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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1672

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1672


In the next moment, Huang Xiaolong led Tai Yue and the rest out of the Heaven Dome Manor.

Even though the atmosphere seemed a little gloomy, it was considered pretty good for the weather in Hell.

After leaving the manor, they discovered that the streets were more bustling than the previous day.

They arrived on the street but before they could get far, a group of crimson robed disciples started making his way towards Huang Xiaolong. There was an insignia of a black ant embroidered into their robes, and there were black lines on their forehead. Their limbs were shorter than regular humans.

“It’s the disciples of the Black Ant Clan.” Tai Yue whispered to Huang Xiaolong.

Black Ant Clan!

Looking at their posture and how they were charging towards Huang Xiaolong, it was clear they were looking for trouble.

Huang Xiaolong wore an expression of amusement when he looked at them as he didn’t understand the reason behind their ‘visit’. Of course, they didn’t look like they were there to stir up trouble.

He was right. When the disciples arrived before him, their leader cupped his fists towards Huang Xiaolong and chuckled, “I am Liao Chengkun, the young master of the Black Ant Clan. I received orders from Young Master Song Litao of the Massacring Gods Gate to invite you to the Yin Yang Restaurant for a chat. Young Master Song is already there, waiting for you.”

Huang Xiaolong revealed a look of surprise. No one could have thought that the young master of the Black Ant race would be sent to run an errand by Song Litao of the Massacring Gods Gate.

Huang Xiaolong stared at him and asked, “Song Litao? Sorry, I have never heard of him. If he wants to invite me over, ask him to do it personally.”

All the members of the Black Ant Race behind Liao Chengkun were stunned for a moment.

After getting back to their senses, the smile had already disappeared from their faces. As the young master of the Black Ant Clan, he was treated with respect everywhere he went. Even ancestors from various superpowers had to lower their heads when they saw him. Now that he had personally extended the invitation to Huang Xiaolong, one could begin to imagine the prestige and influence Song Litao had to command him around. Huang Xiaolong had dared to refuse the invitation just like that!

Even after he had refused the invitation, he had even waved off Song Litao’s identity!

The Massacring Gods Gate’s reputation was fearsome and basically everyone had heard of them before. As the young master of the Massacring Gods Gate, Song Litao wasn’t some random guy you could bump into on the street. Moreover, he was also known as one of the three heroes of the Hell Asura World. How could Huang Xiaolong not have heard of someone like that?

“You must be kidding. Everyone has heard of Young Master Song’s fame. Who wouldn’t know about him in the Hell Asura World? Initially, Young Master Song wanted to invite you over personally. However, he was held up by something and he sent me in his stead. Please accept the invitation, and quickly head over to meet with Young Master Song.” Liao Chengkun tried again.

He once again warned Huang Xiaolong to hurry up.

Even though he looked courteous on the surface, his tone became increasingly forceful.

Huang Xiaolong said with indifference, “So what if I don’t?”

Liao Chengkun chuckled in a low voice. “It’s better to make a friend. Do you understand? Moreover, the Massacring Gods Gate is about to unify the Hell Asura World soon. Many people are trying to become friends with Young Master Song. What do you say…”

“Invite me again when the Massacring Gods Gate unifies the Hell Asura World.”

Liao Chengkun’s face sank. “Are you really going to embarrass me here?”

“A good dog doesn’t block the road. Get lost right now. If you leave now, you might still be able to get out of my sights before I get angry. Scram.”


Liao Chengkun’s face turned a shade darker and he sneered, “Alright. Show me what you can do.” In the next instant, one of the experts from the Black Ant Clan stepped between him and Huang Xiaolong.

The expert from the Black Ant Clan exuded an air of confidence, as terrifying strength emanated from him. Even the air around him turned restless and the shockingly powerful suppressive force forced everyone to take several steps back.

It was clear that he was an Emperor Realm expert.

However, Tai Yue didn’t give them a chance to react as he swept outwards with his palm.


The Emperor Realm expert from the Black Ant Clan who was ready for a fight was sent flying by Tai Yue’s slap. Like what had happened to the members of the Howling Moon Wolf Race in the Yin Yang Restaurant, he flew into the distance. After demolishing god-knew how many buildings with his body, his figure slumped into the rubble.

Everyone stared at the scene before them in shock.

The person who was sent flying was an expert at the late-Seventh Order Emperor Realm. He was the strongest expert sent over by the Black Ant Clan to enter the Holy Mountain.

But he was… He was sent flying with a single slap!

“All of you can get lost now.” Tai Yue slapped out once again.

A horrifying wave swept across everyone in the Black Ant Clan and they shot out like human cannonballs.

By the time they landed, none of them were able to move.

Since Tai Yue knew that it was a matter of time before Huang Xiaolong exterminated the members of the Black Ant Clan, he didn’t hold back. Even though Liao Chengkun and the rest weren’t dead, they were crippled for sure.

Unless an existence surpassing the Emperor Realm made a move, they wouldn’t be able to recover.

“Lets go.” Huang Xiaolong turned his attention away from the members of the Black Ant Clan and he spoke to the four Great Commanders.

“Get someone to investigate the people invited by Song Litao.”

“Yes, master.”

Not long after they left, Song Litao and several experts who responded to his invitation enjoyed a nice feast prepared by him.

One of his subordinates entered the room and hesitated for a moment before making a report. “Young Sect Master, when the members of the Black Ant Clan went over to invite the Asura noble, they were turned away. Not only were they rejected, the other party made a move against them. Right now, all of the members of the Black Ant Clan who went out have been crippled by that Asura noble.”

In an instant, the room became silent.

Everyone who attended the banquet revealed a myriad of expressions.

When the old ancestor of the Black Ant Clan heard what had happened to their fellow members, rage clouded his mind. He slammed the table and stood up as they yelled, “You little b*stard, I’m going to kill all of you!” He charged towards the door after yelling.

“Wait!” Before he could leave, Song Litao called out to him.

The old ancestor of the Black Ant Clan, Lou Zhi, stopped dead in his tracks.

“Old Ancestor Lou Zhi, please calm down. My Massacring Gods Gate will definitely give your Black Ant Clan a satisfactory explanation.” He clapped his hand and turned the cup in his hand to dust.

Song Litao’s expression sank when he thought about it.

He was the person who had sent the Black Ant Clan to hand out the invitations. Not only were they rejected, they were seriously injured by the other party. Even Liao Chengkun was wasted. What they did wasn’t merely an insult to the Black Ant Race. Instead, they were slapping the Massacring Gods Gate in the face!

They had completely ignored the Massacring Gods Gate when they made their move!

Turning his body around, Song Litao instructed Lu Tianyuan, “Send a transmission symbol over to the headquarters right now. Tell them to send some experts over, and they have to arrive before the Holy Mountain disappears.”

As soon as after the Holy Mountain would disappear and the Asura noble would leave, the Massacring Gods Gate would suffer extreme humiliation.

“Young master, please relax.” Lu Tianyuan nodded his head and a solemn expression appeared on his face.

Before long, all the powers gathered in Nirvana City caught wind of Liao Chengkun’s miserable fate. A storm enveloped the city in an instant.