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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1795

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1795

Three King of Supreme Godheads

When Huang Xiaolong revealed his True Dragon Physique to the world, the heavens and earth shook.

An indescribable light covered Huang Xiaolong’s body, and ancient runes could be seen spreading around Huang Xiaolong’s body, originating from his chest.

“Dragon Runes!”

A crack formed in space, and primordial dragon qi broke through time and space to where Huang Xiaolong was. Copious amounts of dragon qi entered his body.

Before long, the radiance of the dragon runes covered Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Dragons were the king of beasts, and they were the controller of the heavens.

The Heavenly Emperor was also referred to as the ‘Dragon Emperor,’ but he wasn’t a true dragon. As for Huang Xiaolong, he emitted a kind of energy that suppressed the world.

As the aura Huang Xiaolong emitted broke through the skies, his combat strength rose to the mid-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!

Dragons seemed to form the runes on the horn protruding from his forehead, and it looked like the horn itself was born from the darkest regions of Hell. Endless might and dragon’s prestige came from Huang Xiaolong’s horn.

Even the Brightness Emperor Palace and Fiend God Emperor Palace no longer dared to make a single sound.

Despite the mockery in the crowd previously, the entire plaza fell silent in an instant.

Even the present experts couldn’t help but hold their breath for fear of breathing too loudly.

A terrifying cry emerged from the depths of Huang Xiaolong’s body for the second time.

The entire world became a little brighter as a resplendent light broke through the void to shine down on the world.

The brilliant light gathered around Huang Xiaolong’s body, and he turned into a sun that lit up the world.

Everyone swallowed a mouthful of saliva at this sight.

A golden godhead flew out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, and the moment it appeared, the nine heavens lit up to welcome its presence. Blinding rays of light were accompanied by boundless Buddhist energy as it filled the world. Not a single corner in the world remained in darkness when Huang Xiaolong’s godhead appeared.

Figures of Buddha appeared around the godhead, and a supreme Buddhist nation seemed to be born instantly.

“This… this is the Innumerable Buddha King of Supreme Godhead?!”

It was simply incredible! No one dared to believe their eyes.

Wasn’t the Innumerable Buddha King of Supreme Godhead only said to appear in the Buddhist World?! Why in the world did Huang Xiaolong possess an Innumerable Buddha King of Supreme Godhead?!

As golden light filled the area, the aura around Huang Xiaolong’s body rose once again. He arrived at the peak of the late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

Buddhist light shone down on the world, and Huang Xiaolong’s body was enveloped with the glow of endless buddha’s might.

“This is Huang Xiaolong’s true strength?! What the h*ll?!” An ancestor of the Martial Demon Emperor Palace exclaimed in shock.

“So what? He’s too weak compared to Heavenly Prince Di Jing. What a joke.” Chen Wenqian from the Brightness Emperor Palace laughed coldly. “He’s going to be smashed into meat paste with a single attack from Heavenly Prince Di Jing.”

As soon as the words left Chen Wenqian’s lips, an even more terrifying event happened.

A void formed by darkness energy started to appear, with Huang Xiaolong in the center. An infinite amount of darkness energy surged out as though a supervolcano was erupting with the might of Hell behind it. The heavens trembled as darkness energy covered the world.

Everyone could see that another godhead had appeared behind Huang Xiaolong’s Innumerable Buddha King of Supreme Godhead.

It was a darkness attributed king of supreme godhead!

The Buddhist energy had made Huang Xiaolong a mini sun in the Divine World, but everything changed when the darkness godhead appeared. Without losing his previous splendor, Huang Xiaolong turned into the ruler of darkness.

As the Archdevil King Supreme Godhead appeared, the darkness it emitted caused everyone to lose all hope of ever resisting. Bone-chilling energy seeped into the minds of everyone present, and they felt their souls shaking.

Along with the Archdevil King of Supreme Godhead’s appearance, the heavens and earth seemed to come to a standstill. A feeling of despair and destruction appeared.

The aura Huang Xiaolong emitted was no longer capped at the Heavenly Monarch Realm—it was at early-First Order Emperor Realm—mid-First Order Emperor Realm.

“Huang Xiaolong actually has two king of supreme godheads!!!” Wang Haojun of the True Divinity Sect screamed in shock.

He had guessed that Huang Xiaolong had two king of supreme godheads in the past, but those were all conjectures. It was different from seeing it in person.

Everyone felt their hearts tremble in utter fear and disbelief.

Even Di Jun revealed a look of horror when he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

There were countless living beings with an uncountable number of talents all around in the myriad of worlds. Di Jun had seen people with two supreme godheads, but never in his billions of years of existence had he heard of anyone with two king of supreme godheads!

Two king of supreme godheads had already broken the logic that had been in place since time immemorial.

According to logic, there was no way for any existence to possess two king of supreme godheads.

Di Jing frowned, and he looked at the two godheads in shock. By the time he recovered, Huang Xiaolong was already emitting the pressure of a peak late-First Order Emperor Realm.

As the two godheads rotated in mid-air, they formed a yin yang diagram as all the world’s energy seemed to return to primordial chaos itself.

Even though Heavenly Prince Di Jing was in shock, he didn’t feel that it was hopeless. He stood his ground and looked at Huang Xiaolong calmly. “Huang Xiaolong, is this all you have? You really lived up to my expectations. It seems like you have two king of supreme godheads. It’s too bad that even with those two king of supreme godheads, you won’t be my opponent!”

It was just like what Di Jing had said. Even though Huang Xiaolong had two king of supreme godheads, it wouldn’t be enough. Huang Xiaolong’s actual strength was at the Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm. The difference in their actual strengths were three whole realms. If Huang Xiaolong had been at the Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, it would have been a completely different story.

Di Jing’s vigor charged up to the nine heavens. It seemed as though he was confident of killing Huang Xiaolong this time.

The moment the second king of supreme godhead appeared, Di Jing’s intention to kill Huang Xiaolong had already broken past the limit.

Huang Xiaolong’s lips curled upwards, and he looked at how Di Jing was still acting all arrogant and full of himself. No longer holding anything back, Huang Xiaolong showed his real strength.


The sound of heaven and earth-shattering was as clear as day when the crack resounded in everyone’s mind.

This… They turned to Huang Xiaolong once again, and their expressions changed. Their hearts trembled as a singular thought ran through their mind. That’s not possible!

The roar from a dragon shook the world as the Holy Dragon King of Supreme Godhead emerged. The instant it appeared, the sky lost its color. Boundless dragon prestige and might seemingly congealed into something corporeal, and it suppressed every living being present.

Even Di Jun, who was sitting on his Nine Dragon Throne, leaped to his feet as all the muscles in his body spasmed.

Regardless of whichever superpower they were from, the ancestor-level Emperors felt the blood drain from their face.

Chen Wenqian, Gudu Wuyi, and several other Emperors who had formed grudges with Huang Xiaolong felt their legs go soft, and they crashed into the ground. Even Han Qing from the Grandmist Emperor Palace widened his eyes in shock. Her eyes rolled backward, and her body swayed from side to side.

“Ancestor Han Qing!” Several disciples rushed up to support her.

As the Holy Dragon King of Supreme Godhead soared into the sky, it joined the Innumerable Buddha King of Supreme Godhead and the Archdevil King of Supreme Godhead to form a triangle. Primordial chaos suppressed the world, and indescribable might filled the heavens and earth.

Huang Xiaolong stood on the stage like an immovable mountain. He was the Buddha Ancestor, King of the Demons, and the Divine Dragon Emperor all at the same time!

Looking at the three king of supreme godheads behind Huang Xiaolong, Di Jun was no longer able to keep his calm. For the first time, an ugly expression appeared on his face.