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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E949

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 949

Shadow Wolf Race And Silver Tiger Race

As the elite disciples, before entering the ruins, they naturally had some preliminary understanding of the situation in other continents through various channels.

This Shadow Wolf Race was a clan in Savage Wild Continent that was known for its speed. Not only that, but the people of the Shadow Wolf Race were also bloodthirsty and extremely cruel. They were merciless even if the opponents were of the same clan.

The Silver Tiger Race, on the contrary, was known for its strength and tyrannical physique.

In short, both Shadow Wolf Race and Silver Tiger Race were high rank races in the Savage Wild Continent.

Ji Ying only made 1 blow, and he decimated Ye Jiong directly. He also severely damaged Luo Tiancheng, which also gave Liu Ming a further understanding of the power of the beastkins from the Savage Wild Continent. This power was even stronger than the nine tail girl he met in the ruin.

“You can run, but leave the Spirit Nurture Cauldron!” The muscular tiger-headed man jumped and grabbed at the escape light transformed by Liu Ming.

“Boom“, strands of yellow mist appeared and condensed into a 30 meters huge yellow tiger head.

The yellow tiger head roared with its eyes beaming, then it rushed toward the black escape light that Liu Ming had turned into.

At the same time, Jin Tianci also became blurred and charged toward the yellow tiger head in a white starlight.

The white starlight flashed and pierced through the tiger’s mouth.

A loud bang!

Under the burst of starlight, a hot aura canceled out the yellow tiger head.

“Looking for death? But that’s okay. I’m worried that no one can put up a good fight against me.”

The muscular tiger-headed man was shocked, then his expression was replaced by excitement. As he spoke, he charged toward Jin Tianci. In a burst of space tearing sound, 8 yellow tiger heads appeared and besieged Jin Tianci from all angles.

Jin Tianci flicked his golden robe, and 2 white starlights turned into several a pair of large golden sleeve robes, and two white stars flew out, turning into several starlight streams that went at the yellow tiger heads.

“Lan Si, I’ll leave the rest to you. I’ll get the Spirit Nurture Cauldron myself!” The man in a bloody robe didn’t stop the tiger-headed man. He glanced at Liu Ming’s black escape light and said so.

Before he finished his words, his body flickered and blasted out with a series of bloody. He was already hundreds of meters away when he spoke the last word.

“Ah…” A shrill scream sounded and stopped abruptly!

It was the disciple surnamed Yuan surname from the Nature Work Sect who happened to be in the way of Ji Ying. His body was split in half in a flash.

The woman in blue clothes giggled, then a harsh screeching sound emitted from her mouth. She turned into a blue light and charged toward the direction where Wen Zeng and Luo Tiancheng escaped.

As this screech sounded, yellow dust burst out below the Nature Work Sect’s disciples who were 300 meters away. Several blue escaped lights were launched at all of them at an astonishing speed.

Not long after, the battle sound sounded everywhere.

Everyone was divided into 3 battles. Jin Tianci fought with the muscular tiger-headed man of the Silver Tiger Race. The 5 disciples of the Nature Work Sect, Wen Zeng and Luo Tiancheng fought with Lan Si and several beastkins in blue clothes. Liu Ming who had escaped far away had been stopped by Ji Ying.

At the same time, several starlight streams around Jin Tianci had already pierced through the yellow tiger heads in the sky, but with this delay, the muscular tiger-headed man was already 10 meters away.

The muscular man roared loudly. He shook his arms, and 10 silver claw lights struck at Jin Tianci.

A few tearing sounds!

The starlight streams, which could easily defeat the yellow tiger head phantasms, were torn into pieces in the blink of an eye in the face of the silver claw lights.

Jin Tianci quickly glanced at Liu Ming and Ji Ying not far away, and he smiled bitterly in his mind. He immediately shook his shoulders and disappeared, dodging all the silver claw lights.

The next moment, Jin Tianci appeared in front of the muscular tiger-headed man and punched the muscular tiger-headed man’s tiger palms.

2 muffled sounds came immediately!

Where the fists and palms met, a cluster of yellow-white light intertwined. Both of them trembled and flew out at the same time. They seemed to be evenly matched.

Jin Tianci could only stabilize himself after flying for 20 meters; the muscular tiger-headed man was only pushed back for 6 meters at most.

“Not bad! It’s extremely rare for a human cultivator to take my palm! I’m really getting more and more excited. Take this!” The muscular tiger-headed man laughed wildly. The silver-white stripes on his body flashed, then he turned into a burly man with a height 12 meters.

The muscular man moved his arms, and his 2 furry arms were enlarged by several times. He slowly punched toward Jin Tianci.

When Jin Tianci was thinking about the purpose of the muscular man, a yellow halo rippled silently from behind him. A pair of incomparably gigantic fists flashed out of the halo and slammed into his back.

Jin Tianci groaned, then he turned into countless afterimages that splashed away. His body disappeared out of thin air.

On the place he stood, the gigantic fists tore those afterimages into pieces!

Just as Jin Tianci and the muscular tiger-headed man were fighting hard, there was a hot pursuit in the other battle!

A bloody afterimage and a silver-black escape light dashed past the yellow forest one after the other.

Ji Ying was in the bloody afterimage, and Liu Ming was in the silver-black escape light 90 meters in front.

At this moment, he was secretly complaining.

The speed of the other party was far beyond his imagination. Although he temporarily escaped by casting Three Shadowy Mirages, he was caught up again after a few seconds.

A burst of dragon roar resounded through the sky!

The silver-black afterimage in front stopped abruptly, then a 60 meters long black mist dragon was released at the bloody figure behind.

Liu Ming finally made a move!

Ji Ying just flickered, and he dodged the black mist dragon at an incredible angle.

The black mist dragon burst apart in the air after missing its target and turned into a black light that shrouded Ji Ying in it.

At this moment, Ji Ying swayed again, and he disappeared with a flash of bloody light. The black light missed once again.

The next moment, Ji Ying faded out in front of Liu Ming with a flash of bloody light, then he split into 6 seemingly real afterimages and pounced toward Liu Ming.

However, Liu Ming’s Divine Thought was already comparable to the Real Pellet State. With the mind imitation insect and his attainment in Three Shadowy Mirages, he could barely trace Ji Ying’s true body.

So instead of retreating, he advanced. With a surge of black gas, 4 black phantasms charged forward.

Ji Ying sneered. After the 6 afterimages swayed, they engaged in a 1vs1 battle with Liu Ming’s 4 phantasms.

In instantly became a battle between phantasms and afterimages. Black figures and red figures were flickering nonstop; bloody light and black light intertwined. Fluctuations rolled out from time to time.

Liu Ming was in a cold sweat at the moment. Although the phantasms and the afterimages danced in the sky, both sides accurately found the location of the other. The close combat was frequent.

Suddenly, Ji Ying appeared elusively behind Liu Ming’s real body. He opened his palm. Countless bloody spirit patterns emerged on his arm. A bloody palm quickly stretched toward Liu Ming’s heart.

Liu Ming only felt a cold murderous intent behind him. He tapped his feet and retreated for a meter, then he caught the bloody arm with his right hand.

Ji Ying snorted coldly. He flicked his arm, and countless bloody silks burst out from his arm.

At the critical moment, Liu Ming forcibly channeled the crimson dragon scales in his body to cover his right palm.

Liu Ming’s other arm made a crackling sound, and it passed under the right arm at an unbelievable angle and heavily punched Ji Ying’s shoulder.

A bloody light rose into the air, followed by a flash of black light. Then, a bloody light retreated 30 meters away.

Ji Ying’s shoulder was shrouded in black mist. He was clearly punched by Liu Ming just now. He shouted, and the bloody patterns on his arm flashed and dispelled the black mist.

After the black light on the other side dissipated, Liu Ming with a pale face appeared.

At this time, the afterimages and phantasms collapsed.

This fight between them seemed to be complicated, but it only happened in a few seconds. Their movements were impossible to catch.

Liu Ming looked at his wounded palm, and fear surged from within his heart!

If he hadn’t used a few dragon scales to cover his palm, his entire hand would have been completely crippled.

However, he also injured Ji Ying by deliberately revealing a flaw. He didn’t expect that such a close punch only forced Ji Ying back for such a short distance, which horrified him.

TL: Can Liu Ming defeat Ji Ying or he will chose to run away?

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