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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1673

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1673

Let Them Form Their Alliance

In the Misty Palace’s branch in Nirvana City…

He Jingyi revealed a complicated expression when she heard that Huang Xiaolong had crippled the young master of the Black Ant Clan.

“This Asura noble is extremely reckless. He even dared to cripple the young master of the Black Ant Clan… Since Liao Chengkun was under the orders of the Massacring Gods Gate to invite him, didn’t he offend the Massacring Gods Gate by doing so? I heard that Song Litao flew into a fit of rage and asked for reinforcements from his headquarters…” One of the disciples from the Misty Palace laughed with glee.

The disciple who was gloating in Huang Xiaolong’s misfortune was precisely the girl who had ‘complained’ to the young master of the Howling Moon Wolf Race previously in the restaurant.

“I have no idea what he is thinking… He must be crazy to offend the Howling Moon Wolf Race and the Massacring Gods Gate at the same time.” Another female disciple of the Misty Palace shook her head before continuing, “Even our Mist Palace wouldn’t dare to offend them both over something so trivial…”

He Jingyi spoke up all of a sudden. “Did you gather the low-grade chaos spirit stones? What’s the progress on that now?”

No matter what, she was determined to obtain the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin.

“Young lady, please rest assured. We have already gathered twenty million low-grade chaos spirit stones.” One of the female disciples reported with confidence.

He Jingyi shook her head after hearing the result. “Not enough. Twenty million is definitely not enough. Try to obtain at least thirty million before the auction.”

The disciples before her felt their jaws dropping in shock. “Thirty million?!”

“In order to ensure that we secure the item we want, we need to prepare thirty million!”

“Young lady, thirty million is no small sum! It’s almost impossible to gather so many low-grade chaos spirit stones in the span of a month!” One of the disciples hesitated before voicing her concerns.

Even if they were the Misty Palace, gathering thirty million low-grade chaos spirit stones wasn’t something they could do easily.

“Try your best.” He Jingyi shook her head and sighed.

She knew that it was a nigh impossible task as well, but she had to try.

“What about those people at the Massacring Gods Gate?” Another disciple asked worriedly.

The young master of the Massacring Gods Gate, Song Litao, has already declared that whoever fights with him for the Scarlet Flame Dark Qiling will be going against the Massacring Gods Gate.

He Jingyi couldn’t be bothered with him. “It’s just the Massacring Gods Gate. Other people might be afraid of them, but what can they do to us? Our Misty Palace isn’t afraid of them… Also, even if we give up during the auction, the Nine Yin Corpse Tribe and the Fengdu City won’t sit still and allow Song Litao to do whatever he wants.”

“Yes, I have been too careless.”

After half a day…

Huang Xiaolong and the four of them returned to the Heaven Dome Manor after shopping for half the morning.

After returning, Huang Xiaolong didn’t continue cultivating. Instead, he started to refine spirit stones. Even though he was unable to refine low-grade chaos spirit stones, he was able to refine tenth grade spirit stones. With enough of them, he could easily obtain low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Even though the Netherworld King’s Organization Chamber of Commerce was able to take out enough low-grade chaos spirit stones for him to obtain the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin, it wouldn’t hurt to prepare more.

After refining tenth grade spirit stones for half a day, Huang Xiaolong looked at the mountain-like pile in his spatial ring. Nodding his head in satisfaction, Huang Xiaolong raised his head to look at the darkening sky and he decided to start cultivating.

The night quickly passed.

When he finally emerged from his room the next morning…

“Master, we have investigated everyone who was invited by Song Litao the day before. A total of fifty six people were invited. They were experts who represented fifteen superpowers, and twelve of them are from our Hell Asura World. One of them represented a superpower in the Ghost World, and the other two were from the Spirit World.” Fan Hui revealed everything in a detailed report.

He quickly named all fifty six of them and their respective power levels. Every single one of them were either young masters of their factions, or they were old ancestors in the Emperor Realm.

When Huang Xiaolong learned that there were twelve other powers in contact with the Massacring Gods Gate other than the Gu Family, the Black Ant Clan, and the Demonic Bone Clan, a frown appeared on his face.

It seemed as though he had underestimated the Massacring Gods Gate! If all of them formed an alliance, they would be able to wipe out any superpower they wanted. Of course, excluding the Netherworld King’s Organization.

“Master, we also received news that Song Litao requested for backup from his headquarters. The experts from the Massacring Gods Gate will be arriving before the Holy Mountain disappears.” Tai Yue followed up.

“The old ancestor of the Massacring Gods Gate didn’t come, did he?” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“It shouldn’t be him. The old ancestor usually guards their headquarters, and he wouldn’t leave until something serious happens.” Jin Yuan replied.

“That’s good.” A smile slowly formed on Huang Xiaolong’s face. “If we kill Song Litao, do you think Zong Chuhan will be able to sit still?”

A strange expression appeared on the faces of all four Great Commanders.

Wan Yutian burst out with laughter, “Hahaha! Zong Chuhan will probably erupt with rage and kill his way from their headquarters to the Nethersea…”

Fan Hui started to laugh as well. “Maybe when he kills his way here, he will realize that the Holy Mountain has already disappeared and master has already left…”

Laughter filled the air all of a sudden.

“Right, there is something else we found out. Last night, the old ancestor of the Howling Moon Wolf Race, Chuan Yan, met with Song Litao in secret.” Tai Yue suddenly recalled an important piece of information and he spoke up. “It seems as though the Howling Moon Wolf Race is also going to join the Massacring Gods Gate.”

Huang Xiaolong chuckled. “Let them form their alliance…”

Since that was the case, Huang Xiaolong decided to get rid of all of them as soon as the Massacring Gods Gate’s backup arrived.

As long as Zong Chuhan didn’t make a move, Huang Xiaolong was confident that with the four Great Commanders, one hundred high-level Emperor Realm Undying Race Netherguard puppets, alongside the Eternal City, he would be able to suppress all of them. In fact, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say that he would be able to eliminate all of them!

This time, he would kill all the experts of the Howling Moon Race, Massacring Gods Gate, Black Ant Race, and the Gu Family in one fell swoop. After that, he would deal with the army of one billion the Massacring Gods Gate had stationed in the Nirvana Plane as a free gift. Once that was done, the Massacring Gods Gate would probably have to lower their heads for quite some time.

“Right now, we can only hope that the Massacring Gods Gate sends more experts over.” Huang Xiaolong snickered. It seemed as though his Eternal City would be able to experience an explosive increase in strength once it absorbed the blood essence and divine qi of so many experts.

Day by day passed…

In the day, Huang Xiaolong would refine spirit stones. When night fell, he would cultivate.

In the blink of an eye, twenty days passed.

No one bothered him for a full twenty days, and Huang Xiaolong relished in the peace and quiet.

Finally, the last day before the auction arrived and Huang Xiaolong sent Tai Yue and the others to refine the tenth-grade spirit stones in his spatial ring, along with the low-grade chaos spiritual veins, into low-grade chaos spirit stones.

Even the mid-grade chaos spiritual vein he had plundered from Mo Xiao was thrown into the mix.

Even though mid-grade chaos spiritual veins were extremely hard to come by, it wasn’t something Huang Xiaolong lacked.

When the Netherworld King’s Organization sent over all the low-grade chaos spirit stones they could gather, along with whatever Tai Yue and the rest refined with the tenth-grade spirit stones and the multitude of chaos spirit veins supplied by Huang Xiaolong, a satisfied feeling appeared in Huang Xiaolong’s heart. It slowly turned into excitement for the auction that was going to take place the day after.