade supreme spiritual artifact barely left any injuries except for a few light scratches?

Flesh as strong as a mid-grade supreme spiritual artifact? This was literally a human form of mid-grade supreme spiritual artifact!

“Again!” While the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s face darkened, Huang Xiaolong shouted sonorously. In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong closed in on the Heavenly Saint Ruler with his fist punching out.

Huang Xiaolong activated the seven chaos lightning pools’ power between his brows. The seven chaos lightning pools’ power concentrated in his right hand, crackling on the surface of his fist.

Seven chaos lightning pools’ power ripped the fabric of space, crushing everything in its path like a vengeful, destructive lightning bolt.

For a fleeting moment, there was apprehension in the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s eyes. His grip tightened over the big knife and slashed forward at the void, cutting out boundaries of knife qi in an attempt to stop the seven chaos lightning pools’ power.

However, Huang Xiaolong’s fist force which contained the power of seven chaos lightnings crushed through the knife qi boundaries in the blink of an eye and finally landed on the golden scarlet big knife.

Weng! The golden scarlet big knife hummed in protest.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler staggered back unsteadily, and the sharp pain coursing up his arm became more prominent, turning into a heart-wrenching pain!

“Again!” Huang Xiaolong shouted as he continued to advance towards the Heavenly Saint Ruler. Without waiting for the Heavenly Saint Ruler to regain his balance, his fist swung out again. This time, the heart of hell in Huang Xiaolong’s chest emitted brilliant rays of black light.

This black light eclipsed all lights in the universe.

Waves of robust darkness energy spilled out from the heart of hell and roared out through Huang Xiaolong’s fist as if his fist was a giant opening of a dam of darkness energy that was the heart of hell.

Terror wound around the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s heart as he swung the big knife in his hand desperately to attack and defend himself at the same time.

Boom! Huang Xiaolong’s fist hit square on the golden scarlet big knife’s body.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler was repelled once more. This time, his body smashed onto the mountain behind him, shattering the mountain.

“The heart of hell!” The Heavenly Saint Ruler was both taken aback and exasperated.

“Again!” Huang Xiaolong’s nightmare of a voice, filled with desire for battle reverberated in the air again.

This time, boundless devilish lights exploded from Huang Xiaolong’s fist. Within the devilish lights was a bloody eyeball, overwhelming ancient curse runes, a stampede of beasts’ souls, the dizzying prism of colors, and an array of everchanging artifacts.


His fist once again hit the golden scarlet big knife.

This time, the Heavenly Saint Ruler failed to hold on to the golden scarlet big knife. The big knife flew out from his grip, humming endlessly as if it was crying…? Why am I the one who is suffering every time?

At the same time, the Heavenly Saint Ruler was smashed into the ground some distance away. The ground cracked open and a giant fissure ran across the surface like a snake.

This sight completely stupefied the Heavenly Saint Country’s experts.

Lan Shifan’s hands were shaking.

In front of Huang Xiaolong, the Heavenly Saint Ruler was actually powerless to resist!

But clearly, Huang Xiaolong had not broken through to high-level Sovereign Realm, yet his battle prowess was already so tyrannical. What would happen when Huang Xiaolong advanced to high-level Sovereign Realm? Will he be powerful enough to conquer the entire Heavens Path? Who wouldwithstand the force of Huang Xiaolong’s fist at that time?

Huang Xiaolong moved again in a flicker, arriving above the pit in the ground where the Heavenly Saint Ruler was in.

The stones and boulders burying the pit suddenly shot into the air as the Heavenly Saint Ruler flew up from the ground. The golden scarlet armor was not as shiny, and there was blood trickling down the corner of the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s mouth, looking worse for wear.

The confident smile and firm attitude from earlier had vanished from the Heavenly Saint Ruler’s body without a trace. He stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong with obvious disbelief. The shadow of fear in his eyes was hard to disguise.

That’s right, it was fear; fear that he felt only when facing the strongest person in Heavens Path.

Suddenly, figures flickered. The Heavenly Saint Country’s experts arrived behind the Heavenly Saint Ruler, all staring at Huang Xiaolong vigilantly.

“Your Majesty, are you alright?” Lan Shifan hesitated for a split second before asking.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler’s face twitched uncomfortably. He took a deep breath and answered, “I’m fine.”

But was he really fine?

The Heavenly Saint Ruler stared at Huang Xiaolong and spoke sullenly, “The hills are evergreen, and rivers flow endlessly, the next time we meet, I shall seek for another exchange with you.” With that said, the Heavenly Saint Ruler turned to the people behind him and said, “Let’s go!”

Although he was adamant to get the chaos lightning pools, the strength Huang Xiaolong had shown so far made him realize that there was no hope in snatching them from Huang Xiaolong’s hands. Hence, he could only withdraw now, and make other plans.

“Go?” Huang Xiaolong’s indifferent tone rang, “Who allowed you to leave?”

The Heavenly Saint Ruler and his group stopped abruptly at Huang Xiaolong’s words, and all of them were dumbfounded.

The Heavenly Saint Ruler turned back towards Huang Xiaolong, and his face had turned dark like a brewing storm, “What do you mean? Are you planning to leave us all here?” He sneered with obvious ridicule as he went on, “Although your strength is startling, I don’t think your strength alone is enough to handle the entire Heavenly Saint Country’s experts. I advise you to know when you should stop.” Golden scarlet flames rose on the surface of his skin, spreading to his entire body as he stared fixedly at Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong’s gaze swept over the present Heavenly Saint Country’s experts, and he spoke in a lazy drawl, “Is that so? I would like to take up the challenge. Make your move!”

Since the Heavenly Saint Country had come out in full force, how could he let them return so easily?

Hearing that, the Heavenly Saint Ruler laughed in anger, “Fine, in that case, my Heavenly Saint Country’s experts would fight to the death against you!” He refused to believe that Huang Xiaolong could fend off so many Heavenly Saint Country’s experts by himself.