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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1705

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1705

Shi Wushuang Is Injured

When the City of Eternity flew out from Huang Xiaolong’s body, it was smaller than dust particles, the naked eye could see. It expanded in an instant to the size of a fist. Driven by the power of one hundred Undead puppet Netherguards, erupted a world destroying power.

In this eruption of power, the City of Eternity was akin to a sun’s core, radiant to the extreme, as resplendent rays reached the void, shaking the heavens.

The City of Eternity met head on with Shi Wushuang’s bone sword at startling speed.

Shi Wushuang felt sharp pain in his eyes from the City of Eternity’s glaring lights, zheng~!

His bone sword and the City of Eternity violently collided.

In this split second, a tragic howl came from the archdevil bone sword, sounding both beast-like and human, yet not. It was a howl of tortured, pain, relief, fury, and fear all rolled into one.

Shi Wushuang felt an intense jolt of pain in his arm that was holding the Archdevil Bone Sword, as if his whole arm had crashed into a hard chaos barrier. He nearly loosened his grip on the Archdevil Bone Sword.

The impact threw his body backward and he staggered uncontrollably.

Lightning streaked out from Huang Xiaolong’s forehead, and chaos golden dragon lightning and chaos black tortoise lightning power formed one golden and one black bright lightning streaks.

Two streaks of lightning zapped straight to Shi Wushuang’s heart.

The heart was always a person’s weakest and most fragile point. This was the same reason why Shi Wushuang had chosen to attack Huang Xiaolong’s heart during his first attack.

Shi Wushuang had yet to stabilize himself from the collision with the City of Eternity, when the two streaks of lightning attack arrived in front of him.

At the moment of imminent peril, Shi Wushuang screamed. His hand turned the Archdevil Bone Sword horizontal with the sword’s body facing forward. Black light burst out from the sword, forming runes of a sword wall array to block the two streaks of lightning.

Zii~! Loud crackling and sizzling noises echoed endlessly.

The Chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pool and Chaos Black Lightning Pool were part of the universe’s nine chaos lightning pools, it was granted that they were powerful. However, Huang Xiaolong’s own strength was still lacking thus his attack was parried off by Shi Wushuang.

But the City of Eternity enlarged in the next moment into a huge chaos city extending for several million li radius, casting a shadow over Shi Wushuang.

One hundred Undead Race puppet Netherguards used their full power. Destructive power gathered and roiled above the City of Eternity, falling down on Shi Wushuang like a great flood from the City of Eternity.

Shi Wushuang raised his head, looking at the City of Eternity that cast a shadow over the sky, looking at the one hundred Undead puppet Netherguards above the City of Eternity, he turned deathly pale.

Under one hundred Undead puppet Netherguards’ full force manipulating the City of Eternity, their attack force had surpassed the power of an Emperor Realm expert.

If Shi Wushuang was hit with this attack, even if he didn’t die, he would still suffer severe injuries.

But Shi Wushuang snickered, opened his mouth and he sucked like a whale sucking water. Streams of corpse qi rushed towards him from far away through the void and entered his body.

Shi Wushuang’s body grew big rapidly as he sucked in these streams of corpse qi that were coming in from everywhere, turning him into a giant over a thousand zhang tall.

A giant with terrifying and boundless corpse qi swirling around him.

From afar, Shi Wushuang looked like a giant corpse that had flown out from an ancient corpse. Dark green corpse qi twined around his giant body.

“The Yellow Springs Infernal, Emperor Corpse’s Destroyer Fist!”

Shi Wushuang bellowed and punched towards the City of Eternity above him. Dense green corpse qi condensed into a raging river, and roiling waves splashed forth, colliding violently with the City of Eternity’s destructive power.


A resounding explosion shook the whole Nethersea, jarring all the experts’ thoughts to a standstill.

The world fell into darkness from this collision, and space cracks emerged as nature risked crumbling. Violent chaotic airflow added to the mayhem; the Nethersea’s seabed sunk deeper from the after shock with tidal waves splashing high into the air.

Some experts that dodged too slow were struck by the seawaves. Immediately, tragic screams echoed above the Nethersea. While others were implicated by the City of Eternity’s destructive power and exploded into blood mists.

Even some fleeing experts of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Massacring Gods Gate, and Howling Moon Wolf Race were sent into disarray.

Struck by the City of Eternity’s attack, Shi Wushuang spiraled downwards to the Nethersea. His blood surged back from the overwhelming impact and ‘puff!’ He couldn’t hold back from vomiting a big mouthful of blood.

Others who noticed this sight were stupefied.

Shi Wushuang was injured!

The person hailed as the Spirits World’s strongest person after the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s Old Ancestor Shi Ming, Shi Wushuang, who was close to surpassing the Emperor Realm was injured!

Everyone looked up at the huge ancient city in the air, and the one hundred Undead Race puppet Netherguards around it.

“Grandmist treasure!”

“Those are the Undead Race, one hundred Undeads! Moreover, all of them are high-level Emperors and above! That one with the most powerful aura is the same late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm Undead expert who had appeared at the Asura Gate headquarters, isn’t he?!”

The various forces’ experts exclaimed in shock.

The Misty Palace’s He Jingyi, Fengdu City’s Qin Huangzhong, Peng Zhengfei, Dark Roc Family, and others’ turned solemn and slightly pale.

Since Huang Xiaolong’s battle at Asura Gate headquarters, almost everyone in Hell had known that there were ten peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm Undead puppets by Huang Xiaolong’s side, but who would have thought that the Undead puppets by Huang Xiaolong’s side was not ten—there were a hundred of them!

Others were still in shock when the City of Eternity buzzed, akin to an immemorial devilish city that had arrived across distant time and space, emitted rings of palpitating lights. These light rings were redder than blood, and felt like a corpse, like the devil, and also like god—those merciless entities who were incapable of feeling emotions.

The City of Eternity smashed onto Shi Wushuang a second time.

To take your life while you’re sick!

“Lord Father!” Seeing this, Shi Yinyu who had fled some distance away screamed in grief and fury, “Do something, hurry, save the Patriarch!”

Immediately, the fleeing Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe’s experts turned around and attacked. Some targeted Huang Xiaolong, others aimed their attacks at the City of Eternity.

But Song Litao and Yi Qing hesitated to act.

Clearly, if they continue to flee at this point, their own forces would definitely be targeted by the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe in the future.

“Kill!” After a brief moment of hesitation, Song Litao gritted his teeth then began attacking Huang Xiaolong.

The Howling Moon Wolf Race’s Young Lord Yi Qing and his group could only return and join the battle.

Huang Xiaolong sneered. What he wanted was the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Massacring Gods Gate, and Howling Moon Wolf Race’s experts to stay, and since they dared to return, they were walking right in his trap without an exit!

Be buried here!

Huang Xiaolong issued an order to Tai Yue and the others, “Don’t care about me, kill all of them for me!”

“Yes, Master!”

Tai Yue and the other nine Great Commanders led the Netherworld King’s Organisation’s Senior and Junior Commanders out to face Song Litao and Yi Qing’s groups.

Then, Huang Xiaolong ordered the Jia Demonic Cult Leader Mao Shu, Six Eyes Sect’s Sect Chief Liu Yue, and other super forces’ chiefs and patriarchs, “Any sect that kills a high-level Emperor Realm from the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe, Massacring Gods Gate, or Howling Moon Wolf Race will be rewards with one million low-grade chaos spirit stones!”