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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1707

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1707

My Tao’er!

Song Litao looked up at the Heavenly Hall. His pupils dilated as he saw the golden hexagon rune pillar above their heads and sensed the overwhelming destructive power flooding.


Song Litao screamed in horror. His speed accelerated, mustering all the energy in his body as he fled desperately for his dear life. He threw out every skill and method that he could think of to run out from the hexagon rune pillar’s coverage.

But Lu Tianyuan made no action of escaping. He roared at the others, “Protect the Young Lord!” His arms enlarged in the blink of an eye, and blood qi gurgled madly under his skin.

Lu Tianyuan suddenly flew up, striking a punch towards the Heavenly Hall, towards the golden hexagon rune pillar. He was attempting to parry the hexagon rune pillar’s attack to seize time for Song Litao’s escape.

Although Lu Tianyuan knew very well that his strength was insufficient to block the hexagon rune pillar’s attack, he still did so. His loyalty made others lament.

The other Massacring Gods Gate’s Ancestors also threw their most powerful attacks at the Heavenly Hall.

In this split second, their attacks collided with the golden hexagon rune pillar’s destructive power.

Against the golden light, Lu Tianyuan and the other Ancestors’ attacks were less than fragile, akin to a tsunami splashing onto stones and sand on the beach, drowning their attack away. Without any delay, the golden light’s destructive power submerged over Lu Tianyuan and the other Ancestors.

The early Eighth Order Emperor Realm Lu Tianyuan didn’t even get a chance to scream before he was ‘purified’ by the hexagon rune pillar, then vanished from the world!

Gone with Lu Tianyuan were several other Massacring Gods Gate’s Ancestors.

Although everyone had expected this ending, witnessing it with their own eyes once again, greatly amplified the fear in their hearts.

Even though the Heavenly Hall was not at the same level as a grandmist treasure, as a top-grade grandmist spiritual artifact, the Heavenly Hall possessed immeasurable radiance light energy which was the bane of all things in Hell. To top it off, there were also the fourteen late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm and above Radiance Angels driving the Heavenly Hall from inside. To the experts of Hell, the Heavenly Hall’s destructive power was comparable to the City of Eternity driven by one hundred Undead Netherguards.

Don’t forget, amongst the fourteen Radiance Angels, there were two legendary fourteen-winged Radiance Angels! Not to mention that both of them had the strength of peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm. Just these two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels’ power was enough to deal with an existence like Shi Wushuang.

Even an existence like Shi Wushuang couldn’t fully withstand a blow from the Heavenly Hall driven by the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels; then what’s more for someone weaker than Shi Wushuang, for someone like Lu Tianyuan?

This was also the reason why the Heavenly Hall could kill and injure more than a dozen Emperor Realm Ancestors in one attack.

After the hexagon rune pillar’s golden destructive power swallowed up Lu Tianyuan and other Ancestors, it headed straight to Song Litao at unimaginable speed and soon caught up to him.

Song Litao was gripped by terror looking at the golden destructive power coming at him, and shrieked in panic, “I…!” But he disappeared under the golden light before another word was uttered.

Without any suspense, Song Litao was ‘purified’ and turned into ashes in less than the blink of an eye.

However, at the last moment before Song Litao completely turned into ashes, a loud buzzing noise sounded within the golden light as another blue-green light erupted. Even the Heavenly Hall’s golden light could not drown out this blue-green light.

A fog escaped from the sea of golden light.

A moment later, everyone saw clearly what this fog within the blue-green light was. It was a godhead! A huge godhead about four hundred thousand li in diameter!

This huge blue-green godhead exuded a strong corpse qi, as well as shocking blood qi along extreme darkness. The superiority from the godhead seemed to stand above any nobility.

“King of supreme godhead!”

Several Ancestors exclaimed aloud.

That’s right! It was a king of supreme godhead—Song Litao’s godhead!

No matter how radiant the Heavenly Hall’s golden light was, or it’s purification power, it was unable to entirely purify Song Litao’s king of supreme godhead in those few moments, much less annihilating Song Litao’s soul within his godhead!

On the surface of Song Litao’s king of supreme godhead were dense runes exuding an inextinguishable aura.

Those runes were inextinguishable runes! Inextinguishable runes covered the entire surface of Song Litao’s king of supreme godhead a hundred percent!

It was no doubt that Song Litao, who was hailed as one of Asura World’s most talented younger generation geniuses, was amazingly talented.

However, the Heavenly Hall’s golden destructive power continued to smash at the surface of Song Litao’s godhead. Therefore, the inextinguishable runes covering the surface of Song Litao’s godhead were quickly becoming patchy.

Once these inextinguishable runes were completely destroyed, Song Litao’s godhead would lose its most essential layer of protection, and from there, he won’t be far away from death.

“Netherworld King’s Organisation, the feud between us, Massacring Gods Gate is absolutely irreconcilable!”

From inside the godhead, Song Litao’s voice howled as he struggled for his life.

“Hurry, save the Young Lord!”

Several Massacring Gods Gate’s Ancestor shouted fiercely as they fought desperately against the Heavenly Hall.

However, these Massacring Gods Gate’s Ancestors’ efforts were futile. They were unable to break free at all, even if one or two of them managed to disentangle themselves, their attacks couldn’t even make a dent in the Heavenly Hall.

The Heavenly Hall’s golden hexagon rune pillar rotated even faster. Numerous rays of golden light flew out, intensifying the attacks on Song Litao. His screams reverberated in the air as the layer of inextinguishable runes were smashed into nothing.

“I can’t die like this!” Song Litao roared with despair.

Then, there was nothing else. No more screams.

In the end, Song Litao, a king of supreme godhead genius was killed!

Waves of shock struck everyone’s heart. There was disbelief in their widened eyes. Song Litao was a king of supreme godhead ah, …the Massacring Gods Gate’s Young Lord ah, …the successor to the Massacring Gods Gate’s Chief position. The Massacring Gods Gate was a hegemon with the great ambition of unifying the Asura World.

Song Litao, the genius young lord of Massacring Gods Gate was dead now! Killed by another!

Huang Xiaolong looked at Song Litao’s remaining king of supreme godhead and reached to collect it without hesitation. His Archdevil Supreme Godhead roared as it madly devoured it. Godforce flooded out from the godhead. Merely a while later, all the godforce and chaos law within Song Litao’s godhead were cleanly absorbed by Huang Xiaolong.

A crack appeared on Song Litao’s godhead. As more and more cracks appeared, Song Litao’s godhead crumbled into pieces and scattered like dust.

Everyone watched Huang Xiaolong, as he devoured Song Litao’s king of supreme godhead, with their hearts in their throats.

Especially Shi Yinyu and Yi Qing. Their expressions were extremely ugly, and in the depths of their eyes was deep fear. Song Litao was dead, even his godhead was devoured. Then, what about them? Would they go the same way as Song Litao soon?!

All of them were sons of heaven, favored by the heavens, monstrous geniuses, the future hegemons, but were they going to die here today?!

A moment before Song Litao’s soul was completely annihilated, millions and millions of li away from the Nethersea, at the Massacring Gods Gate headquarters, the Massacring Gods Gate’s Old Ancestor Chu Han suddenly screamed with anguish, “My Tao’er!”

Chu Han’s anguished scream shook every corner of the Massacring Gods Gate headquarters, alerting the whole sect from top to bottom, the Ancestors, Grand Elders, Elders, and disciples.