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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1708

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1708

Shi Yinyu’s Crisis

While the Massacring Gods Gate’s Old Ancestor Chu Han’s anguished scream alarmed the sect from top to bottom, the Massacring Gods Gate Chief Chu Gaofei’s wrathful voice resounded in everyone’s ears, “All Grand Elders and above, rush to the main hall immediately!”

“If you fail to arrive within fifteen minutes, you will be execute!”

All the experts’ hearts shuddered feeling the wrathful killing intent in Gate Chief Chu Gaofei’s voice. Although they were not clear about what had happened, they were sure that it was something big.

In a moment, figures from various corners of the Massacring Gods Gate headquarters sped towards the main hall as fast as they could.

Soon, the main hall saw Grand Elders and Emperor Realm Ancestors arriving consecutively.

The Massacring Gods Gate headquarters spacious main hall soon became crowded.

Despite that, it was unusually quiet. No one dared to make any noise.

At the top of the main hall’s main seats, lights glimmered as the Massacring Gods Gate’s Old Ancestor Chu Han and Gate Chief Chu Gaofei appeared simultaneously. Violent killing intent surged around them.

The Massacring Gods Gate’s experts had never seen their Old Ancestor and Gate Chief exude such frightening killing intent.

Old Ancestor Chu Han arrived at the main hall but did not sit down. Instead, he scanned the crowd with sharp eyes. There was a scary gleam in his eyes, that sent a chill down everyone’s spine. Then, Chu Han’s scratchy voice sounded, “Your Young Lord… died just now!”

Those words were like a hammer cruelly falling on everyone’s heart and breaking it into pieces. They finally realized why their Old Ancestor and Gate Chief exuded such violent killing intent and wrath.

But there was still a part of them that denied what they had just heard and refused to believe those words. Their Young Lord was a king of supreme godhead genius, how could he be dead? More importantly, who has the guts to kill their Young Lord?

They didn’t believe that there was someone who dared to kill their Young Lord!

“The Holy Mountain’s event has recently ended, and Tao’er is still at the Nethersea!” The Massacring Gods Gate Chief Chu Gaofei said with a ruthless gleam.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

Does that mean the one who killed their Young Lord is that Netherworld King’s Organisation’s new master? That Asura noble?

They had already known that their Young Lord had reached an agreement with the Howling Moon Wolf Race and Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe to kill that Asura noble.

“Listen to my command! Activate the headquarters’ grand formation array, and order all the Massacring Gods Gate’s branches to be on alert, standby for battle!” Old Ancestor Chu Han’s murderous voice echoed in the main hall.

“We obey the Old Ancestor’s edict!”

“Gaofei, you remain here to watch over the headquarters. I will make a trip to the Nethersea personally!” Old Ancestor Chu Han subsequently issued another order.

Everyone was shocked by the Old Ancestor Chu Han’s decision. The Old Ancestor is going to the Nethersea personally? Their Old Ancestor has not stepped out from the Massacring Gods Gate headquarters for a very long time.

“Old Ancestor, I’ll send Tan Xiu and three other Ancestors to accompany you.” Gate Chief Ancestor Chu Gaofei asked.

Tan Xiu was one of the elite experts, who was secretly cultivated by the Massacring Gods Gate. Each of these three three Ancestors and Tan Xiu had the strength of late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm and above.

“No need for that. I alone, am enough,” Old Ancestor Chu Han declined with a shake of his head. With that said, his hand reached out and tore a hole in space. In a flicker, Chu Han disappeared into the space black hole and the boundless chaotic void.


Above the Nethersea, after Huang Xiaolong devoured the energy and chaos law within Song Litao’s king of supreme godhead, his three supreme godheads emitted dazzling rays as if they were going through some kind of evolution.

This evolution further strengthened his three supreme godheads, and the inextinguishable runes became stronger and denser.

Huang Xiaolong was inwardly surprised. Does devouring the king of supreme godheads bring such effects?

Then, Huang Xiaolong’s eyes shone brightly, almost burning as his gaze fell onto Shi Yunyi and Yi Qing in the distance, not forgetting Peng Zhengfei as well. Although Huang Xiaolong wasn’t sure if Yi Qing and Peng Zhengfei possessed king of supreme godheads, he was absolutely certain that Shi Yinyu possessed a king of supreme godhead based on his performance ascending the Holy Mountain.

Shi Yinyu felt a burning gaze on him. He raised his head and saw the Heavenly Hall whistling towards him.

Looking at the Heavenly Hall speeding in his direction, Shi Yinyu’s face turned pallid, and he shouted, “Lord Father, save me!”

He had witnessed the whole terrifying scene of how the Heavenly Hall had killed Song Litao. Among the people present, perhaps, only his father Shi Wushuang was capable to save him.

Shi Wushuang was battling the City of Eternity and its one hundred Undead puppet Netherguards when he heard his son’s terrified scream. He turned to look and paled for a second. He bellowed angrily at Huang Xiaolong, “Punk, you dare…! If you dare to harm one hair on my son, I’ll destroy you!”

Destroy me? Huang Xiaolong sneered.

The Heavenly Hall continued flying towards Shi Yinyu without slowing down.

Shi Yinyu fled headlessly in a panic. Amidst his panic, he even rammed into the Gu Family’s young master.

“Scram off, scram the f*ck away!” Shi Yinyu roared.

But the Heavenly Hall caught up to Shi Yinyu in a few breaths. As he looked at the Heavenly Hall right above his head, the exuding brilliant golden light was akin to the death god’s descent in Shi Yinyu’s eyes. His panic took over. “No, no—!”

The Heavenly Hall’s hexagon rune pillar appeared again, rotating at high speed.


Golden lights rained down on Shi Yinyu.

Several Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Ancestors were about to help Shi Yinyu but the numerous golden lights had already submerged Shi Yinyu in the blink of an eye.

Air blasts resounded as the corpse qi around Shi Yinyu’s body met with the rays of golden holy light. It dissipated rapidly as it got purified by the golden holy light.

Shi Yinyu’s screams cut across the air as the golden holy light continued to purify his flesh.

“Father, quickly save me!” Shi Yinyu screamed desperately as he circulated his godforce to the limit. Violent godforce surged and the corpse qi around him spread out. However his struggles were in vain. In a matter of moments, Shi Yinyu’s physical body was completely purified.

A king of supreme godhead exuding overbearing corpse qi was exposed before everyone.

The corpse qi from Shi Yinyu’s king of supreme godhead had reached an unbelievable density that it was almost a solid entity. Dense corpse qi took the shapes of ancient giant corpses, hovering around Shi Yinyu’s godhead.

The inextinguishable runes over Shi Yinyu’s king of godhead’s surface were clearer and denser than Song Litao’s.

From afar, Shi Yinyu’s godhead seemed truly inextinguishable and immortal; not even a world destroying tribulation could destroy the soul within the godhead.

But as the Heavenly Hall’s golden holy light continued to hit the godhead, the dense corpse qi enshrouding the godhead dissipated, and was purified away. The inextinguishable runes protecting it began to mottle.

Shi Wushuang’s eyes turned scarlet, watching Shi Yinyu’s situation in the distance and suddenly roared hoarsely. His momentum broke out, corpse qi roiled, turning into several long rivers. These corpse qi rivers rushed out from his body to hinder the City of Eternity’s movements. Then, Shi Wushuang arrived in front of the Heavenly Hall in a flicker.


The Archdevil Bone Sword in Shi Wushuang’s hand slashed at Heavenly Hall.

Shocking sword qi turned into sword qi demonic dragon, roaring at the heavens.

Shi Wushuang put everything he had into this attack; it was his desperate move. A move that could cut the sun and moon down from the sky and split a world into two!


Startling sword qi slashed onto the Heavenly Hall.

The top-grade grandmist spiritual artifact Heavenly Hall was sent tumbling back from Shi Wushuang’s sword attack. One could see there was a long crack on the top of the Heavenly Hall!