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[Story] Demon's Diary – S01 E943

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Read Story: SEASON 1 EPISODE 943

Juvenile Parasite

“What kind of insect is this?” Liu Ming kicked the corpse of the insect with his foot. It turned over and didn’t move, apparently dead.

Liu Ming took a few glances at the insect corpse. Under close inspection, he found that this insect had a lizard-like head without eyes or nose. Except for a mouth, there was no other opening.

He looked at the flesh wall in the tunnel again, and his face gradually became solemn.

The body of the insect monster was exactly the same color as the flesh wall, and their aura was almost the same. No wonder he didn’t notice it beforehand.

“Could it be that this insect is a parasite in the giant beast?” He thought about this, and his heart was stunned.

The strength of this insect was not very strong, but it didn’t have any spiritual power fluctuation which made it hard to guard against!

There could be more parasites as he went deeper.

Liu Ming looked at it for a long time, and he finally withdrew his gaze. He wrapped himself in black gas and went deeper into the tunnel.

Since entering the fork tunnel, he would encounter the spiderweb-like mucous membrane from time to time in the flesh wall, which made Liu Ming’s forward speed inevitably slow down a lot.

The tunnels in the giant beast were like a maze extending in all directions. The deeper he went, the thicker the corrosive purple gas, and the dark red parasites began to appear frequently.

At first, these parasites only had the strength of the Spirit Apostle Stage, but as they went deeper, their strength gradually increased to the Condensation Period, and even later, the parasites of the Condensation Periodlater stage began to appear frequently.

However, for the current Liu Ming, it was a simple matter.

Half an hour passed quickly, but Liu Ming still didn’t find any trace of the Spirit Nurture Cauldron. The spiritual power of the battle armor was used up for about a quarter. This made him feel a little anxious.


With a dull voice, a 3 meters long parasite smashed onto the flesh wall after being punched by Liu Ming.

At this moment, Liu Ming was in a very vast space. Although there were still squirming flesh walls around. It looked like a wide cave with thick stalactite-like fleshes hanging down. There was a tunnel not far away, and a large hole in the mucous membrane was clearly visible, which was exactly the way he came.

After a burst of “buzz” sound, the largest parasite he had encountered so far rolled on the ground a few times, then it straightened up again as if it was unharmed.

Liu Ming was startled.

The blow just now had at least tens of thousands of kilograms. Even a normal beastkin in the Crystallization Period would be seriously injured. It seemed that this parasite would only possess tenacious vitality until it had reached a certain size.

“Hiss hiss!“

The blood-red parasite turned its body, and the skin around it became a little red. It hissed before rushing toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming’s face turned cold. He held a Heavy Water Droplet in his palm. He threw a punch that was wrapped in black water mist.

There was a muffled sound in the air!

Along with a cracking sound, the parasitic was hit once again. It flew to the flesh wall 30 meters away and rolled down.

The parasite’s neck was obviously sunken, and it spurted blood with some flesh and bones. The snake-like body struggled a few times, then it stopped moving.

Liu Ming didn’t look delighted at all. He only heard the rustling sounds around him. There were squirming on the nearby flesh wall. 8 half-human-sized parasites jumped out of the flesh wall and rushed toward Liu Ming.

Liu Ming threw a quick punch.

There was a fluctuation in the air, and a black fist shadow shrouded all incoming parasites.

A series of loud sounds!

8 parasites trembled violently with blood coming out from their mouths after being hit. They were all knocked back the next moment.

Before he could breathe a sigh of relief, there were bursts of “poof” sounds behind him. Several parasites rushed toward his back.

“It’s really endless!”

Liu Ming stomped the ground, and his figure disappeared in a blur.

The parasites were stunned for a moment after missing the attacks. They looked around, trying to find Liu Ming’s figure.

At the same time, 30 parasites emerged one after another from the flesh walls in all directions. They gathered together and made hissing sounds.

After these parasites found no results, they dispersed and went back into the flesh walls.

At this moment, in a corner at the top of the flesh wall space, there was a faint figure hidden, which was Liu Ming.

His body was shrouded in a faint black mist, and the Che Huan totem on his shoulders was flashing a faint green light. When he saw the parasites scattered away, he floated down. His figure seemed ethereal without the slightest aura.

After devouring countless beastkin souls in the Thousands Beastkins Hall, the Che Huan totem was already close to completion. Its concealment effect was naturally more proficient.


A parasite emerged from the flesh wall near Liu Ming. Its head moved slightly in Liu Ming’s direction as if it was sensing something.

After a while, the parasite shook its head and went back into the flesh wall again.


Seeing this situation, Liu Ming was really relieved.

The concealment effect of the Che Huan totem could prevent him from being detected by the parasite at such a close distance, which was really gratifying.

Then Liu Ming glanced around.

Only then did he realize that the space in front was as big as 8 houses. It was filled with purple corrosive gas as always, but the purple gas here was richer than the previous tunnel.

In the surrounding flesh wall, parasites got in and out from time to time.

“There seems to be an unusually large number of parasites here…”

Liu Ming looked at the wriggling flesh walls around him with a hint of surprise on his face. Fortunately, he could hide his aura through the Che Huan totem, so he didn’t need to care too much about these parasites.

Liu Ming took out the sensing bead and closed his eyes.

A pale golden sensing bead was shimmering with a faint light in front of him.

“According to the size of this beast seen from the outside, this is already deep inside its body, why can’t I feel the cauldron at all?” After a while, he opened his eyes again and muttered to himself a few words. He obviously failed to sense anything.

He had checked before that except for the entrance he came in with, there wasn’t any other tunnel.

“A dead end again…”

Liu Ming smiled wryly, and he planned to return to the previous tunnels to find another way.

Just as he took a few steps, he suddenly showed a thoughtful look.

“Something is wrong…”

He had been inside the giant beast for more than half an hour, and he had searched many places. However, he only saw flesh walls and parasites.

According to Jin Tianci and Ye Jiong, this giant beast had survived in this upper realm ruins for tens of thousands of years, and the number of spiritual items swallowed in its stomach was estimated to be too numerous. There would still be some remnants in its body, but he didn’t see anything at all.

Liu Ming was a little surprised, realizing that he seemed to have a misunderstanding. Those spiritual items swallowed by the giant beast should be concentrated in a special place, and it couldn’t be found by ordinary methods.

“Where is it?”

Liu Ming tried his best to recall everything he had seen since entering the giant beast so that he could find some clues.

“Pssh“, a sound like a burst airbag came from the flesh wall.

Liu Ming raised his brows. The sound came from above his head. After pondering for a while, he flew to the top of the meat wall.

Soon, he found the source of the sound with a surprised look.

“This is……”

In a corner of the top of the flesh wall, there was a pink cyst the size of a bucket. It was full of dense green veins, which looked like blood vessels.

At this moment, a hole was ruptured in the cyst, and a pink head the size of a fist protruded. After a while, a half-foot-long juvenile parasite slowly crawled out of it.

Looking around, there were still many similar cysts. There were such cysts every few meters away.

It turned out to be a nest of parasites!

The juvenile parasite climbed out of the cyst, and climbed on top of the flesh wall. It didn’t go into the flesh wall. Instead, it crawled toward the entrance quickly.


Liu Ming immediately followed it up.

The speed of the juvenile parasite was extremely fast. It climbed to the entrance in a while. It looked up, then it went in quickly.

When they reached the 3 fork entrances at the end of the tunnel, the juvenile parasite quickly entered another tunnel.

Liu Ming also saw another juvenile parasite crawling not far in front.

He hadn’t been to this tunnel yet!

He just frowned slightly and continued to follow in silence.


As soon as Liu Ming entered the tunnel, he let out a soft eh. He grabbed and clutched a strand of purple gas in his hand.

He injected spiritual power into his pupils. After his eyes flashed with black light, he looked surprised.

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