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[Story] Forbidden Desire – S01 E32

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 32

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(From the writer’s point of view)

Daniella angrily left the eatery only to return home to meet her living room looking all scattered.

“Oh my! What happened here? I was only gone for a while so how come?” She wondered looking around the room with her eyebrows furrowed in confusion and curiosity.

Walking closer to the couch she found a lady’s bra.

“What is a lady’s bra doing in my living room?” She wondered.

Just then, she overheard sounds of laughter coming from her bedroom.

“And, what’s that sound?” She wondered.

Then with haste, she climbed the staircase and found her way into her bedroom.

Barging into the room, she unexpectedly saw her husband lying naked on the bed with two women. The first one was right in-between his legs while he was sucking and fumbling the nipple of the other.

Seeing this, Daniella almost fell into a daze as her head and everything around her began spinning in circles. She leaned backwards to keep her head under control with her back resting on the wall.

Then covering her ears with both palms, she screamed out with all her strength.

“Get out!!!!!!”

Her sudden scream scared out the ladies who immediately got off her husband and found their way out of the bedroom.

Then letting go of her handbag which fell on the floor, she dragged her back down the wall till she was finally sitting on the floor. And there she broke into tears.

Catching her husband cheating was unbearable. But what was more unbearable, was the fact that he wasn’t remorseful for his actions.

Rather, he got off the bed and angrily wore his underwear. Then walking up to Daniella, he said,

“Seeing how you are crying, I guess you were certainly hurt by what you just saw,” He said with a scoff.

Hearing this, Daniella raised her head to meet his gaze from where she was sitting on the floor. Then with tears pouring down her cheeks, she asked,

“Why Nathan? Why are you allowing the devil to use you in ruining the beautiful life we have? What exactly did I do wrong? Why would you choose to bring strange women into our matrimonial home and make love to them right on our matrimonial bed? What happened to the vow we took before God and our families? Where has all the love gone to? Where exactly did I get it wrong? Tell me, Nathan, why are you doing this?” Daniella questioned in a calm tone amidst tears.

“Cut the act, Daniella. I finally got to pay you back in your coin and here you are feigning innocence and ignorant” Nathan said.

“I don’t understand. What are you talking about?” Daniella asked.

“There she goes again with her act of pretence. Well, maybe you’ve forgotten. So I will do you the favour of refreshing your memory” Nathan said.