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[Story] Invincible – S01 E2005

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 2005

Kill Huang Xiaolong!


Old Monster Lun Zhuan’s suggestion shocked everyone.

Even Dun Ei started to panic. He had burned a hole in his treasury in order to bring Old Monster Lun Zhuan over to his side. Right now, his strongest backing was negotiating with his enemies!

“Senior Lun Zhuan, this…” Dun Ei was no longer able to hide his fury.

Lun Zhuan turned to stare at Dun Ei, and he said in a cold voice, “What? Do I need you to teach me how to do things?”

Dun Ei hastily retracted the frown on his face. Instead, he slowly forced out a smile. “No, no, no… I wouldn’t dare…”

The King of Shadows spoke out suddenly while Dun Ei was busy dealing with Lun Zhuan. “Huang Xiaolong, if you give me the City of Eternity, I’ll leave as well. I won’t care about the matters of the Radiance World any longer.”

It was clear that he was only speaking about the matters of the Radiance World. When it was time for the Heavenly Court to deal with Huang Xiaolong in the future, he would definitely lend them a hand.

Huang Xiaolong stared at Lun Zhuan, and the King of Shadows as a smile slowly appeared on his face. A mocking sneer eventually left his lips. “I think that you two have a hole in your brain. Are you mentally disabled? Am I supposed to give out my treasures to any mid-grade Sovereign who comes along?! Stop dreaming about getting half of any treasures or my City of Eternity. I won’t give you even half a broken rock in the treasury, and neither will you be able to obtain the dust from my City of Eternity.”

The King of Shadows and Lun Zhuan stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

They had felt that it was more than fair to ask Huang Xiaolong for some of his treasures in order to leave the battle. After all, if they didn’t assist Dun Ei, Huang Xiaolong would be able to unify the Radiance World!

He wouldn’t be suffering a loss even if he gave them half of the Radiance Ancestor’s treasures and the City of Eternity.

However, he dared to mock them!

“Fine, since that is the case, we shall stop at nothing to kill you! Huang Xiaolong, prepare to die! We shall kill you and take the entire treasury!” Lun Zhuan raged, “Killing you is nothing more than stepping on an ant! Do you really think that you will be able to avoid death with the help of Cang Mutian and the Reverence Moon Old Man?!”

As soon as he spoke, the wheel in his hand shot out once again. It pierced through space and appeared before Huang Xiaolong in an instant.

From inside the barrier, he could do anything he wanted to those outside the barrier. However, those outside the barrier had to break through the formation before they could touch those inside it. As such, Lun Zhuan had no fear of the Reverence Old Man as long as he remained inside the barrier. No matter how strong the Reverence Moon Old Man was, he wouldn’t be able to do a thing to Lun Zhuan.

When Lun Zhuan sent his wheel slicing towards Huang Xiaolong for the third time, he no longer used brute force. The wheel broke into ten thousand smaller wheels, and they flew towards Huang Xiaolong from all directions. Every single wheel could kill an ordinary Third Order Sovereign, and one could only imagine the strength needed to defend against Old Monster Lun Zhuan’s attack.

The King of Shadows didn’t remain idle either. He roared with rage. “Huang Xiaolong, right now, I’ll kill you and take more than your City of Eternity! I want your Divine Radiance Scepter as well!” The bone spike in his hand shook, and it turned into a massive White Bone Devil God. Devil flames rose to the heavens as it vaporized everything around it.

The White Bone Devil God stretched out a single arm and slapped towards Huang Xiaolong.

Elan, Jiang Hong, and the others felt their hearts drop.


Cang Mutian raised his head and released a cry that shook the countless divine planes around the battlefield. As his figure blurred, he returned to his true form. A massive Dragon Bear appeared before Huang Xiaolong. With the head and tail of a dragon and body and limbs of a bear, Cang Mutian seemed like he was an unmovable mountain as he reached his paws out to block the White Bone Devil God’s attack.

The Reverence Moon Old Man’s wooden cane appeared once again. This time, it emitted resplendent rays of light as it pierced through the light barrier that Lun Zhuan was so confident of. A pillar that seemed to pierce through the world slammed directly into the tiny wheel in the middle of all the others.

When his wooden cane slammed into the wheel, a tiny crack appeared on the wheel’s surface, and all the other wheels disappeared.

As Huang Xiaolong turned his attention back to Cang Mutian, he realized that the White Bone Devil God was sent flying as the King of Shadows retreated several steps.

Cang Mutian was no weakling. As a mid-Fourth Order Sovereign, when he transformed into his true form, Chang Mutian was even stronger than the King of Shadows, who was at the late-Fourth Order Sovereign Realm.

Huang Xiaolong didn’t remain idle either. With a dragon’s roar emerging from his lips, endless light shot out from his body. From afar, he looked like a massive sun emitting rays of radiance energy. As the intensity of light around his body increased, the fluctuations in the space of the Radiance World became more intense.

Radiance Spirits poured into the battlefield, and they started to merge. In an instant, an army of several tens of thousands of Radiance Spirit Generals was formed.

Even though their strength couldn’t be compared to Huang Xiaolong, every single one of them was at the very least in the Emperor Realm.

Any single one of them could kill a mid-First Order Emperor.

Under the shocked gazes of everyone present, the Radiance Spirit Generals broke through space and crossed the barrier as though it didn’t exist.

They crossed the barrier without the slightest bit of resistance!


As soon as the Radiance Spirit Generals entered the space within the barrier, they started their killing spree. Of course, none of them charge towards the Sovereign Realm experts. Instead, they swarmed towards the cultivators who were guarding the formation on the various world surfaces.

Before long, miserable cries echoed through space as the formations Dun Ei had ordered to be set up were shattered to pieces.

“Hurry up, stop them! Kill them all!” Dun Ei turned to all the pontiffs under him and roared with rage.

After snapping back to reality, all of them realized that the situation was bad. In an instant, all of them flew towards the Radiance Spirit Generals and started their killing spree. It was too bad they quickly realized that it was useless. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t kill any of the Radiance Spirit Generals. Even if their attacks landed on the heads of the spirits, the Radiance Spirit Generals would revive instantly.

“It’s Huang Xiaolong! Hurry up, kill Huang Xiaolong!” Dun Ei realized the problem as well, and he turned his attention back to his source of troubles.

The experts behind him no longer hesitated as they charged towards Huang Xiaolong.

“Kill!” Huang Xiaolong wasn’t one to stand by idly and allow the opponents to make the first move. He turned around and passed down his order to the bishops of the Radiance Knight Corp behind him.

With a single order, the entire Radiance Knight Corp sprung into action. The bishops led the knights as they surged towards the experts from the Radiance Divine City.

As the Radiance Spirit Generals broke the formations one after another, the Radiance Knight Corp managed to kill their way towards the members of the Radiance Divine City quickly. The battlefield erupted into chaos.

Elan, Jiang Hong, Cang Zongyuan, and the three Skull Ancestors quickly brought their own troops and charged into the midst of the battle.

In an instant, the silver river that was the Radiance Knight Corp entangled with the army of the Radiance Divine City.

As corpses filled the skies, the stench of blood saturated the air. Killing intent shook the skies, and a bitter battle raged on.