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[Story] Invincible – S01 E1553

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 1553

Master Has Succeeded?

On guard in the distance, Xiang Xun, Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, and the others became worried watching Huang Xiaolong’s face distorted in pain.

“Senior Xiaoniu, the Manor Lord would be fine, right?” Feng Er’s fingers clenched nervously as she asked.

Hearing that, the little cow glanced playfully at Feng Er and teased her, “Why? Little Feng Er, feeling distress?”

Feng Er stilled. A noticeable blush crept up her face as she retorted angrily out of embarrassment, “Senior Xiaoniu, how could you make fun of me in this situation?”

The little cow guffawed happily, “How would I dare to make fun of you? Who knows, one day you and Little Brat Huang will hook up, and at that time, you’ll be my Mistress.”

Feng Er went red all the way down to her neck.

The little cow coughed slightly to clear her throat and reassured everyone, “All of you just rest assured, that brat’s life is tough. Even if this old cow is gone, he’ll still be alive and jumping.”

And she wasn’t lying. Just based on Huang Xiaolong’s luck and capability of refining the purple grandmist aura, one could deduce that Huang Xiaolong had a heaven-defying lifepath. For people like Huang Xiaolong, the more adversities and pain he experienced, the better his latent potential and power could be stimulated.

“If I could also refine the purple grandmist aura, even if it’s a hundred times more painful, I’m willing, very willing ah.” Then the little cow looked upward and sighed with melancholy, “But it’s a pity, even if I’m willing to suffer excruciating pain, I don’t have such an opportunity ah.”

Everyone was completely speechless.

After the little cow finished lamenting, she waved at Xu Baisheng, Xu Jiang, Xu Yong, and Xu Shi guarding a little farther away, and called out, “Little Xus, come over here for a bit.”

Xu Baisheng and his three nephews reacted and scurried to the little cow’s side in a jiffy. “Senior Xiaoniu, what’s your order?”

The little cow glanced at Huang Xiaolong who was some distance away as she said, “It might take Little Brat Huang a year or two to tame the purple grandmist dragon. The days are long and boring, so you guys accompany me, and have a little chat.”

Have a little chat!

Xu Baisheng and his three nephews smiled wryly.

“What? You’re unwilling to have a little chat with me?” The little cow widened her eyes and glared at the four void devil beasts, “In the past, your great-grandfather Xu Changtian never got a chance to chat with me even if he wanted to.”

“We dare not!” Xu Baisheng and his three nephews hurried to deny.

Several days passed by in the blink of an eye.

The purple light enshrouding Huang Xiaolong grew stronger with each passing day, and at one point, there were wisps of gray smoke floating out from Huang Xiaolong’s body.

These wisps of gray smoke accumulated above Huang Xiaolong’s head, taking the forms of various fierce beasts but these fierce beasts soon exploded and dispersed away under the purple grandmist aura’s purple light.

This sight amazed Xu Baisheng and the others who were watching Huang Xiaolong.

“Those gray smokes are the murderous qi inside Master’s body.” Xiang Xun explained. “Although Master’s cultivation speed is heaven-defying, along the way, he has committed killings and slaughter, so it is inevitable that his body has accumulated murderous qi over the years.”

The little cow nodded in agreement and chimed in, “Kiddo Xiang Xun’s right. Right now, he’s borrowing the purple grandmist aura’s energy to expel his body’s murderous qi, so he won’t be affected by heart demons when breaking through to the Heavenly Monarch Realm. Otherwise, as the amount of murderous qi continues to accumulate inside his body, it will impact his soul, thus indirectly making it harder for his godhead to evolve, and breakthrough to the Heavenly Monarch Realm.”

Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and the others learned something important that would affect their cultivation path as well.

A little further away, Jiang Hong was also enshrouded in purple light.

However, different from Huang Xiaolong, there were wisps of golden-colored smoke curling out from Jiang Hong’s body instead of gray.

Seeing this, the little cow couldn’t help praising, “No wonder Kiddo Grandmist is able to surpass the Emperor Realm.”

Her words drew baffled looks from Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and others.

The little cow explained for their benefits, “Those faint golden qi are the pure energy from Jiang Hong’s body. In other words, neither Jiang Hong’s godforce nor soul have any impurities.”

“Senior Xiaoniu, do all masters who have surpassed the Emperor Realm, have soul and godforce this pure?”

The little cow shook her head. “It’s not like that, it depends on the individual. Like the Archdevil Lord Wu Tian, his life was filled with slaughter that he had accumulated a lot of murderous qi inside his body. To him, the more murderous qi his body had, the stronger he was, thus his strength and cultivation rose accordingly.”

Everyone nodded.

As the little cow, Xiang Xun, and the others waited, time flowed by.

Ten days, one month, two months…

During these two months, Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong’s figures gradually submerged in purple lights. At this point, the others could only see two clusters of luminous purple light.

Silence filled the cave except for the occasional sizzling noises.


Another four months went by.

Huang Xiaolong’s group had been inside the cave for half a year now.

Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong’s immediate surroundings had turned into a sea of purple lights, glimmering like two giant purple crystals.

Xiang Xun and the rest continued to stand on guard.

From time to time, the little cow would throw a top-grade chaos spiritual pill into her mouth.

Outside the Dragon Rain Sacred Peak, Lei Budong, Feng Chen, Shui Luosheng, and the others were waiting as well.

During this time, there were Barbarians on patrol that came to check. The Chaos Black Camel merely detained these Barbarians instead of killing them.

By the tenth month, the furrows between Lei Budong’s brows deepened. He mumbled under his breath, “What are they doing inside the Dragon Rain Sacred Peak for so long?”

Due to their tribe’s ancestral rules, Lei Budong and the others did not dare take a step into the Dragon Rain Sacred Peak, thus they were unable to determine the situation within the peak. Doubts roused in their minds when Huang Xiaolong’s group had still not come out after so long.

“According to our ancestors, there are chaos grade formations laid out within the Dragon Rain Sacred Peak, they would not have met with some kind of accident, would they?” Huo Haibo was feeling pessimistic.

Lei Budong shook his head and refuted, “With their strengths, there probably won’t be any problem. Chaos grade formations won’t trouble them.”

As various wild guesses appeared in the Barbarians’ minds, another three months went by.

By the thirteenth month from when Huang Xiaolong’s group had entered the Dragon Rain Sacred Peak, Lei Budong, Feng Chen, and the others who were waiting outside felt heaven and earth shake and sway as amazing purple colored lights soared to the sky from the Dragon Rain Sacred Peak, then fell to the ground like a torrent.

The Barbarians were astounded by the sight.

What was going on?

Then they saw deep fissures split the ground below, and the cracks grew longer. Uprooted and broken trees were falling everywhere on the Dragon Rain Sacred Peak.

Suddenly, a dragon’s roar shook the heavens. The Barbarians saw the shadow of a golden purple dragon fly out from the Dragon Rain Sacred Peak to the sky, exuding overwhelming dragon might.

The manifestations in the sky left the Barbarians agape.

The Chaos Black Camel was muttering under his breath in elation, “Master has succeeded?!”

At this time, at the bottom of the cave, Xiang Xun, Feng Er, and the others too were agape looking at the luminous cluster of purple light that was Huang Xiaolong. In the last few days, the purple light cluster had been fluctuating violently like great waves. The purple light’s violent activity had also influenced the cave’s airflow. At the same time, they could see the shadow of a purple dragon with the luminous purple light.

The luminous purple light continued to grow bigger.

The little cow, Xiang Xun, and the rest had to retreat far away.