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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1700

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1700

So Scared That He Has No Guts To Come Out?

After the fourteen angels stood up, Huang Xiaolong turned his attention on to the altar. More precisely, to the shiny scepter that was the only item on the altar. There was a surge of excitement in his heart, as this Divine Radiance Scepter was the grandmist treasure left behind by the supreme expert!

Moments later, Huang Xiaolong looked at the fourteen angels and said, “Assist me in unsealing it.”

“Yes, Master!”

The fourteen angels complied respectfully.

Although Huang Xiaolong could undo the seal on the altar, it would waste too much time, at least ten days to half a month. But with these fourteen angels’ assistance, one to two hour would suffice.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong took a step forward, and arrived above the Divine Radiance Scepter. The sixteen wings on his back spread out beautifully.

The moment Huang Xiaolong’s sixteen wings spread out, a wave of vigorous and extremely pure light energy erupted from his body, sweeping out to every corner of the Heavenly Hall.

A strong feeling of reverence rose in the hearts of the fourteen angels when Huang Xiaolong’s pure light energy swept over them.

All fourteen of them were late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm and above, and their cultivation realms and strengths were many times higher and stronger than Huang Xiaolong. Despite this, the light and radiance coming from Huang Xiaolong’s body gave them a natural feeling of oppression, an oppression from the soul.

In the entire universe, it could be said that the light energy from Huang Xiaolong’s body was the purest, thus in a certain aspect, Huang Xiaolong was the most supreme lord of light.

Huang Xiaolong noted the expressions on the fourteen angels. Hence, Huang Xiaolong converged the light energy back into his body and their expressions finally eased up.

Now, other than reverence, there was also apprehension in the fourteen angels’ eyes when they looked at Huang Xiaolong and the sixteen wings on his back.

The one and only sixteen wings!

On this heaven and earth, only one person could have sixteen wings. This was heaven’s law, and the person who possessed sixteen wings was their master. A master that was merely a Heavenly Monarch Realm…

Threads of rippling light weaved around Huang Xiaolong’s sixteen wings. Divine runes emerged on the surface of his wings, one after another, rearranging themselves into a supreme radiant array.

The runes emitted ripples of bright light that fell on to the Divine Radiance Scepter.

The altar below responded immediately, and a ten thousand zhang lightning barrier over the altar crackled endlessly.

Seeing this, the fourteen angels spread out around Huang Xiaolong, forming a big formation of their own. These Radiance Angels’ fourteen and twelve wings spread out, sending their light energy onto Huang Xiaolong’s body.

Huang Xiaolong was akin to a radiant sun in midair, especially his sixteen wings, emitting dazzling and crepuscular rays of light. These rays fell in waves onto the altar below.

The radiance seal over the altar thinned at a speed visible to the naked eye under Huang Xiaolong’s light energy attack.

Ten minutes…, twenty minutes…, half an hour gradually turned into one hour. The thick lightning barrier over the altar reduced down to one zhang, as if it could break and scatter in the next moment.

After one and a half hours, crisp breaking noises sounded as the radiance lightning barrier shattered. The seal’s power over the altar scattered into the air.

The Divine Radiance Scepter was completely revealed before Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes lit up in delight looking at the Divine Radiance Scepter that was about two meters long. His hand grabbed across space and the Divine Radiance Scepter fell gently into his palm.

When the Divine Radiance Scepter fell gently onto his palm, he felt a flesh and blood connection with it, as if the Divine Radiance Scepter was originally a part of his body.

As Huang Xiaolong had already accepted the inheritance when refining the Heavenly Hall’s holy light earlier, he did not need to refine the Divine Radiance Scepter to become its owner.

Just like how he was able to control the City of Eternity to kill the Massacring Gods Gate’s army after obtaining the Lord of Hell’s inheritance, he could easily use the power of the Divine Radiance Scepter.

Then again, in the whole universe, only he could use the Divine Radiance Scepter’s power.

The more he looked at it, Huang Xiaolong took a liking to the Divine Radiance Scepter that was enshrouded in a soft halo.

Don’t know whether it was because the Divine Radiance Scepter was a grandmist treasure, or because it was beautiful and majestic. Huang Xiaolong couldn’t find any flaw at all, especially the top of the scepter, which was inlaid with a palm-sized radiance gemstone. He couldn’t tell what shape the gemstone was cut into, but it was not round, nor was it square or even oval, but the gemstone was very beautiful.

Huang Xiaolong had seen many chaos and grandmist gemstones but none of them were as beautiful as this light radiance gemstone. The gemstone did not reflect any light, yet it held an allure that captivated the eyes, as if it wasn’t enough even if one looked at it for a million years.

“Congratulations Master!”

The fourteen angels knelt down again as they congratulated Huang Xiaolong.

As the fourteen angels saw Huang Xiaolong holding the Divine Radiance Scepter in his hands, his image overlapped with the image of their old master in their mind. This brought a burst of joy in their hearts.

“Stand up all of you.” Huang Xiaolong smiled, clearly showing his good mood. This trip to the Holy Mountain had not only greatly improved his cultivation, but he had even obtained an inheritance and gained another grandmist treasure. It was a fruitful trip.

“Lead me where the Brilliant Sun Divine Pills are.” Huang Xiaolong ordered after the fourteen angels got up.

The Brilliant Sun Divine Pills were top-grade grandmist spiritual pills left behind by the supreme expert.

The fourteen angels complied respectfully in unison, then flew further into the Heavenly Hall, leading the way for Huang Xiaolong. They soon arrived at a bright huge wall.

The fourteen angels circulated their godforce as they pressed their palms against the wall simultaneously. The bright wall shook and then vanished in the next second, and the Radiance Divine Ring flew towards Huang Xiaolong.

This Radiance Divine Ring was a top-grade grandmist spatial artifact like the Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle.

Huang Xiaolong scooped up the spatial ring with his palm enshrouded in light godforce, refining the spatial ring in an instant. With a sweep of his divine sense into the spatial ring, he ‘saw’ pellets floating within it like a huge cluster of small suns. These were the Brilliant Sun Divine Pills, not one more or one less, exactly one million of them.

“One million pellets, not bad, so-so.” Huang Xiaolong commented.

The fourteen angels nearly took a tumble hearing Huang Xiaolong’s comment. One million top-grade grandmist spiritual pills were only ‘so-so’… They didn’t know about others, but they were certain not even the Heavenly Court’s treasury had one million top-grade grandmist spiritual pills lying around.

“It’s time to go out, the people outside are already anxious from waiting.” Huang Xiaolong wore the Radiance Divine Ring on his finger as he said in a meaningful tone and flew straight towards the Heavenly Hall’s exit.

At the same time, some people who had been waiting above the Nethersea were getting impatient and making a ruckus.

“Why isn’t that brat out yet? Did he find out the three forces have allied to kill him. Does he not dare to come out because of it?” The Misty Palace’s female disciple You Fei complained.

“Lord Father, should we deal with them first!” Shi Yinyu moved closer to his father Shi Wushuang and asked, referring to Tai Yue’s group.