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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2009

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2009

Shi Ming’s Appearance

At almost the same instant, everyone’s gaze landed on the mirror in Huang Xiaolong’s hand. Even the Sovereigns who were locked in a fierce battle stopped moving and turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

The mirror seemed to be able to gather all the darkness and frigid yin energy between the heavens and earth. In that instant, Huang Xiaolong seemed to have turned into the controller of yin and yang itself, governing the laws of life and death itself.

“Could it be?!” Jiang Hong exclaimed in shock.

“That’s the Nine Yin Magic Mirror!” A voice echoed through the air. Even though the volume wasn’t too loud, it contained a destructive power as it resounded in the ears of everyone present.

Nine Yin Magic Mirror!

Everyone felt as though a bomb had gone off in their minds.

The Nine Yin Magic Mirror was the supreme treasure of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe. In the past, Shi Ming had killed his way into the Divine World with the Nine Yin Magic Mirror in his hand. The might of the mirror had long been imprinted into the minds of everyone who had heard of the catastrophic battle. The mere mention of its name would chill the hearts of many.

Some people even claimed that the Nine Yin Magic Mirror was only second to the Ancient Heavenly Court!

It would be the second-ranked treasure in the myriad of worlds!

One could easily imagine the power the wielder of the mirror possessed.

When Lu Kun saw the mirror appearing in Huang Xiaolong’s hand, his mind turned blank. He forgot about the massive palm slamming down towards him, and his heart started racing.

It was too bad Huang Xiaolong wasn’t going to wait for everyone to digest the fact that he had the Nine Yin Magic Mirror. He poured darkness energy from his Archdevil Supreme Godhead into it without letting up. After accepting the King of Hell’s inheritance, he could control the strongest frigid yin qi from hell. Along with the darkness energy from the Archdevil Supreme Godhead, Huang Xiaolong activated the Nine Yin Magic Mirror. A horrifying pillar of black light shot into the sky.


All the light in the Radiance World was swallowed by the pillar of darkness. In the face of the supreme darkness, even light itself would have to retreat. Nothing seemed to be able to stop or hinder the appearance of the pillar of darkness.

With incredible speed, the pillar of darkness appeared before Lu Kun.

Before the pillar of darkness could smash into him, Lu Kun already felt his blood flowing in reverse. He could feel the energy in his body freezing up, and a feeling of helplessness filled him.

Lu Kun raised his head to roar at the heavens. Instead of blocking the giant palm, Lu Kun directed all his energy towards the pillar of darkness.

“Myriad Appearance Grand Devil Light!”

As he unleashed his strength at the pillar of darkness, a huge image of a devil appeared. Formed by more than ten thousand different rays of devilish light, Lu Kun’s attack seemed to possess world-crushing might.


When the pillar of darkness collided with Lu Kun’s strike, the heavens shook.

However, it was clear who took the upper hand. When the two ultimate attacks clashed, the devil summoned by Lu Kun was frozen solid in an instant.

A tremor ran through the hearts of everyone present. The Myriad Appearance Grand Devil Light was an attack that contained the full power of a Sovereign Realm expert. However, it failed to last for a second in front of the pillar of darkness summoned by Huang Xiaolong!

Luckily for Lu Kun, the devil managed to stop the pillar of light in its place after turning into an ice statue.

However, the instant he relaxed, the giant palm came crashing down onto him. As he raised his head, brilliant rays of light blinded him. The palm sent by the soul strand of the Radiance Ancestor fell onto him without any obstructions.

Lu Kun’s body froze for a second, and he was sent flying. When he finally crashed into one of the massive mountain ranges in a distant world surface, he blasted a hole through the earth.

Everyone stared at the scene before them in shock.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t hesitate as the sixteen wings on his back unfurled once again. Boundless radiance energy rushed into the wings, and the aura Huang Xiaolong emitted started to soar.

When the Radiance World’s origin energy entered his body, Huang Xiaolong powered up once again. He controlled the Radiance Divine Seal, Radiance Divine Scepter, and the Heavenly Hall to smash down at Lu Kun once again. Turning the Nine Yin Magic Mirror in his hand, another pillar of darkness emerged. This time, it blocked off the area around Lu Kun.

When Lu Kun emerged from the hole in the ground, he stared at the three supreme treasures of the Radiance World flying towards him. Just as he had accepted his fate, another pillar of darkness appeared in the space around him.

The pillar of darkness that had just appeared contained a sinister aura, and it contained a type of frigid qi that could freeze the heavens.

It appeared in front of Lu Kun and shielded him from Huang Xiaolong’s assault.

Shockingly enough, it succeeded in blocking off Huang Xiaolong’s fully powered attack. Compared to the Myriad Appearance Grand Devil Light that Lu Kun had used previously, the pillar of light that had just appeared was countless times stronger.


Some of the pontiffs swallowed a mouthful of saliva in shock.

“Nine Yin Light!” Huang Xiaolong and Cang Zongyuan exclaimed at the same time. The two of them had experienced the Nine Yin Light in the past when Shi Ming had killed his way to the Dragon Bear Valley.

As soon as the words left their lips, space started to shake, and a massive figure appeared from the crack in space.

Around the giant figure, death qi swirled around and formed a boundless sea. Even those hiding somewhere distant from the battlefield could feel the strength of the death qi.

“Shi Ming!”

The old ancestor of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Shi Ming, had finally made his appearance!

No one would have thought that Shi Ming would appear in the Radiance Divine City’s darkest moment.

The hearts of everyone in the Radiance Knight Corp sank. The look on Elan’s face became serious. Even though Shi Ming’s strength couldn’t match up to the old monster, Lun Zhuan, his fame had long since surpassed the old monster. He was the person who had nearly destroyed the Heavenly Court. In the past, he had led the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe to conquer more than half of the Divine World. He had killed countless experts from the Divine World, and no one knew how many super experts he had killed.

His fame came from the rivers of blood and mountains of bones he had piled up.

When Lun Zhuan saw Shi Ming’s appearance, he snorted. “Good thing you’re here. Help me out here. We’ll suppress the Reverence Moon Old Man!” Even though the Reverence Moon Old Man had not shown up, he had already beaten Lun Zhuan up with just his staff. Lun Zhuan was bullied to the point where he couldn’t fight back. He had already suffered severe injuries, and he was barely holding on.

Shi Ming’s appearance caused him to jump in joy.

Shi Ming turned and looked at him. “Brother Lun Zhuan, don’t worry. Wait for me to kill Huang Xiaolong. After I’m done here, I’ll help you out.”

His gaze quickly turned to look at the Nine Yin Magic Mirror in Huang Xiaolong’s hand. “Huang Xiaolong, I never expect you to be the one holding onto my treasure. You can’t even utilize it to its fullest… You’re wasting the potential of my treasure! Hand it over right now, and I’ll give you a painless death.”

It was a naked threat.

However, Huang Xiaolong sneered, “Shi Ming, you couldn’t even kill me when I was in the Heavenly Monarch Realm. What makes you think that you can do so now? Wait till I unify the Radiance World. I’ll lead my troops over to exterminate your Nine Yin Corpse Tribe once I’m done here.”

It was true. The thought of attacking the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe had passed through Huang Xiaolong’s mind in the past. Right now, Shi Ming’s appearance only served to solidify his determination to destroy the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe.

Shi Ming roared with laughter when he heard what Huang Xiaolong said. “Huang Xiaolong, do you really think that you can unify the Radiance World with the help of the Reverence Moon Old Man? Let me tell you, other than Chu Han and I, there are tons of experts in Hell hoping that you fail to unify the Radiance World. You are definitely going to die here today!”