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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E970

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 970

Ulterior Moves

In the crowd watching the battle below, Liu Ming squinted.

As soon as the cultivator surnamed Sun got out, he made a gesture. The 8 white light mirrors burst out numerous light arrows.


The black bear face was instantly pierced through by countless white arrows, then it roared and dissipated.

When the muscular man saw this, he groaned and released black beastkin aura. His entire body had thick black hair now.

Looking from a distance, it looked like a huge hair ball floating in the air.

A burst of rattling sound when the white light arrows hit it, but it couldn’t be penetrated at all.


The cultivator surnamed Sun groaned and launched a symbol.

All the light arrows in mid-air exploded, and a dazzling white light enveloped the black muscular man.

The black muscular man was startled by the dazzling light. He retreated quickly and crossed his arms without thinking.

However, as soon as he moved, the 8 mirrors seemed to have teleported above the black muscular man, binding him with a giant white light circle.

The muscular man was horrified to find that he couldn’t move at all. The surrounding space seemed to freeze.

The iron plate in his hand cast a black protective shield around the black muscular man.

The cultivator surnamed Sun was watching the movements of the black muscular man, then he chanted, made a few mysterious hand gestures, spouted blood and pointed in the air.

“Poof poof poof“, the blood essence split into 8 clusters and flashed into the 8 white light mirror.

After doing all this, the cultivator surnamed Sun’s face suddenly turned pale.

After the 8 light mirrors received the blood essence, they shot white flame flowers on the black muscular man’s protective shield, drowning him in a white flame sea.

Immediately, the cultivators on both sides watching the battle could only see the white flames billowing in the huge light shield. They could no longer observe the situation inside, but from time to time there was a loud rumbling sound. Obviously, the bear beastkin cultivator was desperately trying to attack the light curtain.

The cultivator surnamed Sun flickered and appeared above the 8 white light mirrors.

The series of attacks did not make his face show the slightest joy. Instead, he sat cross-legged with a gloomy expression. He made gestures and launched traces of white lights to connect with the white light mirrors.

The white light curtain below suddenly began to flicker.

“Senior Ying, Leader Xiong Yue should be fine inside right?” A muscular man of the Savage Bear Race looked worried after seeing the scene. He said respectfully to the hooked nose man.

“If there is really danger, we don’t have to abide by any agreement, just rush over to rescue the leader.” Another Savage Bear Race man said eagerly.

“Hehe, what are you worried about? Although this human cultivator has some skills, he has consumed a lot of spiritual power by doing that. Although those white flames are powerful, Xiong Yue’s Bear Divine Plate can absolutely defend it. It depends on who will exhaust their spiritual power first. If it is really getting danger, we can still help out.” The hooked nose man laughed a few times in a low voice without being worried at all.

Hearing the words, the 2 Savage Bear Race muscular men looked at each other and backed off in agreement.

In the distance, on the side of the human cultivators, some were delighted and some were worried.

At first, when the Savage Bear Race beastkin cultivator was trapped by the cultivator surnamed Sun, everyone was really excited for a while. Now that it became a situation where they competed with each other for spiritual power, they were naturally greatly worried.

Liu Ming moved silently to the back of the crowd while looking at the cultivator surnamed Sun in mid-air with his eyes flickering. He seemed to be thinking about something.

As time passed, the cultivators on both sides became impatient.

The human side was fine; the beastkin cultivators of the Savage Bear Race would probably have already rushed out if the hooked nose man didn’t stop them.

In mid-air, the cultivator surnamed Sun looked very pale and his gaze looked a little dull. His aura was not even 10% of his peak state.

The white light circle emitted by the 8 light mirrors also dimmed, but the white flame inside was still burning.

At this moment, a muffled sound came from the light circle.

The cultivator surnamed Sun was shocked.

The white light circle suddenly trembled violently, and the white flame inside was tumbling. Countless black light beams were shooting out of it.

The white light circle was instantly riddled with holes and dissipated.

A black escape light shot out and landed more than 30 meters away. The black light flashed, revealing the figure of the black muscular man.

He had now returned to his usual form. His clothes were tattered and scorched, and his aura was unstable. He was gasping heavily, but he was still full of murderous intent.

The black muscular man waved his hand, and the iron plate appeared before him. It looked very dimmed, and the bear pattern on it had disappeared.

The black muscular man looked ashen. This iron plate was his main weapon, but it was damaged to such an extent. Even if he brought it back to nourish, it would take a long time.


The black muscular man said these words with hatred. He looked up at the cultivator surnamed Sun with killing intent, and the beastkin aura surged again.

On the other hand, the cultivator surnamed Sun was not much different from the black muscular man. The 8 white light mirrors turned back into Light Condense Mirror and returned to his hand.

“Brother Xiong, let’s end this fight! As Real Pellet State cultivators, if we continue, we can’t really decide the winner so soon.” The hooked nose man flashed and appeared beside the muscular man, and he stopped the match.


The cultivator surnamed Sun lowered his arm that had just lifted up.

The black muscular man looked a little unwilling. The hooked nose man sent a few voices to the black muscular man, making him shock slightly. He snorted and withdrew the surging aura.

“Great, 7 matches are over now!” The hooked nose man looked around and said loudly.

In the midair, the cultivators of the 2 races flew closer and faced each other.

After this competition, the hostility between the 2 sides became heavier. The surrounding atmosphere became a little tense for a while. If there was any slight movement, a big battle would be triggered immediately.

“Brother Sun, are you all right?” Liu Ming held something in his sleeve, then he walked closer to the cultivator surnamed Sun and asked indifferently.

“I’m fine. There’s really no need to fight anymore.” The cultivator surnamed Sun kept away the Light Condense Mirror, then he consumed an elixir and shook his head.

Liu Ming’s eyes flashed. He nodded and took a step back.

At this time, the hooked nose man coughed, breaking the somewhat awkward atmosphere. He a step forward and said loudly,

“According to the previous agreement, we will work together to crack the enchantment at the entrance of the ruins, then we will distribute the treasures according to the results of the battle. Now that the results have come out, we beastkins have won 4, 1 draw and 2 losses, so we take 4 and a half of the treasures in the ruins. Do you all have any opinions?”

“Of course, since it has been agreed in advance, of course we will abide by this result.” The cultivator surnamed Sun said with a deep breath.

“That’s good!” the hooked nose man grinned.

“Let’s go to the ruins now, lest there is a sudden change.” The cultivator surnamed Sun said with a smile.

“Mr. Sun, don’t be in a hurry! The enchantment at the entrance can’t be cracked for a while. Why don’t we take some rest first.” The hooked nose man frowned slightly and said.

“If we delay like this, who knows what accidents will happen. In the previous battle, neither the people of your side and my side is really injured, so why waste time.” The cultivator surnamed Sun said lightly. He waved his hand, released a faint blue flying car and stood on it

The other human cultivators also flew onto the flying car one after another. With a flash of blue light, the flying car turned into an escape light and flew toward the ruins.

When the beastkin cultivators saw this, there was a commotion. They all wanted to leave immediately.

“Quiet. Since those humans are so nervous, let them go over and break the enchantment first! Let’s recuperate a little in the vicinity, then we will move after everyone has recovered! Hehe, the enchantment of the entrance to the ruin is unusually strong. They can’t break it in a short time.” The hooked nose man said coldly and looked at the blue escape light in the distance with doubt.

Not long after, in a hidden cave on the mountain below, 2 figures flashed, it was Xiong Yue and the hooked nose man.

“The human cultivators have already gone to the ruin one step ahead of us, why do you still let us come here? Can’t we say it outside?” Xiong Yue complained with some dissatisfaction.

“Even if they leave first, we will arrive first. Don’t forget. The first day we arrived, I have already set up a short teleportation array.” The hooked nose man said slowly.

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