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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E958

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 958

True Spirit Orbs

Not long after, in a small hidden cave, Liu Ming sat cross-legged on a flat boulder while playing with 4 gray beads in his hands. He looked contemplative.

The 4 beads were similar in appearance and were engraved with strange symbols like spirit patterns in a circle.

After a while, he injected spiritual power into 1 of the beads.

The symbols flashed on the surface of the bead, emitted a hazy gray light and floated from the palm of the hand.

Then, he also injected spiritual power into the other 3 beads at the same time. The 4 beads floated up at the same time, but other than that, there was nothing special about them. They didn’t form the square enchantment as Ji Ying did.

Liu Ming pondered for a while, then he kept changing the position of the 4 beads with a finger.

As a result, no matter how the beads were arranged, nothing happened.

“It seems that some special methods are needed to construct an enchantment.” Liu Ming smacked his tongue regretfully.

Since he couldn’t understand it, he didn’t continue to study it. He then took out the storage bracelet that he got from Ji Ying.

He released Divine Thought into the storage bracelet, then he waved his hand. A pile of items emerged on the ground. The entire cave was filled with a strange radiance.

As a high rank beastkin of Savage Wild Continent, Ji Ying was rich. The spirit stones alone were no less than 40 to 50 million. Other good items even dazzled Liu Ming.

Among these things, most of them were various spiritual herbs and spiritual materials. They also included the newly acquired things by Ji Ying in these upper realm ruins.

“Seven-color coral!”

Liu Ming was overjoyed looking at a colorful coral branch.

Not so long ago, he got a thousand years old soul chasing grass in the ruins. Together with this seven-color coral and several other auxiliary spiritual materials, he could refine an elixir called You can practice an elixir called ming xin pill.

It could be helpful for condensing real pellet.

This ming xin pill was widely circulated in Taiqing Sect, but people didn’t attach importance to it. The reason was that the thousand years old soul chasing grass and seven-color coral were both spiritual materials that had disappeared in the Middle Sky Continent.

As for the other auxiliary spiritual materials, they were all common items and were not difficult to obtain.

After carefully collecting the seven-color coral, Liu Ming planned to refine it immediately after leaving leave the upper realm ruins.

The following spiritual grass and ores were also rare items. Liu Ming couldn’t even identify some of them. They should be from Savage Wild Continent.

After he put the spirit stones and spiritual materials into the Sumeru Ring and sorted them into different categories, only less than half of the items on the ground were left.

What was left were more than a dozen spiritual weapons, a few jade bottles, a gray beast skin book, and a black box.

Ji Ying was the beastkin cultivator of the Real Pellet State later stage. The worst spiritual weapon on him was also a superb spiritual weapon, and even the magic weapon prototype had as many as 5 pieces.

But unfortunately, these spiritual weapons emitted waves of beastkin aura. Apparently, they were forged with the beastkin methods, which couldn’t be controlled by the other races.

After taking a closer look, Liu Ming put away these spiritual weapons.

The elixirs contained in several jade bottles were also beastkin’s elixirs. He just kept them casually into the Sumeru Ring.

Finally, he turned his gaze to the animal skin tome and the black box.


Liu Ming’s eyes stayed on the black box. This box actually exuded a faint demonic qi.

He frowned slightly, opened the box, and saw a transparent bead the size of a thumb inside. There was also a black jade slip next to it.

Liu Ming picked up the jade slip and put it on his forehead, and he took it off after a while.

“It turns out to be a demonic crystal bead…” Liu Ming picked up the transparent bead and frowned.

Demonic crystal beads were from the Thousands Demons Continent, which were used by demons to identify and test demonic qi. At the same time, it was also used to detect the quality of the demon’s talent. Just like examining the spiritual root of a human cultivator.

Liu Ming was holding the demonic crystal bead, and a faint black light appeared in it.

This should be because he had been demonized several times before, so some demonic qi were accumulated in his body.

“This thing should be the loot that Ji Ying got by killing the demon. It is extremely rare in the Middle Sky Continent.” Liu Ming thought so in his mind. He kept the bead in the Sumeru Ring, but after thinking about it, he kept the bead with him.

Although this demonic crystal bead was not a treasure, it was sensitive to demonic qi. Maybe it would be useful in the future.

Next, Liu Ming picked up the animal skin book and looked at it roughly.

This was a beastkin cultivator book called “True Spirit Scripture”. According to the record, this book was the relic of “Venerable True Spirit Shadow”, the ancestor of the Shadow Wolf Race tens of thousands of years ago.

This “True Spirit Scripture” was roughly divided into 2 parts. The first part recorded several powerful beastkin techniques. Ji Ying should have cultivated a technique called “Phantom Art” recorded in it.

These exercises were mainly based on physique training. Some techniques were so novel that they surprised Liu Ming.

However, he had now cultivated Dragon Tiger Hell Prison. No matter how well were these beastkin techniques, he would not be foolish enough to practice them again.

As for some techniques recorded in the second part of the “True Spirit Scripture”, they really aroused Liu Ming’s interest.

Most of these beastkin techniques were strange and domineering with extraordinary power, but more importantly, a few of these mystic arts were not restricted to the beastkin cultivators only. He as a human could practice too.

1 of them was a blood shield technique.

At the end of the book, it also recorded some alchemy and forging experiences of Venerable True Spirit Shadow. It seemed that this Shadow Wolf Race’s ancestor was a versatile cultivator.

“Eh, this is the True Spirit Orb!” Liu Ming suddenly exclaimed in surprise.

In the last forging technique of the True Spirit Scripture, the forging method of the “True Spirit Orb” was recorded. The finished product was the same 4 gray beads he got.

As he guessed, the True Spirit Orb was not a pure defensive spiritual weapon, but a product of the combination of forging and array. To manipulate these beads, he had to do some special sacrificial refinement.

After Liu Ming read it, he closed his eyes. After half an hour, he opened his eyes and let the 4 gray beads float around him.

He chanted and launched 4 symbols at each of the beads, then they split up immediately. A gray light rolled out and formed a faint gray square enchantment, shrouding him in it.

When Liu Ming saw this, a smile appeared on his face.

The strength of the fluctuations emitted by this enchantment was far less than when Ji Ying cast it. Obviously, the spirituality of these 4 True Spirit Orbs was not lightly damaged, but at least they could still be used.

He bent 1 finger, and the Bitter Wheel Sword soared up, turned into a dazzling sword light and hit heavily on the enchantment.

A dazzling purple lightning instantly made a crackling sound when hitting the enchantment.

However, the entire gray enchantment only had faint ripples, and it soon returned to normal.

Liu Ming’s eyes were full of surprise. The defensive power of this enchantment was even beyond his expectations.

Immediately, he launched a few more symbols. The True Spirit Orbs floated separately on his left, right, up and down.

With 4 beads as corners, a gray light curtain was opened.

This light curtain was several times thicker than the gray enchantment. As the position of the 4 beads changed, the light curtain could also change shape at will.

“Great!” Liu Ming nodded again and again with satisfaction.

After the Thick Earth Shield was damaged by Yao Ji, he was just missing a defensive magic weapon prototype. These 4 True Spirit Orbs could come in handy.

After putting away the 4 True Spirit Orbs, Liu Ming sat cross-legged in the cave with a contemplative face. He put the jade slip on his forehead and read it.

His face looked uncertain for a while. After that, he took out the map to check the location. Finally, he set his gaze on a remote corner of the map.

“It’s actually here…”

The place marked on the jade slip was a snow land, which was quite far away from where he was now. If he flew at max speed, it might take him more than 10 days to arrive.

Although the distance was not a problem, according to Lan Si, there were many powerhouses of the beastkin clan and human race gathering there. This trip would definitely be dangerous.

After a series of battles with the demon and Ji Ying, Liu Ming gradually felt that there was no ordinary cultivator who went to the upper realm ruins, especially the Real Pellet State team leaders.

Although he was known as the top of the inner disciples in Taiqing Sect, he was still slightly inferior to the Real Pellet State monsters from various continents.

However, since life prolonging spiritual medicine was involved, he must go on this trip. He just needed more preparations.

After making up his mind, he took out the white fruit, True Soul Fruit, given to him by Lan Si.

This True Soul Fruit could increase a lot of mental power, which would be useful in the treasure hunt later.

The faint green True Soul Fruit exuded a faint fragrance, and it seemed to be very mysterious.

Liu Ming flicked his index finger. After the white mist drew a beautiful arc in the air, it flew into his mouth.


Liu Ming only felt a warm aura in his mouth, and he swallowed it directly into his belly without chewing at all.

A heat flow in his internal organs.

After a few seconds, the heat flow in the chest subsided slightly, replaced by the heat flow rushed toward the top of his head. A buzz sounded in his head like it was going to explode.

He knew that this was the process of refining the medicinal power, so he didn’t panic. He just held his head with both hands, gritted his teeth and endured it, and frantically channeled the Dragon Tiger Hell Prison, trying to protect his Divine Thought.

After about an hour, the buzz gradually receded, replaced by a mental stretch, his sea of ​​consciousness was increased by 1 circle. A sense of sudden enlightenment struck.

Only then did Liu Ming secretly breathe a sigh of relief, he knew that the medicinal power of True Soul Fruit had finally blent into his body.

At this time, he felt very refreshed. His Divine Thought was buffed by about 10% compared to before.

A small portion of True Soul Fruit’s medicinal power still remained in his body. If he refined all of them, his mental power could increase by about 10%-20%.

In this way, even if he wanted to condense the real pellet to advance to the Real Pellet State, it would be a little easier.

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