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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E984

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 984

Palace Under The Lake

“I understand, but there is no other way to identify it right now. When I return to the Middle Sky Continent, I’ll let someone look it up.”

As Liu Ming said, he carefully put the golden beast egg into a storage talisman and kept the 2 spiritual pets.

In the following time, after searching the entire cave house for a while, he left.

10 days later, over an endless, sparkling lake, a purple escape light flashed from afar.

In the purple escape light, a young man in a green robe was looking around.

This person was Liu Ming who had come far away.

Just the day before, after he finally left the dense forest, he entered the range of this lake. Now he had been wandering in the sky for a whole day, but except for some large and small uninhabited islands, there didn’t seem to be a trace of any ruins.

Liu Ming touched his chin and pondered for a moment, then he suddenly realized something. He retrieved the Bitter Wheel Sword, released the silver wings and dived toward the lake below. drill.

With a water splashing sound, the lake water was split to 2 sides by the silver wings, then Liu Ming dived in.

As he continued to dive, he released Divine Thought to probe around.

This lake looked ordinary, but it was bottomless. Even if Liu Ming was blessed with the silver wings, it took him 10 minutes to reach the bottom of the lake.

As expected, there was really a unique place under the lake. A crystal-like palace was built at the bottom of the lake.

The palace covered an area of ​​about tens of acres and was made of crystals. It looked ethereal and brilliant under the reflection of the water.

However, when he came to the entrance of the palace full of anticipation, he smiled wryly.

One corner of the gate of this palace had been destroyed. Someone was ahead of him again.

At this moment, a faint wave of demonic qi came from the gate. He could vaguely sense that there was more than one person.

Could it be demons who went in?

After Liu Ming pondered for a while, he activated the totem mystic art to hide his aura and went into the palace in a flash.

After all, with his strength, he didn’t have to worry about ordinary demons.

As soon as he entered the underwater palace, his eyes lit up.

The corridor of the palace was more than 30 meters wide, and it was made of blocks of water crystals of various colors, which seemed extremely gorgeous. Both sides of the corridor were neatly arranged crystal pillars with a thickness of a few meters. There were various sea beastkin patterns carved on the stone pillars.

Just when Liu Ming was concentrating on appreciating, there was a clanging mining sound at the end of the corridor, and a vague conversation sounded.

Although it was at least several hundred meters away, Liu Ming, relying on his powerful Divine Thought, still heard the conversation clearly.

“…Second Brother, the nine tail fox is so powerful that even Boss Mo is no match for her. Fortunately, the Lord gave him life-saving means, but it’s a bit unfortunate that the 2 brothers of the Ling Family were being used as cannon fodder by Boss Mo.” A somewhat hoarse voice said.

“Boss Mo is a ruthless person, so what’s the use of talking about it now. It’s not too long before the end of the secret realm, so let’s collect some treasures honestly, so we won’t be reprimanded by Lord after returning.” Another strange voice sounded with a slight dissatisfaction.

“Yes, before Boss Mo comes back, we should dig out all these crystal mines as soon as possible. The quality of these mines is excellent. This mine has long disappeared in the Thousands Demons Continent. If we handed them to Lord, maybe he will grant us some true demonic qi.” The hoarse voice laughed.

“Yes, we keep most of it and divide the rest equally with Boss Mo. In any case, he is a core member, so he won’t really lower himself to search us.” The strange voice also laughed.

Liu Ming didn’t care about the conversation between the 2 demons at first, but when he heard the words “nine tail fox”, he was slightly surprised.

She is still in this upper realm ruins!

After the woman completed her inheritance that day, her aura had reached the Real Pellet State perfect stage, which was 1 step away from the Celestial State. He thought she would leave the ruins and return to the Savage Wild Continent, but she actually stayed and fought with another group of demons.

Just when Liu Ming was a little lost, the original mining sound suddenly disappeared, replaced by 2 whistling sounds.

“Shit, I’m careless.” Liu Ming immediately came back to his senses and muttered to himself.

“Oh? There’s a young human. I was just worried about how to report without bringing back treasures, then you’re here human.” A demon with thick makeup and ambiguous gender revealed from a black wind and said strangely.

“Second brother, you want to do it or me? He is also at the Pseudo Pellet State, so don’t be too careless.” The other hoarse voice sounded; it was a short and fat demon.

Different from the 2 groups of demons that Liu Ming met before, the 2 demons were wearing the same kind of clothing. Although he wasn’t sure if the demons had sects, at least they were from the same force.

“You and I do it together. Make it quick, lest there are more troubles. If we kill him before Boss Mo arrives, according to the rules of the clan, the treasures on this human boy will belong to us.” The girly demon smiled gloomily.

After saying that, they flickered and charged toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming looked at the 2 incoming black shadows, and he released a yellow bead from his sleeve.

A yellow brilliant burst out in the air, illuminating the crystal stone pillars.

Liu Ming pointed at the bead with a finger.

The yellow bead made a low and deep buzz before turning into a 300 meters tall small yellow mountain phantasm. It pressed at the 2 demons.

There was an endless buzz in the air. The crystal walls of the palace were even peeled off from the momentum.

The 2 demons wanted to dodge hurriedly after seeing the pressing momentum.

Unexpectedly, the yellow light emanating from the mountain transformed by the Mountain River Pearl seemed to have imprisoned the space, extremely slowing down their movement.


The short and fat demon panicked. Seeing that he could no longer dodge, he cast a blue giant shield above his head and channeled all demonic qi into a demonic wall. After that, he calmly threw a black sand into the air.

Presumably, he also knew that if he didn’t go all out, he wouldn’t have been able to resist a hit of the magic weapon at all.

After the crackling sounds, the black sand was crushed by the yellow mountain easily. It didn’t even slow down the momentum at the slightest.

In contrast, the girly demon’s mind seemed much calmer as he grabbed in the air.

With a tearing sound, a space fissure emerged, and he went into it.

A loud noise!

The entire palace trembled wildly. Even the top of the palace had the tendency to collapse, and cracks appeared on the water crystal pillars on both sides.

The short and fat demon’s shield and demonic wall were crushed like paper. His aura vanished the moment the mountain slammed on him.

If there was no accident, he should have been directly crushed into meat paste. Even his soul was annihilated.


A dozen meters away, a black shadow flashed out of thin air.

But at this moment, there was a hint of fear on his face. After glancing at Liu Ming, he was about to flee.

At this time, Liu Ming was overjoyed. He never expected the power of Mountain River Pearl was so great that even he himself did not expect it.

He waved and recalled the yellow bead back into his hand.

Except for a huge pit on the ground, only a pool of black blood, storage bracelets and other objects were left.

After Liu Ming took the storage bracelet on the ground, he pursued into the corridor.

As a result, before he flew far, he saw an unexpected scene not far away.

At the end of the corridor, that girly demon was kneeling on the ground with a look of horror on his face, but in front of him was a cloud of green demonic mist. A vague figure could be vaguely seen in the demonic mist.

“Boss Mo, that human is too strong. Lord once said that if we encounter a strong enemy, we shouldn’t fight recklessly, so I…”

“Hmph, you two don’t want to act with me, you think I didn’t know your little thoughts?”

After only hearing a few cold words, the green figure wrapped the girly demon with the demonic mist.

“Boss Mo, no… no… ah!“

After a scream, the green demonic qi exploded and turned into rolling demonic flames that spread away.

“Human boy, I heard that you have a good treasure, why don’t you lend it to me?” After the green figure laughed, he floated toward Liu Ming unhurriedly.

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