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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1800

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1800

The Appearance of 16 Wings

It was no wonder even Di Jun was stirred. Anyone who knew about the past would probably react the same way!

The Radiance Ancestor was a hegemon of the many worlds! Even the Ancient Heavenly Emperor had to join hands with the Buddha Ancestor to fight against him! One could only begin to imagine his prowess.

“No wonder…”

“It seems like that’s the case!”

Di Jun became agitated, and a greedy light flashed through his eyes.

In an instant, he looked like he had he managed to understand many things.

When Huang Xiaolong had managed to take out forty million low-grade chaos spirit stones like it was nothing, everyone had thought that he had obtained some sort of fantastic treasure. It was no fabulous treasure if Huang Xiaolong had managed to obtain the inheritance of the Radiance Ancestor; he would definitely have obtained the most precious of treasures belonging to the Radiance Ancestor himself!

The Radiance Ancestor was the ruler of one of the Six Great Worlds of the past! If not for the presence of so many people, Di Jun would have already made his move to search Huang Xiaolong’s soul to snatch the Radiance Ancestor’s inheritance and treasure!

At that moment, Di Jun swore that Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t be able to take half a step out of the Heavenly Court.

Regardless of who comes, no one will be able to save you!

Di Jun swept his gaze to the two beasts standing at the side, and a terrifying light flashed through his eyes.

No one knew when, but around the moment Di Jun looked towards the two beasts, the crowd went wild. Two wings grew out from Huang Xiaolong’s back.

The wings were sparkling and translucent, and without a doubt, they were condensed from the pure radiance energy around him. At that moment, everyone realized that the ten wings on Lan Tailong’s body were nothing more than counterfeit goods. Comparing Lan Tailong’s wings to Huang Xiaolong was like comparing a firefly to the moon.

Before the crowd could settle down, two more wings grew out from Huang Xiaolong’s back.

“Four wings?! Did Huang Xiaolong cultivate the Radiance Saint Manual?!” Several ancestors gasped in shock.

“Lan Tailong had reached great completion in the Radiance Saint Manual, and he had managed to form ten wings. I wonder how many Huang Xiaolong will be able to call out…” Another ancestor muttered in a low voice.

“He can probably form ten wings… Under the Emperor Realm, is it impossible for someone to form more than ten. That’s the rule stated in the Radiance Saint Manual. Unless Huang Xiaolong breaks through to the Emperor Realm, he wouldn’t be able to form the twelfth wing…” Some ancestor from some superpower declared with confidence.

Everyone nodded their heads. The limit of the Radiance Saint Manual was known to all.

Even the most talented geniuses from the Brightness Emperor Palace could form ten wings when they were in the Heavenly Monarch Realm. No one had ever surpassed that limit.

As the discussions carried on, another pair of wings appeared behind Huang Xiaolong.

“Six wings!”

Under the gazes of everyone present, light once again emerged from Huang Xiaolong’s back. Another pair of wings appeared.

Eight wings, four pairs!

Huang Xiaolong seemed to be completely covered in radiance energy by the time all eight wings formed. Under the illumination of the brilliant light coming from Huang Xiaolong’s body, all sorts of evil were suppressed.

When everyone thought that four pairs of wings were his limit, another pair appeared behind Huang Xiaolong! Five pairs!

“He has managed to form ten wings!”

The spectators sucked in a cold breath of air in shock.

Just when everyone thought that it was over, the light behind Huang Xiaolong started to swirl around once again. The fluctuation wasn’t something that could be compared with the previous few times.

Everyone who stared at Huang Xiaolong felt like their eyeballs were about to pop out from their socket.


In that single instant, heaven and earth seemed to turn a little brighter.

Feeling a sharp pain in their eyes, everyone present blinked, and when they opened their eyes again, they saw twelve wings fluttering in the wind behind Huang Xiaolong!

‘Twelve… Twelve wings!!!” Gasps of shock could be heard in the air.

Wasn’t the limit of the Radiance Saint Manual set at ten wings when a cultivator was in the Heavenly Monarch Realm?! How was a Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch able to condense twelve wings?!

Di Jing looked at the twelve wings behind Huang Xiaolong, and he felt his heart constrict. A strong sense of unease filled his body all of a sudden.

Clenching his fists, his body burned with the radiance of a thousand suns once again. Just as he was about to attack Huang Xiaolong, an explosion of light erupted behind Huang Xiaolong. Resplendent rays of light filled the skies once again, and under Di Jing’s astonished gaze, another pair of wings appeared behind Huang Xiaolong.

Four… Fourteen wings!

“How… How is this possible?! Even the current Brightness Emperor can only form twelve wings! How is Huang Xiaolong able to condense fourteen wings?! The legends of fourteen wings had only appeared in the legends! Zhang Renjie from the Grandmist Emperor Palace yelled in shock.

Everyone felt the same way as tremors ran through their heart.

When Huang Xiaolong revealed his twelve wings, everyone already found his talent immeasurable. Right now, fourteen wings were on display right before their eyes!

Even Heavenly Emperor Di Jun couldn’t hide his shock.

Suddenly, the heavens and earth started to tremble as the radiance energy behind Huang Xiaolong started to move. No, it would be more appropriate to say that the movement of the radiance energy behind Huang Xiaolong caused the heavens and earth to tremble. The world turned a sheet of white and buzzing sound filled the ears of everyone present. The space behind Huang Xiaolong started to crack, and spatial tears formed all around him.

The eighth pair of wings started to solidify behind Huang Xiaolong as he stood tall in the arena, high above everyone’s horrified gaze. A pair of perfect wings formed from radiance runes appeared before their eyes.

“Six… Sixteen…”

An Emperor Realm ancestor in the crowd felt his body going limp as the words couldn’t leave his mouth.

Sixteen wings was something never heard of since the start of time…

No one had ever heard, let alone seen, a being with sixteen wings!

Even though no one was able to form fourteen wings, it was something that had appeared in the past. As for an existence with sixteen wings, there was no knowledge or proof of their existence!


Heavenly Prince Di Jing’s body started to transform again, and bone-like spikes grew out from his body. The spikes were sharp like heavenly blades, and nothing seemed to be able to stand in their way.

Everyone sucked in a cold breath when they saw the change in Di Jing’s body.

“Legends have it that the Heaven’s Dao Physique is split into three stages. He was in the human form before… could this be the second form, the Heavenly Beast form?!” Wang Haojun asked in astonishment.

The second form was said to possess offensive and defensive abilities several times compared to the first form.

“Huang Xiaolong, die!” Di Jing roared as though he was a Heavenly Beast as he charged towards Huang Xiaolong. A frosty light covered his arm, and it emitted a terrifying might.

Just as Di Jing’s arm was about to pierce Huang Xiaolong’s chest, the sixteen wings behind Huang Xiaolong moved. They stretched to their fullest before slamming straight towards Di Jing.

When Di Jing crashed into the sixteen wings’ combined power, he felt a bone-shattering pain run through his arm.

“Bang!” A loud explosion echoed through the air, and something seemed to crack. Di Jing’s attack appeared to have hit the chaos rampart of the Radiance World itself, and a devastatingly strong wave of energy was released from Huang Xiaolong’s body. The restrictions on the True Emperor Stage shattered, and an unstoppable torrent of energy charged towards the spectators.