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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1947

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1947

Xiaolong! Big Brother!

Everyone on the Fire Stone World seemed to raise their heads simultaneously to look above them. A look of terror flashed through their eyes.

It didn’t matter if they were old ancestors who had been in secluded cultivation for millions of years or some regular disciples, as every single one of them opened their eyes in shock.

In the mines of the Earth Shattering Sect, Sect Leader Hu Qingzhong and Cheng Guotao weren’t exceptions. Every single expert saw the look of terror in each other’s eyes.

“This… This is the might of an Emperor! A bunch of Emperors!” Hu Qingzhong’s voice trembled as he cried out in fear. “How can there be so many Emperors appearing on our Fire Stone World?!”

Cheng Guotao felt his lips shaking as he spoke. “It seems like dozens of Emperors have arrived! Did something happen on our Fire Stone World?!”

Hu Qingzhong shook his head after hearing what Cheng Guotao said. “Not several dozen! There are at least a hundred of them! A hundred Emperor Realm experts! How can there be so many Emperors appearing on our Fire Stone World? Could there be some sort of ultimate treasure being born here?!”

The strongest individual on the Fire Stone World was a Heavenly Monarch. Moreover, he was just a mere high-level Heavenly Monarch. For a billion years, no Emperor had appeared on the Fire Stone World. However, more than a hundred of them had appeared all at once at this moment!

With the unstoppable aura emitted by Huang Xiaolong’s party, even Heavenly Monarchs like Cheng Guotao and Hu Qingzhong felt their legs turning soft.

As for the other experts from the Earth Shattering Gang, there was no need to say anything else. Turning to look at the disciples who were dragging Huang Peng and Guo Xiaofan away, they fell to the grounds as their bodies convulsed!

Just a moment ago, the Silver Fox Commerce’s spies had planned to take away Huang Peng and the others. In the instant that they were going to make their move, they were stopped by the horrifying pressure coming from Huang Xiaolong’s party. None of them could move a single muscle.

Since the Silver Fox Commerce didn’t have a branch in the Fire Stone World, the spies they had there were all ordinary outer members of the chamber of commerce. They were merely Ancestor Gods. Even Heavenly Monarchs were scared to the point of crumbling to the ground, let alone people like them!

The instant Huang Xiaolong arrived on the surface of the world surface, he raised his head and roared towards the heavens. The Fire Stone World shook while Huang Xiaolong and the others charged through the skies towards the mine.

“Did… Did the Dragon Race’s Emperor descend?!” Cheng Guotao widened his eyes in shock. “They seem to be flying towards us!”

Hu Qingzhong swallowed a mouthful of saliva to moisten his dry throat as he stuttered, “Could it be that the treasure is located around this area?!”

A treasure that could attract so many Emperors was bound to be a heaven-defying one!

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes were bloodshot as he circulated all the godforce in his body to rush towards the location stated by Bei Xiaomei. As the aura of all the Emperors in his party expanded, they left a trail of ruin along the way. Mountains crumbled, and valleys cracked.

As forests fell, rivers started to float into the sky.

The instant the water approached the ice dragons, it turned into shards of frozen ice. Losing the ability to fly, the shards of ice fell like rain onto the earth below.

Fang Xuanxuan and Peng Xiao followed behind Huang Xiaolong hastily, and their expressions changed when they saw the destruction below them. They were afraid that even Sovereign Realm experts wouldn’t be able to stand tall in front of Huang Xiaolong gang’s combined strength.

Below them, the experts from the Fire Stone World kneeled on the ground as they stared at the group of Emperors flying above their heads.

“Are those radiance angels?! Oh my. Twelve wings… No! They have fourteen wings!”

“What are those ice creatures?! The frigid qi they exude is terrifying!”

“Could those be members of the Undead Race?!”

Several old ancestors cried in shock while they kneeled on the ground.

Every time the group passed a city, clouds would turn into ice, and the city walls would tremble uncontrollably.

“This… Is the world coming to an end?!” One of the Heavenly Monarch ancestors stammered as he mumbled in numbed shock.

Under the terrified gaze of the experts from the Fire Stone World, Huang Xiaolong and the others soon arrived in the territory controlled by the Earth Shattering Gang. Huang Xiaolong caught sight of the thousands of cities controlled by them.

With a sweep of his divine sense, Huang Xiaolong locked on to his parents and the others in the mines of the Earth Shattering Sect. He quickly discovered the injuries on his parents’ bodies. When he noticed Huang Peng and Guo Fan lying in a pool of blood, he raised his head once again and roared towards the heavens.


The heavens trembled, and the earth shook.

With a single howl from Huang Xiaolong, countless cities collapsed as the soundwave dispersed around him.

The earth broke open, and doomsday seemed to have arrived for the Fire Stone World.

Huang Xiaolong brought the four odd beasts and radiance angels as he charged towards the mine.

When the group of experts from the Earth Shattering Gang heard the roar from Huang Xiaolong, all of them were flung away with no exceptions.

When Cheng Guotao, Hu Qingzhong crawled to their feet, they saw Huang Xiaolong soaring through the air towards them. Behind him were four massive beasts and radiance angels who emitted resplendent rays of light around them. The one hundred Undead Netherguards and over seventy Ice Dragons followed behind them.

When they saw the group of monsters and experts behind Huang Xiaolong, their fear hit the limit. That isn’t one hundred Emperor Realm experts!

“It… it’s Huang Xiaolong!” Hu Qingzhong saw the features on Huang Xiaolong’s face, and his body started to tremble. He opened his mouth to force the greeting through his lips. “Your… Your Majesty!”

In the Battle of the Heavenly Court that had happened previously, Hu Qingzhong was part of the spectators when he had taken the members of his sect over. At that time, he had managed to catch Huang Xiaolong’s battle. As such, he was able to recognize Huang Xiaolong the moment he appeared.

“What?! Huang Xiaolong?!” The faces of Cheng Guotao and the experts of the Earth Shattering Gang changed.

As for the disciples who guarded the mines, they felt the blood draining from their faces. They realized that something very wrong might go down!

At almost the same time, they turned to look at Guo Xiaofan lying on the ground. Could it really be?! Are they…

The disciple who had whipped Huang Peng and Gao Xiaofan felt his world spinning as his face turned ash-gray.

When Huang Xiaolong approached, Su Yan, Huang Min, and the others recognized him immediately. Looks of joy filled their faces as they rejoiced. Tears streamed down their faces as they celebrated in their hearts.

Su Yan rushed towards Huang Xiaolong as though she was possessed, and she cried out in a hoarse voice, “Xiaolong!”